Naruto awoke on a somewhat soft matress. He looked around his surroundings and found himself in his old apartment. He had not lived here since Konaha was destroyed 7 years ago. Naruto sighed and tried to enter his mind. As he did he found the cage where Kyuubi once was empty. Naruto left his mind and got out of bed.

He notice that he was shorter then he use to be but not as short as he was as a kid. He now was 5'9. When he was a kid he was 5'3 and was shorter than everyone else. As he got older he became 6'2. He also notice that all of his baby fat was gone and lean muscles were in its place. Naruto went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. He could see his fangs were a little longer with his nails also becoming sharper, his hair had red tips in the end of it and he had tails...wait a minute tails 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 tails.

Naruto sighed and started his normal morning activities. After taking a shower he stood in front of the mirror and after a minute he had a memory of how to shapeshift enter his mind and quickly did it. His tails dissapeared. His nails and fangs retracted but he kept the red tips on his hair. He also notice his eyes were slitted and he had a tattoo of a ring on his left ring finger. Deciding to leave them he went to his room and looked for something to wear.

After finding that he only had his orange jumpsuit he put it on and was about to leave when an idea popped in his head. He quickly ran to the bathroom and tried to change his cloths like he did his body. They quickly changed from his orange jumpsuit to a black shirt and black ninja pants with his spiral on the back in red. Naruto only had one thought when he saw the change. COOOOOOLL

Naruto left his apartment after locking it and started his way toward the school. He saw people stairing at him but he ignored it, just glad everyone was still alive. He thought about going to see Ino and make sure she was ok but did not want to cause a problem with her parents yet. He quickly made it to school. As he got there he notice what would become the rookie nine.

Shikamaru said "What are you doing here Naruto, this is only for people who passed."

Naruto said "I know look at the head and figure it genius." as he walked to the back of the class and sat down away from everyone."

As Naruto sat down Akamaru started barking and Kiba said "What are you talking about." Akamaru barked some more and Kiba started sniffing the air and said "Your right. He does smell like a fox, even more then usual and whats up with him being taller."

Naruto sighed and said "Its called puberty dogboy and as for me smelling like foxes I guess I have a natural scent of it."

Kiba started to say something when to girls came barreling through the door. Sakura said "I win Ino, Sasuke is mine."

Naruto looked down and hit his head agianst his desk. So she did not make it, I guess it was all for nothing and I am all alone agian. Sigh.

Ino said "Is that why you tried to catch me this morning. I thought you just wanted to race." as she walked into the classroom and up the stairs. Sakura thought she was trying to get Sasuke and jumped in the seat by him like an idiot because Ino just kept walking right on by. Everyone was thinking whats going on.

Naruto looked up as Ino said that to Sakura and began hoping and as she drew nearer he held his breath.

Ino stopped in front of Naruto and smiled and said "Nibi said hello."

Naruto stood up and gave Ino a hug as he swung her around in a circle. Finally setting her back down she smiled and said "I take it you remember as she waved her left hand in front of her face."

Naruto smiled and said "Yeah." before slipping back on his face of an idiot.

Ino saw him do it and said "No mask" as she grabbed him and pulled him into a passionate kiss as he wrapped his arms around her back and hers around his neck. Silence except for the sound of purring some where in the room. The entire room was sweatdropping at the scene. Hinata fainted. Even poor, poor, Iruka who walked in was sweatdropping.

Finally they broke apart and Sakura stormed up to the top of the class and said "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING INO-PIG."

Ino looked at her and said "Cat actually but mind your own business, go deal with the bastard."

Sakura started to say something but an ABNU appeared in a dragon mask and said "Sorry to interupt but the Hokage has decided he needs to change the team setup and would like the list. Also he would like to see Naruto and Ino about some prank he pulled."

Naruto and Ino both stepped toward him as Iruka handed the ABNU the the team lists. As the ABNU put his hands on both of them they dissapeared in a swirl of leaves.

The three apeared in the Hokages office and Naruto said "Thanks for the lift Yamato." The Hokage and the ABNU both stiffened at the name Naruto said and the ABNU said "Why did you call me that."

