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"Brooke", the blonde repeated again in shock.

"Hey", Brooke spoke softly.

They stood like that for another minute. Peyton could not believe she was standing there. She didn't know if she should punch her or embrace her.

"Can we talk?"

Peyton snapped back to reality at the raspy voice. Before she knew what she was doing, she felt herself nodding her head. Brooke took a step forward and Peyton put her arm out to block her.

"Keith's sleeping. I don't want to risk waking him up", she explained as she closed the front door behind her.

Brooke blindly followed her around the porch and into the yard she knew so well.

"Peyton it's freezing out here", an eight year old Brooke carefully scolded her friend.

"I don't care", she muttered.

Brooke sighed. "Peyton—"

"I miss her Brooke", the blonde croaked out.

"I know you do", she held back tears as she rubbed her back.

"I feel like I'm all alone."

Brooke picked Peyton's head up so that they were staring into each other's eyes.

"You're not alone", she whispered firmly, "you've got me."

"Always?" Peyton questioned in a small voice.

"Always", Brooke said firmly as she smiled.

"So, why are you here?" Peyton brought Brooke out of her memory.

"I wanted to apologize", she said quietly as she looked down.

"What ever could you need to apologize for?" she pretended to think as she tapped her chin.

"Peyton, I'm sorry", she sincerely.

"I'm glad", Peyton responded sarcastically.

"I mean it", Brooke swore as her voice shook.

Peyton could hear the sincerity in her words. She knew Brooke was truly sorry. She wanted to be able to forgive her, but there was too much in the way of that.

"Brook, I understand that you're sorry, but this doesn't exactly change anything. You kept Lucas from his child. My son grew up without a father for four years because of you", she kept her voice at a steady whisper because she didn't trust it enough to go any higher.

"I know that okay. I know that I ruined our friendship. I ruined everything we built up over ten years."

"I cannot believe we start high school tomorrow", Peyton mused from her spot on her bed.

"I know. Its gunna kick ass", Brooke squealed in excitement.

The blonde chuckled nervously and Brooke looked at her with a raised brow.

"What's wrong", Brooke asked in concern as she propped herself up onto her elbows.

"I'm scared", Peyton told her honestly.

"There's nothing you worry about. You're tall, blonde, and skinny. Everyone will love you", Brooke told her matter of factly.

Peyton laughed, "I meant, I'm scared about what's gunna happen with us."

Brooke furrowed her brows and Peyton continued. "High school changes people Brooke, what if we grow apart or make different friends, or do something dumb and end up hating each other", the blonde listed off in a panic.

"Peyton that won't happen", her best friend went to speak, but Brooke stopped her, "you'll always have me", she said as firmly as she had when they were eight.

Silence lingered between the two former friends and they took the time to take in each other's appearances.

Brooke looked older although, she didn't know if that was possible; it had only been a few months. Considering the last time they saw each other maybe that was the difference. But she looked healthier. Her hair was cut and dyed; she had a cute bob. Her clothing was more stylish, well even more stylish. Peyton couldn't exactly describe it, but she just seemed better.

Brooke looked at Peyton. She smiled randomly. She had a twinkle in her eye that Brooke had only seen once before. Her curls were tighter and her lips looked fuller. She had a certain glow that radiated off of her and made Brooke smile internally.

"You look different", she thought aloud.

Peyton raised a brow. "You come to my house uninvited and now you're going to insult me", she said incredulously.

"No", Brooke denied it quickly, "It's a good different. You have a glow that I've never seen before", she said somewhat admiringly, "new moisturizer?" she joked in hopes to break tensions.

Peyton smirked despite her best attempts. "Umm, I'm pregnant actually."

"Wow", Brooke said with a shocked face, "you guys didn't waste any time", she joked again.

"We had a lot of time to make up for."

Brooke nodded her head and looked down again.

"Look, I came here to let you know that I'm moving back to Tree Hill", she watched as Peyton's snapped to meet hers.


