Ending three: A dream.

The door slammed shut and Michiru remained silent as she stared at the door. 'How could Minako be so heartless? 'The blonde was gloating at the defeat of the beautiful racer, but Michiru could only focus on the cruelty of her roommate.

"Did you see the look on her face? Ha! She is so pathetic!" proud of her performance, Minako plopped on to the couch and opened a beer.

"Who the hell are you?" Michiru didn't even look at the blonde but the intensity of anger showed through the small frame.

"What? Are you defending her? She's disgusting! How the hell could you…" Michiru flipped around, fire in her eyes.

"You, are disgusting! You can't tell me that you didn't see the pain in Haruka's eyes. You know you never deserved her. NOT AT ALL!" the small woman spat, "She asked you for help and you couldn't get over yourself to save her!" Michiru grabbed her jacket and reached for the handle.

"Where are you going?" Minako sat up and glared at her roommate.

"I am going to help her! She needs me! You can just sit there in your self pity till I get home" with that, Michiru slammed the door leaving a gawking Minako in the void.

Haruka stumbled in the alleyway, holding her arm; which wouldn't stop shaking.

"God… damnit" Fatigue set in and pulled the star to the cold stone pavement, hands shaking she slowly reached in to her jacket and began searching, pulling out a familiar gold pouch; which she set on the ground and resumed her search. A soft smile graced the woman's lips as her target was reached.

Pulling out a worn, folded piece of paper; hands trembling she unfolded the sheet and gazed at the faded notes that graced the paper.

"Michiru…" a gentle tear ran down Haruka's pale cheek.

"How are you feeling today Ms. Tenoh?" a nurse at the rehabilitation center caringly asked as she brought in a tray of food for the recovering addict.

Haruka simply nodded, staring blankly at the ceiling.

"How are those withdrawals treating you? Obviously better, you're not screaming this morning." She smiled as she adjusted the pillow behind Haruka's tired head. "I must say, even without hair you still look good …"a sweet smile crept onto the woman's features.

"Well, I think since you're doing so well…" the nurse walked over to a small CD player in the corner of the bland room and pressed play, quietly a calming tune crept in the room. Heavenly violin, played carefully by delicate fingers, trickled in to the patient's ears and immediately soothed the aches bringing a much needed release.

"…that's beautiful…"her voice was weak and tired, but obviously touched by the sweet song.

"You like it? It's a young artist by the name of Michiru Kaioh. I think it is absolutely beautiful, can you believe she is your age? Kids now a day, so damn talented" she smiled at the rising amateur racer lying in front of her.

Haruka just simply nodded.

"Well I'll leave this on and turn off the light, I'll see you tomorrow okay?"

Haruka nodded and closed her eyes as she was engulfed in the waves of sound.

Morning came again and the nurse followed routine of bringing in Haruka's meal and checking on the progress, "So how are we doing today Ms. Tenoh?"

"…good… how about yourself…" the response was weak, but still surprising to the nurse.

"Wow, you're actually talking. You must be feeling pretty good." A huge grin coated her features as she helped the woman sit up.

"…there is something… something about this music… it… it's…" she paused as the thought of the exact wording, "comforting. I feel…at peace."

"Well anything that keeps you from screaming" the nurse chuckled as the racer rubbed her bald head.

"Yeah…well…" she laughed nervously as the nurse chuckled.

March 6 2005

My life has been a selfish one… I'm making a vow at this moment; never put myself before the ones I love again.

Being here, I've seen how horrible effects of drugs, not only in my circumstance, but in the lives of all their path of destruction. I look at the dirt on my own hands and can't help but wonder if I can find salvation, or perhaps I am damned for the sins I have committed. Sitting in self loathing and hatred of the world around me; lost in darkness, I have found a small glimpse of hope.

A sweet tune carries notes assuring me of my strength, and the comfort needed so that I can be forgiven.

I can change, I can get over this!

Dear diary, If I ever have the chance, if I survive this massacre of mind altering hallucinations; pray that I get the chance to thank Michiru Kaioh for saving my sanity.