Naruto said "Simple as I am sure the three in a genjutsu over in the corner of the room are wondering as well. You are the only survivor of Orochimaru test which he implanted the Shodiame Hokage dna into and you have the ability to restrain demons and the element of wood."

The third said "Naruto, how do you know this."

Naruto sighed and said "Its a long story and I am sure Kakashi, Asuma and Kurenai are all going to get tired by the end of it so we might as well get comfortable."

The genjutsu in the corner dropped and all three of them stepped forward and the third said "Ok Naruto. Why dont you start and why do I get the feeling Ino is involved somehow."

Ino said "Because you are right. Naruto you take to long to explain so I will just give them the run down. Basically Naruto and I made a deal after a bunch of shit happened and we were sent back to today to try and change what is going to happen."

The third said "That is an interesting idea but I dont suppose you have any proof."

Naruto said "I got proof but you have to agree what you see or hear does not leave this office, especially the council."

The third said "I dont see a problem with that."

Naruto said "The price for us making this deal is simple. Ino drop it." as he dropped his shapeshift and suddenly the fangs in his mouth grew, his nails became longer and nine tails shot out of his back.

Ino was almost the same but instead on nine tail she had two. Everyone in the room tensed but after a few minutes the third said "What exactly just happened and how come Ino change, I can understand you Naruto but not her."

Naruto said "Basically what happened is the leaf was destroyed. Ino and I were probably the last two leaf to live. Tsunade-bachan, Ero-sannin, mom, shino, kiba, sakura, hinata, neji, lee, tenten, inari, rin, garra, temari, kankuro, tazana, tsunami, briana, all died along with all of you over the next 13 years."

The third said "Naruto, Im currious, why did you not ad Sasuke into the list you said died."

Ino said as she had her tail playing with Narutos "That bastard should be killed for what he done. Its his fault most of our friends died, him, that snake freak and Akatsuki."

Naruto said "Ino calm down please."

Ino sighed and crossed her arms and Naruto said "So what do you want know."

The third said "So you mind telling me why you both look like that."

Naruto said "Basically the only way for us to do this and get a second chance was for Kyuubi and Nibi to die and in the process be replaced. I dont know all the details except the Kyuubi that attacked the leaf is now dead. I am the new Kyuubi. Kyuubis mate Nibi who is not the same one in our dimension is dead and Ino is the new Nibi."

Kakashi said "Naruto, why would you do that and what happened to the Kyuubi from now."

Naruto said "Call it family tradition, putting the needs of others before our own. As for the Kyuubi from now, gone the seal is empty."

Everyone looked at him wierd except the third and he said "So I take it you know who your dad was then."

Naruto said "Yeah, mom told me who he was, who both my grandparents are and why they are not here right now before she died. If you were not dead I would have decked you at that moment old man but you died by pulling the same stunt dad did except it was agianst the snake bastard and was in vain."

Kakashi said "Naruto, if you dont mind me asking, who are your parents."

Naruto sighed and looked at the third and the third said "Its your choice."

Naruto said "I am the son of Arashi Kazama and Shizune Kazama, My grandparents are Tsunade and Jiraiya. Basically I am the decendant of the Shodiame, Nidaime, Yodiame, and Godiame Hokage."

Kakashi looked at the third and said "You told me he died durring the attack. How could you not tell me I an his godfather..."

Kakashi was interupted by Naruto and said "relax Kakashi-sensei, he told mom and and both my grandparents the same thing. They only found out after I had to have major surgery after three Chidoris hit me and they needed a blood donar."

Kakashi stopped and asked who hit you with a Chidori and why."

Naruto sighed and said "I have been hit with that damn jutsu more times than I can count thanks to the bastard Sasuke before and after the snake took over."

Yamato said "Naruto, I got a question if you dont mind. Are you both half or full now."

Naruto said "Full, that was the price."

The third said "I am curious about something Naruto. You said you are a decendant of the Godaime Hokage. Who is that going to be."

Naruto said "Tsunade will become the Godaime after I convince her to change her opinion of Konaha."

The third said "How did you convince her, I have been trying for a few years now."

