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Summary: the park holds a lot of surprises for Hyoutei, seriously, from endless meeting with the other teams to attacking squirrels. Well, maybe not so dramatic, but hey 14 year old boys can dream.

Pairings: Atoji, implied…

Category: humour

Characters: Jirou and Mukahi and a little of Atobe

Disclaimer: I owneth not PoT

A very pointless story I randomly felt like writing, another one of my Hyoutei stories… here's a list, this is the 14th:

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Advice from Jirou

"Ne Atobe-buchou, why are we at the park?" Hiyoshi asked, coming out of the bus.

"Because Sakaki-sensei wanted us to get some fresh air during morning practise," Atobe replied somewhat annoyed.

"Why can't we just jog around your property? It has plenty of grass and it's bigger than this park, actually its bigger than most of the parks around here." Mukahi asked.

"Because ore-sama's grandparents are here, remember what happened last time? Ahhhh?"

The whole senior team shivered, last time they made the mistake of visiting Atobe when his grandparents were over, Mukahi had been forced into a Victorian cosplay dress with his hair tied up in ribbons that clashed horribly with his hair, Oshitari had been glomped countless times by Atobe's grandmother, and Shishido almost got his precious hair cut by gardening supplies. Only Jirou was unharmed, probably because he slept through the whole thing in a closet.

"Right, well your grandparents are INSANE!" Shishido pronounced.

"They're just bored, ever since they handed the company over to my dad, they've been complaining. How else do you think ore-sama got the purple wardrobe, ahhh?" Atobe lowered his voice.

"…right…" Ohtori glanced at Hiyoshi, who shrugged.

"Shall we begin?" Oshitari asked.

"Ahem," Atobe cleared his throat and declared, "fifty laps around the pond."

"It's a lake." Oshitari corrected.

"This is a lake?" Atobe glanced at it, "It's smaller than my fishpond."

"It says right there, Lake -----" Mukahi pointed to the sign.

"OH…" Atobe corrected himself, "fifty laps around the 'lake'."

"What about Jirou?" Shishido asked, gesturing at the sleeping boy on the grass.

"He can wait here."

"WHAT?" Mukahi jumped at Atobe, "he doesn't have to run laps?!?!?!?"

"He's asleep." Atobe shrugged, "Now without further ado, start jogging."

Mukahi muttered something that sounded awfully like "Stupid monkey king…"or "partial Jirou molester..." But whatever it was, only Oshitari heard it as they took off running.

Atobe didn't hear, or maybe he was too busy complaining about how barbaric the scenery was, how it was unsuited to 'ore-sama's' refined taste and how muddy the water was. Shishido who was running beside Atobe just rolled his eyes and ran ahead with Ohtori. Hiyoshi was trying to catch up to Atobe and gekokujou him while avoiding Mukahi's excessive running and jumping (for the sake of this fic, we shall call it runningjump) and Oshitari was smirking at the scene with a satisfied expression.

Sometime after the fifteenth lap, Mukahi runningjumped onto Kabaji's back and was being towed, Atobe didn't seem to see it because he was still complaining.

Sometime after the thirty-fifth lap, Hiyoshi had started a race with Shishido, Oshitari was hanging on to Mukahi who was still on Kabaji's back.

Sometime after the fortieth lap, Hiyoshi and Shishido were lagging behind because they used up their stamina, Mukahi had switched from Kabaji's back to Ohtori's back and Ohtori was busy trying to get Mukahi off his back, Jirou was still asleep and Atobe was still complaining.

Just another typical day with the Hyotei boys. After the laps, the team decided to visit the tennis courts at the park…ahem, well one look at the intimidating team, all the little kids playing tennis ran away… leaving the courts empty for Hyoutei.

"These courts are unfit for ore-sama, ne Kabaji?"


"Atobe, stop complaining." Oshitari sighed and took out his racket.

"Don't command ore-sama!" Atobe snapped.

