Chapter 1: Hallucinations.

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Gasping for air as the intoxicating color over-whelmed her senses. Heat and pressure built up in her slender frame as she dug deeper into the abyss that lay in front of her. Moaning filled the room, dripping off the walls onto the warm nude flesh as she worked to find a stable rhythm.

"One two three… one two three…"

"Yes… yes…yes…"

The sound stung the lover's ears and her eyes shot open to stare at the woman that was now melting in to a pile of hot wax that seeped through the mattress.

Quickly she jumped up and tried to scream, but the woman's voice was nothing more than a breath that had escaped its confines. She reached up and grabbed for her hair, the only thing she could think of to pull her from the insanity she was lost in, but her attempts of composure were futile as she fell down her own throat, nothing but her hair, which had now morphed in to frayed rope, saved her from being swallowed whole.

Frantically she began to pull herself up the slippery lining of her vocal chords, but fatigue set in as she let go and fell in to the void of darkness and acid.

From a very young age, Tenoh Haruka has taken this world by storm. Winning her first race at age 15, she has managed to capture the heart of anyone who sees this speed demon in action.

"Really I just go out there every chance I get and give it my absolute all, no matter what I'm doing be it; motocross, racing, performing piano or even while modeling. I just try to give everything 110"

"Turn that shit off…" Michiru stuffed another handful of popcorn in her mouth and turned to face her roommate.

"But it's just getting good" the angry blonde continued to dry off her hair as she walked towards the television to turn it off. The aqua haired woman whined in protest as Minako turned off the biography of, Haruka Tenoh. "Hmph… Why can't I watch it? I'm not forcing you to" Michiru stuck her tongue out at her roommate.

"Sorry, I just… hate that woman." Michiru jumped to her knees, her eyes looking as though the blonde had just stabbed her in the heart.

"How can you hate Haruka?" she grabbed a magazine that had the icon striking a sexy pose on the cover, "She's absolutely amazing!" frantically the young woman licked her finger and began flipping through the pages to an article on the star.

"I know, I know, but she's not as perfect as she seems okay…" Minako's eyes went distant as she sat down on the couch.

Living in America, her father knew Haruka had talent, so he enrolled her in to softball where she took her team to nationals twice…

Sweat covered her trembling body as she jolted awake; it was 3:05 a.m. She looked to her side, quietly asleep a dainty blonde slept soundly. A smile crept across the woman's face as she rubbed her hands against her skin to make certain she was real, "please god… don't let this be a dream." Slowly she slid her body off of her bed and cringed as the coldness of the floor brushed against her feet, her head pounded as noise from a blaring television set nailed in to her ears.

Perfection seems to be Haruka's real name as she astounded everyone with her grace and beauty last year by gracing the cover of vogue, although she typically dresses in men's clothing, she still knows exactly how to use that feminine body of hers to drive both men and women wild.

"I just feel that, there are many forms of beaty… I just think that people should have a chance to see me how I really am. I am a woman, I love being a woman slight chuckle sure I hardly prance around in dresses and make-up, but I carry myself in very girlish ways I think."

"I thought I told Usagi I didn't want this shit on in my house…" the woman muttered as she plopped on to the couch, opening a small bag and a medium glass piece. Laughing to herself, she hit the bong once, twice and then once again as she watched herself on the television. Coughing, she exhaled the thick smoke; her blood shot eyes focused on the television.

"Perfection?...right" She laughed as she went back to bed.

Kay so there is the first chapter… very short I know… I know… but... I just had this idea and so I thought I'd jot it down. Um…. If no one reads it I don't think I'll just kill it or what not but… yeah tell me what you think so far?