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Peyton Sawyer looked out at the open road in front of her. This was one place she definitely didn't want to be heading. She owed it to him though. Whitey was like a father to her. He gave her advice, he looked out for her, and he was there when her father wasn't. This was one of the things keeping her from jumping out of the car. She was hesitant about returning home for many reasons.

She laughed at the thought of calling it home. It wasn't home. Home was where she had spent the last four years. It was where she had studied for her big exams. Where she painted her heart out. It was where she had set up the plans for her gallery. It was also the place where she had raised her son. She turned to the backseat of the Classic Mercury Comet. Her smile couldn't be contained as she looked at the sleeping four year old. With blonde hair and rosy cheeks, he was her true pride and joy. She thought back to the day she went into labor.

February 2007

A nineteen year old Peyton Sawyer had already been in labor for the past twenty hours. She was at her breaking point.

"We still need a few more pushes out you Ms. Sawyer", the doctor said from behind his medical mask.

"I can't", she said as she tried to catch her breath.

"Yes, you can", the man holding her hand told her.

"It's too hard, I'm too tired", she cried out.

He reassuringly kissed her forehead. "Peyton Sawyer, you are an amazingly strong woman. You're going to make a wonderful mother but first we have to see this boy", that smile made all her fears disappear.

"Okay Miss Sawyer, we need one last big push."

She took a few deep breaths and sat up. He placed his hand on her back and helped her lean forward.

"On three", the doctor called out, "One…two…three", at this she pushed as hard as she could. She felt her muscles contract and her heart race. Sweat was dripping down her face and mixing with her tears. As she felt the baby slip out and begin to cry she threw her head back and sighed.

They brought the baby over to her after it was cleaned and weighed and measured. Once she had him in her arms she cried again, this time tears of joy. Her partner in this all walked over and leaned his forehead onto hers.

"You did it", he whispered as he caressed the baby's head.

She leaned up and kissed him gratefully. "We did it", she said as she looked back down at her baby boy.

In a way he was one of the reasons she was dreading going back. She loved her son with every fiber of her being but she knew people would wonder. But Peyton Sawyer was never one to care what people thought. At least, that's what she kept assuring herself.

When she left Tree Hill right after graduation she didn't plan on coming back. She was going to move forward and start a new life. Never look back and think of 'what if'. But she couldn't lie and say that she never thought about it, that thought was always in the back of her mind. Every once and a while she would get reminiscent and pull out her year book. She would read all the things her best friends wrote to her and smile. She would look at the pictures of them on different days and from different events and she would smile. She would come across a picture of her and him, or of the three of them and she would cry. Cry for the relationships she lost. The confidant that she no longer had. The love of her life that had slipped away.

Of course, there were good things about going back. She would get to see Nathan and Haley and their five year old boy. Nathan had become her best friend. After everything that happened he had been the person she turned to. Haley was there for her also. She begged her not to leave. She even used the fact that her godson James would miss her too much. That thought alone almost made Peyton cave but, as she thought of the reasons to stay versus the reasons to leave, it was a no brainer. They kept in touch of course. Peyton sent them a webcam for Christmas and Nathan and Haley and baby James visited when they had a break from school. Their boys knew each other well and even though nobody in Tree Hill knew she would be back, she knew her son couldn't wait to see them.

She was broken from these thoughts when a warm hand reassuringly patted her leg. She looked at him and smiled. He was the other thing keeping her from jumping out of the car. He had been her absolute rock the past five years. She showed up on his doorstep in the middle of a hot summer night, tears streaming down her face. He immediately took her in, no questions asked. From then on, he was there for her with everything. Convincing her to go to college. Helping her with late night assignments. Holding her hair back when she was sick. Getting up at three in the morning when she had a late night craving. Being there to hold her when she cried about being absolutely terrified to do this on her own. Reassuring her that she would never be on her own. Treating her son as if he was his own. Supporting her when she talked about opening a gallery with her business degree and a minor in arts. With this man by her side she could get through anything. She contently sighed as he put his arm around her and she leaned her head on his shoulder.

"You okay", he said quietly as to not wake the sleeping toddler as he kissed her forehead.

She looked at the sign they were passing, "Welcome to Tree Hill"

"I will be", she said as she nodded her head.