Okay we'll skip practise because it's pretty much the same as the laps…ain't gonna get much more interesting than this, eh? (Ahem, I feel Canadian today…)

After practise, it was sometime around eleven, so the team decided to just stay in the park for a while, Atobe wasn't in a hurry to get home anyways since his grandparents were visiting.

"I'M HUNGRY!" Mukahi complained.

"Shut up!" Atobe snapped

"BUT I AM! I'm a growing boy you know!"

"Shorty…" Shishido rolled his eyes.

"SHUT UP, it's because I do gymnastics!"

"Five-foot Imp."


"Geki dasa." Shishido walked ahead, rolling his eyes.

"I'm STILL hungry!!"

"What do you expect us to do about it, ahhh?" Atobe asked.

Mukahi glared at Atobe, "Buy me some food!"

"Gakuto, you have money, buy your own food. Stop mooching off Ore-sama."

"I don't have money, since I HAD to pay Yuushi back."

"You still owe me 5000 yen." Oshitari shrugged.

"I know that!" Mukahi pouted and jumped around, "how come Jirou can mooch off Atobe and I can't?"

"Because he pays ore-sama back." Atobe glared, "which SOMEONE has yet to do."

"Shut up!" Mukahi pouted.

"Look, there's a food stand up ahead." Ohtori pointed.

"FOOD!" Mukahi started running.

"You do realize you have no money right?" Shishido called.

"Yuushi will pay for me, ne Yuushi?" Mukahi called back.

"…I suppose I must, we can't have him stuck washing dishes like he did last time." Oshitari rubbed his temple, thinking about that last time.

"You shouldn't spoil him." Atobe said.

"Like how you spoil Jirou?"

"Jirou pays ore-sama back."

"How?" Hiyoshi asked, joining the conversation.

"Ore-sama will NOT go further into that."

"…doesn't this just prove you're a Jirou molester?" Mukahi asked, browsing the food.

"what do you mean by A Jirou molester, ahhh?" Atobe demanded, his eyes flashing dangerously.

"Well, lot'sa people wanna molest Jirou."

"…" Atobe glanced at the innocently sleeping Jirou and decided not to press the matter further, he really didn't want to get scarred for life…again.

"Yuushi! I want that one!" Mukahi pointed at a food selection.

"Which one?" Oshitari leaned over Mukahi to see and Atobe saw the faint blush in Mukahi's cheeks but ignored it to pay for ice cream for Jirou and him.

"Arigato, Kei-channn!" Jirou was promptly woken up by the ice cream.

"Ohtori, do you want anything?" Shishido asked his kouhai.

"Um, no that's okay." Ohtori smiled. (Silver Pair moment to piss Ral off)

"Can we leave now?" Atobe demanded, tapping his feet on the ground, his arms on his hips. He would look alarming was it not for Jirou cheerfully eating ice cream behind him. Mukahi fought off a snicker and munched on his food, Oshitari smirked to himself, tentatively taking a bite off his food. Shishido decided to treat Ohtori anyways and they were both happily eating ice cream. Hiyoshi was drinking a can of Ponta with the same expression on his face as always and Kabaji was standing two metres away from Atobe, ready to do Atobe's bidding.

"Okay! Okay! Where does 'ore-sama' want to go next?" Mukahi rolled his eyes.

"I wanna go to the zoo!!" Jirou jumped up and down, "can we, Kei-chan?"

"…" Atobe looked around at his team. "Any objections…?"

Mukahi opened his mouth to speak but was silenced by Atobe's famous intense deadly glare, he settled with mumbling something that sounded awfully like "favouritism." But didn't dare speak it out loud.

"Where is the zoo anyways?" Hiyoshi asked.

"It's at the middle of the park." Ohtori pointed to a map.
"And where are we now?" Shishido asked.

"At the western side." Oshitari said.

"Right…but that means we have to … cross that bridge and stuff…" Mukahi looked around nervously.

"Acrophobic are we?" Atobe smirked.