Naruto said "Well after you died, me and ero-sannin went to look for her and I have the opposite luck of her. I completed the first two steps in three weeks and mastered the third step of Rasengan in a week which caused me to win a bet."

Kakashi said "You know the Rasengan. Can I see it."

Naruto said "Can it wait until we are in the open because I dont know how well this new bodies control is yet so I dont want to blow up this office."

Kakashi nodded.

The third sighed and said "So what do you both have planned."

Ino said "We know about the major stuff that is going to happen, the war, sasuke defection, Akatsuki."

Asuma said "Several times now you have mentioned Akatsuki, who are they."

Naruto sighed as he rubed his eyes and said "The worst enemy you could ever face. Between Suna and us we lost 2/3 of our villages to those bastards before we stopped them. The cost was to much. They failed to get the last piece they needed to win. Me."

Kurenai said "What is it they wanted with you and why could they not get it if they were so tough."

Ino said "Naruto went from gennin to sannin level before they could capture him and take Kyuubi from him like they did the other 8 tail beast including Nibi sister Sibi who is in a vessal now."

The third said "What are they planning on doing with them Naruto."

Naruto said "Originally they wanted to release a ten tailed demon that was sealed by the other nine ages ago. After the timeline passed and they could not take Kyuubi they started using the demons as puppets and used them to attack different villages. They each were sealed into a ring that each of the members carried."

Kakashi asked "Do you know who they are."

Naruto looked at Ino and Ino said "Itachi Uchiha of the leaf, Kisame Hoshigaki of the mist, Deidara of the rock, Zetsu of the grass, Hidan of the rain, Kakuzu of the waterfall, Tobi, Sasori of the red sand of Suna, Orochimaru was once a member and still has his ring, the leader and also some other guy we never got any data on."

Asuma dropped his cigeratte as Yamato said "You just named of most of the top 20 people in the bingo book."

Naruto said "I know and they are all pain in the asses, anyways what are you planning now old man. Dont forget that you still got the rest of the rookie nine waiting in class for team placements."

The third sighed and said "I am going to have to talk to you both later but for now I think I should change the line up. Any preferance."

Naruto said "Only request I have is let me still be with Sasuke. That way when the snake bastard comes I can try and kill him and maybe stop the war."

Ino said "If you are doing request. I would like to be put on Naruto team also, only for the fact that choji until the retrieval mission only eats and Shikamaru who became a Chunnin took being a ninja serious after almost almost losing everyone on the retrieval mission, and took up smoking after sensei died left his unborn child." looking at Kurenai and Asuma with a smirk.

The third said "I agree Naruto has to be with Sasuke but I dont want to change teams since it means more paperwork and also might change to much."

Naruto started changing back into his new human form and Ino did the same. The third said "I guess you should head back to class and keep everything a secret as best as you can. Yamato please take them back and if anyone asks tell them they wanted to know if we knew anything about the flowers with paintbombs that hit the Hokages office."

Yamato placed his hands on both and all three disappeared. The third looked at the three who were still in his office and said "What do you think."

Kurenai still blushing from the baby crack said "I think they were telling the truth."

The third said "So do I, I just dont know what to do about it. They did not seem to want to tell to much about the future, they mentioned a war but never said when or with who. They mentioned about Sasuke and Orochimaru but not what and they mentioned about all of us dieing and the leaf being destroyed but not when or where."

Kakashi said "I just wonder if both of them realise what they put themselfs in for. How do you think Inos parents are going to react."

The third said "I want a little more detail from them so I have a plan. I want you to bring both them here after team meeting and I will have Inoich here also. That is all dismissed."

Naruto and Ino both appeared with the ABNU as the class was all sitting and talking but stopped when they got there.

Naruto said "Man I cant believe they thought it was me and you who pulled that prank in the Hokages office."

Ino said "I know. Just because someone delivered flowers to his office and put paintbombs in it they think that it was you and since my family is the only flower shop in town I had to be involved."

Yamato handed the list back to Iruka trying not to laugh and left before he did.

Iruka sighed and said "Ok class sorry about the wait. Team 1 is...Team 7 is Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke." Sakura started cheering while Naruto looked back to Ino and smiled a sad smile.

