Chapter Six

Getting Wet!

The boys walked into the main pool area to find Ino all ready in the pool.

"Tenten" Ino wined. "Sakura got me all wet!" she pouted. With that Tenten and Hinata tried to help Ino out. Tenten held Ino's hand whilst Hinata held Tenten's. But Ino had other ideas. She pulled the girl in to the pool and made a huge splash.

"Ino. I thought this was a plan to get the boys. Not us." Tenten said confused.

"I know that! Me and Sakura found a funnier way." Ino stated.

Naruto was by the pool laughing his head off. Shikamaru was mumbling and Neji was smirking at the girls.

There is one missing thought Sasuke. With that he felt someone fling themselves at the boys. He caught it. It turned out to be a her.

"Aw, Sasuke, can we just push them three in?" Sakura asked whilst pouting pointing at the boys.

"Why?" Sasuke asked. He still had her in his arms, bridal style.
"Well, they are all making fun of my girls and us two will be the only dry ones here." Sakura said trying her hardest not to giggle. Sasuke loved it when she laughed or even giggled. So he kicked the boys into the pool from behind. Sakura let all her laughter out. Sasuke just smirked.

"O.M.G!" She said in between laughs. "Priceless faces." And then she carried on laughing.

I have an idea! Inner-Sasuke chirped
what now? Sasuke asked annoyed

You like this Sakura girl so... Get her wet to!
Hm not to bad. Sasuke thought. With that Sasuke walked up to the edge of the pool.
"Sasuke?" Sakura warned him. Her hold on him tightened. "What are you doing?" She then asked. She must have thought Sasuke was going to throw her in, but he also jumped in with her.
"Oh, Sasuke. That was mean!" Sakura pouted.
"Well, a-add least we d-do not need t-them showers g-girls!" Hinata joked whilst trying to splash Tenten. She missed Tenten and hit Naruto who was by the side of her. Hinata's eyes widened.

"Soo, that is how you want to play?" Naruto joked. He swam after Hinata around the pool. After a few minutes Hinata started to giggle. Sakura turned to Sasuke who was standing behind her.
"I think them to have hit it off." She joked. "I am happy for Hinata." She than stated. She looked around her in the pool. She looked at Ino who was Shikamaru's shoulders have a wrestling match with Tenten who was on Neji's
Suddenly, two strong arms came around her waist. She turned to have a light chaste kiss be put against her lips. Sasuke pulled back and grinned like a cheeky naughty schoolboy.
"Sorry." He said. "I have been wanting to do that all day." He climbed out of the pool and helped Sakura out to. He made his way over to the sun beds by the pool. Sasuke sat down on one.

"I think that the sleeping arrangements have sorted themselves out." Sakura sat standing by the side of him. She was now looking over at the girls who were now having a water fight with the boys.

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