"AM NOT!" Mukahi argued, "I just don't like…high places!"

"Yet you jump seven feet into the air everyday, Mukahi-senpai." Hiyoshi rolled his eyes.

"It's my flawless acrobatics!" Mukahi grinned.

"You mean SELF-PROCLAIMED flawless acrobatics." Shishido corrected.

"Shut up, you know you're jealous!"

"There's nothing to be jealous OF!"

"Everyone knows I'm the genius and you're the dunce." The redhead grinned.

"In your dream world maybe."

"Shut up!"


"YOU!" This continued for about five minutes…

"Both of you shut up!" Atobe snapped, turning around and raising his fist.

"Ow you didn't have to shout, Atobe!" Mukahi argued.

"Atobe-buchou." Atobe corrected.

"Since when have you demanded that we call you buchou?" Oshitari asked.

"Since the team is getting on ore-sama's nerves!"

"What happened to the composed, gentleman Atobe huh?" Mukahi decided to push Atobe even further. "Let's see more of that!"



This was followed by a moment of blissful silence until Mukahi felt the need of attention again. The little acrobatic player racked his head for ways to annoy the hell out of his team-mates and still get away with it. In the end, he settled with disturbing his doubles partner first and then moving on. So therefore he skipped up to Oshitari, "Ne Yuushi…"


"Which is worse, being rich and very lonely, or being poor and really popular?"

"…I think you should ask Atobe that question."


"What?" Atobe turned around, annoyed, debating whether he should push Mukahi off the bridge or not.

"Which is worse, being rich and very lonely or being poor and really popular?"

"Ore-sama need not answer that question due to the fact that neither will ever apply to ore-sama."


"Ore-sama refuses to answer such a…barbaric question."


"…" Atobe thought the idea of pushing Mukahi off the bridge wasn't so bad after all…

As Atobe was busy contemplating this, they approached the bridge…

"Atobe-buchou…" Ohtori pointed to across the bridge. "Isn't that the Rikkaidai uniform?"

"…Is it now?" Atobe looked across the bridge.

"That's that bubblegum freak, and the trickster, and the junior ace!" Mukahi jumped up and down, carefully avoiding the bridge.

"I wonder what those three are doing here?" Hiyoshi wondered.

And Hiyoshi didn't even have to ask as Marui Bunta, otherwise known as the Rikkaidai Volley Specialist ran over the bridge shouting, "Why do I have to baby-sit!??! Why can't Renji or Hiroshi do it?" Marui kept on running and smacked head first into Kabaji.

"Smooooth, Bun-kun." Niou Masaharu, the trickster, whistled as he walked across the bridge, dragging a protesting Kirihara Akaya.

"What's Hyoutei doing HERE?" Marui asked, indignantly. "Don't you have your own like private park or something?"

"It was our coach's fault." Shishido shrugged.

"NIOU-SENPAI! LET ME GO!" Kirihara started jumping around, trying to get away from his senpai.

"Why? Aren't you having fun?" Niou asked, tightening his grip on the poor kouhai.

"NO I WANNA GO TO THE ZOO!!!" Kirihara screamed.

"…Akaya, we're not going over this again." Marui said, "We're not going to the zoo, it smells bad!"


Atobe turned to his team, "shall we go now?"

"Whatever." They started crossing the bridge, Mukahi jumped on Jirou who was sleeping on Kabaji's back and tightly shut his eyes as they crossed the bridge.

"Gakuto, get off Kabaji, he's not a public ride."

Mukahi stuck his tongue out at Atobe behind his back.

"Wait! Where are you going?" Marui asked.

"The zoo." Oshitari replied coolly.

Five Foot Imp- My friend's nickname, i don't call her it anymore since she moved to Singapore.

A/N: well, originally this was supposed to be a one chappie thing but it got too long so now I'm making it into two chapters. Be happy. And yes, I will continue the Dirty Pair drama once I finish this. And when I finish re-watching the TeniMyu Ice Emperor Hyoutei thing.

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