Iruka sighed and said "Team 8 is Kiba, Shino, and Hinata. Team 9 is still in service so team 10 is Ino, Choji, and Shikamaru. Your instructers should be here shortly." and with that he left.

Naruto got up and sat down on the window seal. Ino got up and headed over to Naruto only to be stopped by Sakura who said "So Ino, You and the idiot a couple now. I guess my charm has finally proven that Sasuke is mine."

Ino looked at Sakura and said "Sakura, were not kids anymore. Grow up and open your eyes. The world does not evolve around Sasuke and as for Naruto. If you have not figured it out I am not telling you." and with that she walked to Naruto and sat with her back against his chest as they both looked out the window and the mysterious purring sound started agian.

Naruto chuckled a little and said in a whisper "If I did not know better I swear that with the purring you are doing you were happy."

Ino smiled and said "I am."

Naruto said "Well at least this cat is better then Tora."

Ino looked at him and said "Now that is a true demon cat there."

Kiba said "Man what is going on today. First Naruto looks different and smells of Foxes. Now Ino looks a little different and smells of cats."

Sakura could not believe what she was hearing. Sasuke smirked at this and walked over to Naruto and said "Hey Ino, why you hanging out with a dobe when you could walk home with me today."

Ino looked from the window at Sasuke and said "Why would I want that. You got nothing to offer me."

Sasuke became pissed and draw his arm back to punch Ino but his punch was stoped by Narutos hand and he said "Sasuke, sometimes I cant figure you out. You can have almost any woman you want but when one decides she does not want you, you become jelous and decide to try and take the person away from who she is with. I know your clan was nothing but jutsu thieves but come on. Do you really have to be a woman stealer also."

Sasuke became enraged and said "What do you know idiot about my clan."

Naruto sighed and said "Beside the fact that you have a bloodline that steal most jutsu, was once the police for of this city, killed by your brother Itachi with the final level of the Sharingan after he killed his best friend and made you watch it over and over agian with the genjutsu from the Sharingan, almost nothing."

Sasuke tried to kick Naruto who was still sitting up agianst him when Naruto used replacement on both of them and Sasuke hit a desk that was in thier place now. Sudenly the door open to the class and Asuma and Kurenai came in. Team 10 and 8 come with us" Kurenai said.

Ino started moving to the door but Naruto grabbed her hand and said "Meet me at the memorial stone later." Ino nodded before leaving.

Sasuke hated to admit it but he hurt his leg on the desk he kicked so he sat down and acted like the broody bastard he is. Sakura sat down next to him and Naruto decided to get some training done to test his body. He walked to the wall in front of the class and put his hands in the ram sign before starting to climb the wall. Once he made it up the wall he went to the cealing and started walking upside down on it. Sakura was amazed and Sasuke was pissed because he did no know how to do it.

Sakura wanted to try it but did not want to ruin the moment she had with Sasuke.

An hour later Sasuke and Sakura were still sitting and Naruto was doing pushups on the cealing. Sakura finally got bored and said "So Naruto, how long have you and Ino been together."

Naruto still doing pushups said "Somewhere between a day and a lifetime depending on how you look at it."

Sakura said "You dont make any sense. Anyways what are you doing up on the cealing anyways."

Naruto said "Well, this is a standard genning chakra control excercise called tree climbing but instead of doing it with just the feet I try and do it to the whole body. Better for you."

Sakura said "So how do you do it."

Naruto smirked and said "Well its simple actually. Anyone who passes the gennin test can go to the library or ask any ninja how. All you have to do is channel chakra to your feet and start climbing. To much and you blow off, to little and you fall off. But before you try it Sakura answer me a question."

Sakura said "Ok sure."

Naruto flipped in mid air and landed on his feet on the ground below before walking to Sakura and saying. "You know that you have almost perfect chakra control right."

Sakura nodded and Naruto said "Do you know why you do."

Sakura thought for a moment and said "Actually I dont. Do you."