They pulled up to her childhood home. As she got out of the car she felt her legs begin to shake. She hadn't been here in five years. She had thought about selling the house but it quickly vanished form her mind. It was the last connection she had to him. Her father had passed away two years ago. Before she put the key in the door she thought back to the day she heard the news.

April 2009

Peyton had just gotten back from her last class of the week and thankfully so. It had been raining all day. She was currently running around with her two year old son. She could smell dinner being made and she smiled. He really did take care of both of them.

She sat down to catch her breath and continued to watch as her son pushed his miniatures lawnmower around the living room. That's when the phone rang.

"I got it", she called out.

"Hello", she said, still slightly out of breath.

"Peyton", in that one word she knew something was wrong.

"Nathan what's wrong", she asked worriedly.

"Oh God Peyt", she could hear his voice quiver.

"Nathan what is it", she yelled causing both men in the house to walk over to her.

"Peyton I'm so sorry", she heard a sob escape his throat.

"Nathan please tell me", she had tears forming in her eyes from hearing him this upset.

"Put on the news", he said quietly. She stood and did as she was told. That's when she felt her heart stop.

"Once again we are reporting on the tragic dredging accident that occurred in the Keys this afternoon. There are still no known survivors from the twenty person crew", she watched as the young brunette cleared her throat.

"We can report to you the identified bodies that have been found".

"Andrew Lawson", she said and they displayed a picture.

"Michael Pulley", again a picture.

"Sean Rutgers", as they showed his picture Peyton went to speak.

"Nathan", she said in a cracked voice.

"Larry Sawyer", it was then that her father's picture was shown to the world.

"Oh my God", she cried out.

"Peyton I'm so sorry", she heard Nathan say as she dropped the phone and fell to the floor. She pulled her knees up to her chest and rocked back and forth. The man who had helped her with everything immediately took her in his arms and held her as she cried. Her son climbed into her lap and because his mother was upset and he didn't know what was going on, he began to cry also. They stayed in this position until both Sawyer's had fallen asleep from the emotional stress of it all.

She was pulled from this thought by the arm that went around her shoulder. She smiled at him and opened the door. It all looked the same. It had the same smell and the same pictures and the same feeling that it did all those years ago. She walked up to her room and opened the door, hearing the creak as she did. It was the exact way she had kept it as a teen. Deep red walls, drawings everywhere, her record collection still in tact. She smiled as she plopped down on the bed. She closed her eyes and just took in the moment of all this.

"I put him down on the couch", the voice caused her to jump up, "sorry", he said meekly.

"No, its okay", she said while blushing out of embarrassment, "I'm gunna go get him and bring him in here to sleep", she watched as he nodded and went towards the bathroom. She walked downstairs and picked up the little boy.

"Gees", she muttered.

"I'm getting too old for this", she joked to herself. As she past the old grandfather clock, she noticed the time and did the math. Sure enough, it had taken six hour and twenty four minutes to get to Tree Hill.

She went upstairs and changed into her pajamas, doing the same for her son.

"Goodnight, Keith Jacob Scott", she whispered as she kissed his forehead. She saw the shadow lingering in the doorway.

"Well are you coming to bed", she teased.

"I was gunna sleep on the couch", he said as he looked down. She smiled at his apprehension.

July 2006

Peyton had been living with him for the past month. In that month they had gotten reacquainted with each other. In that month she learned of her pregnancy. In that month they spent every night talking to each other about their day, or their dreams, or their wants. In that month they slept in separate beds, even though it was pointless. They both lay awake in Peyton's bed as she spoke.

"Do you think it's weird", she asked as she faced the ceiling.

"What's weird", he asked while propping his elbow up to look at her.

"That we have separate beds but we always end up in the other person's anyway", she pointed out as she turned to face him.

From that night on, they slept in the same bed.

"We've slept in the same bed for the past five years, why would now be any different", she asked as she patted the empty space before she curled under the covers. He sighed knowing she was right.

"Night Peyton", he whispered.

"Night Jake", she said through a yawn.

Jake Jagielski sighed. He watched as Peyton put her arm around the young boy and watched as they both moved closer to him in their sleep. He smiled as he put his arm over both of them. This boy may not have been his and this woman may not have been his but he wouldn't have wanted to spend the past few years any other way.

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