"I've made a lot of changes over the last few months and you might not believe me, but I have. I started up Clothes over Bros and it spread like crazy so I'm opening another store . . .in Tree Hill", she watched as Peyton nodded.

"And, I'm hoping to start my own family soon; Tree Hill is the best place to do that."

"Family?" Peyton questioned.

Brooke held up her left hand, "I'm engaged", she stated the obvious.

"Maybe we should make it a double", Peyton joked absentmindedly as she held up her hand.

"You have a date with Andrew tonight right?" Peyton asked as she got dressed.

"Yup", she grinned, "It's our fifth and you know what that means."

"Marriage?" Peyton joked.

Brooke scoffed. "Yea right, we're only fourteen, but you are totally marrying Nathan", Peyton rolled her eyes.

"Right after you marry Andrew."

"Maybe we could have a double wedding", Brooke squealed as she clapped her hands excitedly. Peyton gave her a look and Brooke immediately calmed down.

"Whatever", Brooke waved a hand at her, "as long we're together it doesn't matter", she said as she hooked arms with the blonde.

"P. Sawyer", Brooke gasped out as she grabbed for her hand without thinking.

"I know", Peyton said giddily, it was her reaction whenever someone brought up her engagement.

"Jeez, Broody did good", she mused as she stared at the white gold band with a sparkling diamond a top it.

"Thanks", Peyton said shyly as she gently took her hand away, "what about you", she asked expectantly.

Brook shyly held out her left hand and bit her lip as Peyton stared at it. It was simple and plain. But at the same time it was extremely elegant and screamed "Brooke Davis'.

"It's beautiful", Peyton said honestly, "who's the lucky guy?" Peyton asked with a smirk.

Brooke smiled. "That's not important", she said as she waved Peyton off.

"When I get married I want it to be low key", Peyton said from her side of the bed.

The discussion had been brought up because a classmate of their's had secretly gotten married. They were only fifteen.

"Please, low key so 1950's", Brooke teased from her spot beside the blonde.

"Well then what do you want?" Peyton asked.

"I want a huge wedding. With tons of flowers and lots of people. Everyone will know it's my wedding day. I'll show off my ring to everyone and it'll be so heavy it'll weigh down my hand—"

"And I'll be your maid of honor", Peyton piped in.

"Of course", Brooke said obviously, "because whatever we do we'll be together."

"What do you think this means Brooke? That we're best friends again? Cause we're not", she watched as Brooke's face fell.

"No, I just wanted to let you know in person instead of you seeing me around town and freaking out."

On some level that was a lie. She was hopeful. She wanted Peyton back as her friend. She wanted Peyton back as her best friend. There were some remains that she was sure she could salvage. There had to be.

"Keith's going to be up soon", Peyton lied.

Brooke nodded and followed Peyton to the front of the porch.

"Alright, well, we move in a few weeks so I'll be back", she said in a 'Terminator' accent.

Peyton let out a low laugh and Brooke smiled. There had to be hope.

"I guess I'll see ya around", Brooke mocked bitterly, "who breaks up with someone like that?"

"We're sixteen he can't be that creative and plus Scott's a tool", Peyton called out from her closet.

"Yea, but he was cute and a great kisser", she said dreamily.

"You could do better", Peyton assured her.

"What if he was my one great love and now he's gone", she said with a horrified expression.

"Just like Andrew and Frank and Billy and Mike and Tommy—"

"Okay", Brooke cut off her friends rambling, "So he wasn't, but he could have", she said optimistically.

"Brooke", Peyton laughed as she smoothed the brunette's hair, "there will be more boys."

"Yea you're right", Brooke said, suddenly fine with everything.

"Anyways, you've got me", Peyton said as she threw an arm around her shoulder, "and I will never use that line on you", she said in assurance.

"I guess I'll see you around", Peyton said as she opened her front door. Brooke's face fell.

Maybe she was wrong.

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