Naruto said "Yeah, I learned this when I was taught this so dont be mad at me ok. Almost all female ninja have great chakra control because they have smaller reserves then male ninja thats why most females are genjutsu or medic type ninja. Male ninja have more chakra but less control and have to work harder thats why they are more ninjutsu type ninja. Do not think I am saying women are weak or anything. Lets take Tsunade for example. She is a famous medic nin but she also is the strongest person in the world because she worked on her weakness of low chakra and made it big enough to use in battle or save lives."

Sakura though about what he said and asked "So your saying that I have to work on my weakness of low chakra. How do I do that."

Kakashi appeared at the door and said "Actually, blondy was showing you how to do it. Every time you work on chakra control exercises like tree climbing your reserves get a little bigger. The more you work the more you have and the harder you control gets so you have to work even more to keep it at the level your at. But you can figure that out later. Team 7, meet me on the roof, and with that he left."

A few minutes later Team 7 was sitting in front of Kakashi and he said "Ok how about introductions, likes dislikes, dreams for the future."

Sakura said "Why dont you go first to show us how its done."

Kakashi sighed and said "My name is Kakashi, my dislikes are none of your business. My likes are not for children and my dream is to meet Rin agian and have my favorite book collection signed by the author."

Naruto smacked his hand agianst his head.

Kakashi looked amused and said "Ok head trama, you first."

Naruto sighed and said "My Name is Naruto Uzimaki" and he mouthed Kazama "My likes are my friends, Ino, ramen, and certain grandfatherly books." looks at Kakashi, "My dislikes are traitors, thieves, stuckups snobs who think they are better because they were born from clans. My dreams for the future is making the leaf a better place, removing all curse seals like the cagebird and heaven/earth seals, protecting the leaf with my life and someday starting a family or mayby finding mine if they are still alive. Also I might help a certian pervert meet his 15 year old daughter." looking at Kakashi.

Kakashi was thinking Is he talking about me. Do I have a daughter, I will find out. "Ok pinky, you next."

Sakura said "My name is Sakura, I like looks at Sasuke my dislike are, actually I dont know now. My dreams of the future are looks at Sasuke and squeels..

Kakashi said "Ok stop right thier. Sakura, why do you want to be a ninja."

Sakura looked at him and said "I want to do it so I can show I am perfect for someone." looks at Sasuke,

Kakashi sighed and said "I am going to tell you what my sensie told my female teammate. Grow up and quit thinking about some boy you want to impress. If you want to be a ninja, be a ninja, if you want to be a fangirl, hand me your headband now and go home now."

Sakura said "But..."

Kakashi said "No buts. Listen, if you are so preoccupied with being a fangirl you wont be able to help save your teammates life. Take care of this problem now or I will remove you from team 7. Now mister broody, your turn."

Sasuke smirked and said "My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I dont have any likes or dislikes. I dont have a dream, just an ambition to kill someone and restore my clan."

Kakashi sighed and said "Same goes for you mister broody. I know you want to kill your brother but to do it you are going to have to work on it. If you think your are going to get special treatment then you are wrong. I will treat you the same as Naruto or Sakura if you all pass my test tomorrow. Meet me at the memorial stone tomorrow at 5 am and dont eat or you will puke. Naruto. The Hokage wants to see you again about iching powder in the ABNU uniforms."

Naruto sighed and said "When I find this prankster I will show him who the king of pranks is." and with that both Kakashi and Naruto dissapeared. Sakura started to chase after Sasuke but stopped when she remembered what Kakashi said. What did I really become a ninja for. and with that she walked home.

Sasuke left to try and learn tree climbing. He was not going to let the dobe out do him.

When Kakashi and Naruto arrived Ino, her mom, Inoich, Asuma, Kurenai and the third was already thier.

The third said "Kakashi, I swear, you are going to be late for you own funeral. Anyways the reason I brought you back here is because I need more info on what you said earlier and some proof. I want Inoich here to enter one of your minds and let his see what you claim. Do you agree."

Naruto sighed and said "Fine, I agree but I request Ino goes in with him since she been thier before and knows her way around. My mind is like a maze and is easy to get lost in."

Inoich said "Ino, I dont understand whats going on but we are going to talk after this about entering peoples minds."

Naruto said "Inoich sir, I think you should wait until you see what the Hokage and I am referring to before you jump to conclusion. I guess I am as ready as I can be." as he sat down in a chair.