-Haruka Tenoh

Each day, music filled the small room as the racer scribbled down each note as they reached her ear.

"Haruka!" the nurse yelped as the racer teasingly goosed the older woman.

"If I knew you were going to be such a flirt…" a blush crept across her features.

"I can't help it, I just… feel so…" she spread her arms and looked towards the ceiling, "Alive!"

The nurse smiled and handed Haruka an envelope.

"well then I think we can be safe in giving you these." Haruka opened the white envelope and quickly read the message inside:

Tenoh, Haruka

March 15, 2005

In the care of Ms. Tenoh, we have evaluated the patient and have confidence that she has been cured of her addiction to the drug: heroin, and hereby release her from our facility.

Dr. Emallee Cox,

IHCS healthcare rehabilitation center

Michiru's aqua locks blew in the cold wind as she held her jacket tight as her feet quickly lead her down the dark road. "Ruka… where are you?" Panic sank in as the rain began to fall harder and harder, she forced her step to be quicker and quicker.

"Haruka!" She yelled, but nothing but her echo and the crying wind responded. The rain began to pour and tears stung at the strong woman's eyes. "HARUKA!" she cried out in frustration as the cold began to set in.

"Michiru…" the voice responded quietly to the voice that couldn't truly be there. Darkness slowly began to creep into the racer's thoughts trying its best to trap the reality that Haruka knew into its void.

The voice sounded again and the blonde cursed her mind for its cruel tricks.

Her grip tightened on the paper as the star's light began to fade; her eyes close.

Michiru stood at the entrance to a dark alleyway, squinting, she tried her best to see what was in front of her. A certain feeling of nerves and fear ate away at her small frame; she tightened her jacket and tried her best to ignore it as she quickly ran in to the darkness.

"Haruka!" her voice bouncing off the brick and back to her ears "Haruka!" she quickened her pace.

"Haruka!" she stopped in her tracks as a light ahead shone indiscreetly on a frail woman who was curled up in a ball. Tears poured down her complexion as she ran over to the motionless form.

"Haruka…" she dropped to her knees and removed her jacket; wrapping it tightly around the unconscious woman. "Hold on Ruka, you'll be okay" she leaned over and brushed her lips against the racer's cheek. Michiru grabbed her phone out of her pocket and lead her trembling fingers to the numbers.

"911 what's your emergency?"

"This is Michiru Kaioh, I am on 5th east and Main next to the classical café. I have Haruka tenoh and she needs immediate medical attention…"

"We'll have someone there in ten minutes." The phone went silent and Michiru held her star tightly in her arms; Haruka's pale tone and cold body causing her heart to break.

"Haruka… please…please be okay…" she buried her face into Haruka's chest muffling her cries until the sounds of sirens sounded in the distance and flashing light flooded the alleyway.

"Please, hold on…"

A dull pain overwhelmed Haruka's arm, she clenched her fist as familiar voices penetrated the silence.



"Ruka…" the blonde snapped back in to reality and forced her eyes open, a smile forming on her face. A brilliant image flooded in to view.

"Michi… sorry to worry you…" she coughed as the woman kneeling next to her, donned in fuku attire, wrapped her arms tightly around Haruka. "michi… I can't breathe…" she laughed slightly as the senshi's grip tightened.

"I was so worried…" tears filled Neptune's eyes as Haruka blinked innocently.

"Why what's going on?" Sailor moon kneeled by Haruka's side.

"There was a youma, it was attacking Venus and I, you jumped in front and the poison from the attack went in to your arm…" she pointed to the wound on the soldier's arm. "We were so scared, but Mercury was able to extract the poison." The blonde had a soft expression to her features.

"huh… wow…" Haruka shrugged and softly kissed Michiru on the cheek, "well, will you take me home Neptune and… I think you should stay the night…" Neptune blushed slightly, "…so you can take care of me?" Neptune nodded, and Haruka pulled her closer, "You can also help me feed my addiction…"