Lutic woke to the cold, damp morning. He sighed and got up. He looked over to the new-born's. He looked at Redcloud. 'She's pretty.' He thought. Their mother stirred and blinked open her eyes. "Lutic, are you okay?" She asked. "I'm fine." He growled. His mother gave him a hurt look, but he just ignored it. Luna softly poked Kita and Brakenwind. Blackheart woke as well.
Luna picked up Silver and Blackheart picked up Redcloud. "We can get safely to my mother's pack now." Luna gruffled under the scruff of fur.

Many moon's past, Kita grew to a beautiful adult, Brakenwind a handsome male, and Lutic into a troubled looking adult. Redcloud was as beautiful as her sister. Lutic was sad for once when his grandmother died. Luna became older andmore depressed at her mother's death. Blackheart also old. One day Lutic, Kita, Brakenwind, Silver, and Redcloud went out to a spot they called, "their spot." Kita ran off to a male named Skypelt, she had a crush on him. And Brakenwind went off with Silver. 'Finally, I'm alone wih Redcloud.' He thought. He looked at her. "Redcloud"
"Yes?" She asked softly. "Redcloud... I... I... really, really... love you!" He finally blurted out. Redcloud looked at him in surprise. "I... I do to." She answered softly. Lutic felt happy for once.
"I'm sorry for being such a grouch." He barked. "That's okay." They touched noses. But, then Russetpaw stepped out. "I've found you!" He barked. Blackeye stepped out as well.
"Daughter!" He barked. "What are you doing with this, this mut!" Blackeye narrowed his eyes. "Father! Stay away!" Redcloud wailed. Lutic stepped in front of her. "Go get help." He growled.
Silver and Brakenwind raced towards the two. "Lutic! What's going on!" Brakenwind barked. Kita and Skypelt also ran towards them. Kita looked in horror at Blackeye and Russetpaw.
"Kita! Go get help!" Lutic growled. Kita nodded and ran off to find help. But as soon as she left, the wolves that turned on their pack so long ago appered. "Attack!" Lutic howled. Soon, a battle began.

Brakenwind howled and began to fight. He clawed at enemy's and bit them as hard as he could. He spotted Russetpaw coming toward's him. He attacked him with hard bites. They fought for a long time when Russetpaw grew weak, Brakenwind bit him hard in the neck. With a snap he fell to the ground. Blood surrounding him. "That's for everything you've done!" Brakenwind barked. Silver ran up to him. "Brakenwind are you okay!" She checked him. "Yes. And you?" He asked "Fine she sighed in relief. They herd the sound of their pack running toward them. He saw his mother run to a gaurd. And with one swift bite she killed him. Brakenwind and Silver ran up to her. "Mother!" Brakenwind barked. "Mother Russetpaw is dead! I killed him"
Luna looked at her son. A proud glow was in her eyes. "I see that!" She barked. But, what she didn't see was Blackeye sneak up on her. "Say goodbye!" He howled and hit her hard in the jaw with his claws. He bit her neck, then clawed her flank. She yelped and dropped to the ground, motionless. "Mother!" Brakenwind howled. "Brakenwind... goodbye..." Luna gasped. Her eyes grew blank and she died.
"Mother!" Brakenwind cried. He ran to Blackeye, Silver following him. And began to fight. Tears blurring his vision. "Aw, two lovers. To bad that has to end." Blackeye bit Brakenwind in the chest, then clawed his throght.
"Brakenwind no!" Silver wailed. Blackeye ran up to her and and bit her hard in the neck. He left them there. And ran off. "Si- Silver!" Brakenwind coughed. "I...l-love you!" He gasped. She looked at him weakly. "" She smiled. And they died together.

Kita ran to her brother and Silver. "Brakenwind, Silver, no!" She wailed. In her fury she ran to Blackeye and attacked him in the throught, and clawed him almost everywhere. He fell to the ground dead.
"Retreat!" She herd the enemy howl. They ran as fast as mice. Skypelt came up to her and licked her softly of the cheek. Then touched noses with her. "Silver! Brakenwind! Luna! No"
She herd Blackheart, Redcloud, and Lutic wail. Kita ran to her mother's side. "Mother!" She cried. Skypelt padded toward them slowly. "They died protecting the pack. They will always be honoured"
Kita looked up at him. Soon, they all began to smile. "It's all over." She sighed. "No more running." Relplied Lutic. Comforting his new mate. "Everything is okay." Skypelt comforted Kita as well.
And there was once again peace.


Author's Notes: Finally done... anyway this is what happens afterward, Kita has cubs and so does Redcloud and blah blah blah. Blackheart dies of old age. Man this was sappy. Hehe,
sorry bout the sappyness.