Ino and her dad both sat across from him before doing the jutsu and reappeared in front of the empty cage of Kyuubi. Inoich started looking around and Naruto appeared in his tailed form.

Naruto said "Oh, I see you already made it. Well this is where Kyuubi once lived."

Inoich looked at Naruto and said "What do you mean once lived and what are you doing here. It should be impossible for you to be here when we do this jutsu and what is with the tails."

Naruto said "Any time anyone enters my mind I am automatically pulled in as a safety device to protect the seal when Kyuubi was here. As for where he is now. The Kyuubi that attacked our village is dead now. As for the tails. It was sort of the price me and Ino had to do what we did."

Ino sighed as she changed into her two tailed form and said "This way dad. I guess the best place to start would be the sand/sound war. Dont you agree Naruto."

Inoich saw his daughter change and said "What are you talking about sand/sound war. There is not even a sound village as far as I am aware of and Ino, why do yuo have tails now."

Ino said "In order for this to happen we both had to replace the demons that died. Naruto became the new Kyuubi and I became the new Nibi. I am still me but it was the price to save our homes, friends and family." Ino led the group down into the maze of Narutos mind until they came to his memories. They showed him about Orochimaru, Sasuke and the Shukaku. Inoich said "How is this possible."

Naruto said "It possible because Ino and I both came back from about 13 years in the future to try and change the past for us."

Inoich said "How."

Naruto said "I guess I can either show the last few minutes before we came back or just explain it. Your choice."

Inoich said "Show me please. Naruto sighed and led them to his last set of memories. Naruto was standing in front of white door and a gold door was next to it.

Naruto said "This should be the door since it was a little good."

Inoich looked at the white door Naruto was pointing to and said "Do you mind if I look at that memory first. I have never seen a gold door before." pointing to the gold door.

Naruto said "Sure."

Ino looked and turned pale and said "Naruto, I dont think thats a good idea. I think I know whats behind that door and I dont want that known right now."

Inoich said "Ino, I dont know what you are hiding but I am definately looking now." and so he went and open the door.

Inoich saw

Ino released her jutsu and they both came out of thier dazes. Naruto said "So what do you think."

Ino said "Well, I think we should look at pros vs. cons. We can go back in time and change stuff to save our village and friends."

Naruto said "I know I will be hated but if you are around me or they find out the truth you might be."

Ino said "We can stop sound and Akatsuki."

Naruto said "Ino...Are you sure about this, I mean, I know we have been together for almost a year now, but, you remember what life was like back then. You were a fan girl and I was a loud idiot."

Ino said "Naruto, I amdit I was a fangirl and treated everyone bad back then, hell I lost my best friend over it but now that I got to know the real you and not the idiot who hid behind a mask I say I could live all my life happily by your side."

Naruto gave her a hug a passionate kiss. After they broke apart Naruto said "Ino, I know this is stupid but I want to do this before the changes. Ino would you when we get old enough agian marry me."

Ino squeeled and tackled Naruto and said "I would love to Naruto." as she kissed him and they rolled around on the ground for a few minutes.

After they broke apart from kissing Naruto said "I think we should go see the fox and say our goodbye."

Inoich looked at the two kids behing him and said "Oh boy. I think I need a drink. Ive seen enough lets go back." and with that they all left Narutos mind.

Inoich sighed as he looked at Naruto and Ino. The third said "So, what did you see."

Inoich said "More than any father wanted to of his daughter but if what I saw is a sample of whats to come we need all the help we can get. Do they know about the changes."

Naruto said "Yeah. they already know about our demon status. If you want to blame anyone blame me. I hope you wont hate Ino for it. She still is the same person."

Inoich said "I suppose I can live with it but I do have one question. Are you both still planning on that last memory." as he reached for his kunia holster.

Naruto started sweating and "Yeah, If she will still have me that is."

Ino stepped in front of her dad and said "leave my fiance alone dad."

Inoich sighed and said "I dont even get to scare him to take care of my little girl. Dammit. Where is the fun of having a son in law if you cant scare the hell out of him."

