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Robin grunted as his kick landed on the punching bag, his barely awake mind imagining it as Slade. Robin couldn't sleep, probably wouldn't sleep until Slade was dead and gone. The clock on the wall told him he'd been up longer than was healthy, even for him but his sense of honour, justice, failure made him fight on against the invisible army only he could see. Knocking down non-existent Slade after non-existent Slade, he kept from screaming only in respect for the sleeping Beastboy in the room next door. His punch stopped in mid-air when he heard a thud in the hallway outside. A quick glance at the clock told him it was too late, actually early for even Raven to be up and about. An intruder! But why hadn't the alarm system gone off? Robin moved ninja quiet towards the door, opening it slowly manually to make no noise. In the dark of the unlit hallway he saw a figure, no two. One with their back against the wall, the other leaning over them. He was about to attack the figure leaning over the one against the wall when he eyes adjusted to the dark. Beastboy leaned over a cloaked figure.

"Do you have any idea how long I've waited for this day?" He breathed.

"I can guess" Came a light, breathless voice from behind the cloak. Pale hands lifted the cloak from her face, exposing Raven's pale face and big eyes to the meagre inhabitants of the hallway. Raven's face surged forwards, her lips sliding softly over Beastboy's. Her pale white hands contrasted amazingly against Beastboy's green spiky hair while his hands fumbled at the catch on her cloak, causing it to fall away to he the ground. Their hands explored along each other's backs, while their tongues explored the unknown recesses of each other's mouths. Robin watched this all his eyes spread wide and his body frozen in shock. Raven and Beastboy? But they hated each other! He watched, somehow unable to draw away as Raven's legs surged around Beastboy's and her tongue tasted his pointy ear. The movements became more erotic, their bodies intertwined making it almost impossible in the dark to tell where Beastboy ended and Raven began. Robin was glaringly aware of everywhere they touched, from the lips on each other's to their intertwining legs. A low moan escaped from Raven's lips when her and Beastboy surfaced from each other for breath. Beastboy dived in for another kiss, his passion causing Raven to fumble at his belt. When he broke away, he stayed pressed against her but held her desperate hands in his.

"Not here my angel." His lust filled voice brought a flicker of a seducing smile across Raven's face. His empty hand pressed the button that opened his door. "In here" He said, pressing Raven into the room with a kiss. Raven went willingly, her hands already at his belt buckle again.

When the door closed, Robin could only stare at the now empty hallway, his contrary mind playing the last few minutes over in his mind in graphic detail. When his mind went as far as to re-play the moment with him as BB and Starfire as Raven, Robin shook his head and headed to his own room hoping vainly he would forget the entire night. Robin never again had an impromptu training session after midnight now he knew the Titans only "not-couple" roamed the hallways. That was until Star agreed to join him…