The third chuckled and said "So I take it the Kazama clan will be returning to the leaf sooner than I though huh."

Inoich looked at the third and said "Kazama clan. I thought Arashi was the...No, you dont mean to tell me."

Naruto stood up and said "Let me properly introduce myself sir. Naruto Uzumaki Kazama. Son of Arashi and Shizune Kazama. Grandson of Tsunade and Jaraiya of the legendary three."

Inoich looked at Naruto and said as he looked to the third "Is he messing with me."

The third sighed and said "No, he is telling the truth about everything. But the ones from now dont know Naruto is related to them because I told them after the sealing that he Arashi son died to protect him from his fathers enemies. By the time word spread about the sealing I could not risk telling the truth of his lineage."

Inoich laughed and said "You know Tsunade and Shizune will probably kill you right."

Inos mom said "I dont think bad about Naruto but does Ino know about that."

Ino said "Mom. I guess I better go ahead and show you so dont freak out. Naruto, would you do it to."

Naruto nodded and both transformed again into thier tailed forms. Ino mom gasped and said "Ino dear, what happened."

Ino said "The only way for us to come back in time like we did was for us to replace Kyuubi and Nibi."

Inos mom said "I know who kyuubi is but who is Nibi"

Ino said "Nibi is the two tail cat demon. I am the new Nibi. Naruto became the new Kyuubi and the old ones are in the after life forever."

Inoich said "So exactly what does it mean for you both now."

Naruto said "Basically we cant die from old age. Our bodies are stronger, have more chakra, better senses and I become the king over all demons and got became the summon boss for the foxes. Ino became the boss of the cats."

The third said "So let me get this straight. You both are the boss summons and can be called by anyone who signs correct."

Naruto said "That is what was explain to us."

The third thought for a moment and said This is a very interesting turn of events. Have you already talked to your summons about it."

Naruto said "Not yet. We only arrived today because it was the easiest spot to start from. Especially with the snake bastards spies here in the village."

The third nodded and said. "I would like to request that you keep the summoning a secret with anyone except those you trust with the truth."

Naruto nodded and said "I request that no one mentions about Ino period because with that group coming after me I dont want them to actually get thier hands on her instead of Sibi."

Inoich said "What are you talking about now, if you dont mind me asking."

Naruto said "Nine s-class criminals that want to rule the world and wind up destroying most of it by using the power of demons they are capturing. Its common knowledge I had kyuubi. Its not known about Ino."

Kakashi let a perverted giggle and said "So whens the wedding."

Naruto said "We will have to set a date later. God I will be glad when Rin and Briana get her."

Ino snickered and said "Me too. Poor copy cat Kakashi cant be late or read his books or else his daughter uses the 1000 years of death on him with a kunia."

Kakashi quickly put his book away and said "spill it. where are they and why have I not met my daughter."

Naruto sighed and said "All I can tell you is that they will meet you when we start a new village called seedling in wave country a few years from know. As for why you dont meet them. Rin has a disease right now that has weakened her and your daughter cant leave her side. Sakura will cure her later in life. As for not sending you a letter or asking for help. She is just to damn proud to let you see her like she is now. Sorry. Speaking of wave. A mission with a client named Tazana is coming up. I request that mission sir. Its a C-rank turn A. I might be able to get us two good ninja if you would grant them a pardon."

The third said "Really. Who might these ninja be and how good are they."

Naruto said "Momochi Zabaza and his apprentice Haku. Haku has a bloodline to control ice and is skilled in the use of ocupuncture and medicine, and Zabaza was set up sir for his crime agianst mist. Kisami killed the mizukage son so the mizukage order the death of all 7 of the mist swordsman. Zabaza attack the mizukage after he order thier deaths."

The third thought for a moment and said "If you can get them I will grant it as long as they do not permantly hurt or kill any of our ninjas."

Naruto smiled and said "Thanks old man."

The third sighed and said "Its getting late and I need to rest and think. Dismissed."

Ino walked over and kissed Naruto and whispered "I love you."

Naruto smiled and whispered "I love you also."

Everyone started to leave and Inoich walked over to Naruto and said "If you hurt her I will kill you."