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Chapter 30 – Finale - Epilogue

3 years later – August

High in the sky, the moon shone bright, twinkling stars peppering the dark summer night sky.

Somewhere in the forest, a howl howled, spreading its wings and bounding away from a tree branch, flying away.

As the howl echoed through the forest, a deer, lying on the floor, raised its head, its ears twitching at the sound. Sensing no danger, the deer lowered its head again.

Moving towards the village, a rabbit ran, hiding under a bush when a fox walked by.

On the village, in a house in a quiet part of it, in the living room, a woman walked in holding a black notebook and a pen.

She turned the lights on, regulating the brightness to something soft, not too bright, but bright enough to be able to write.

Pink locks of hair moved slowly as the woman sat on the floor in front of the low glass table, laying the notebook and pen over it.

A sigh escaped her lips as she opened the book on one of the last pages, still blank.

Nimble fingers took the pen and she let in hover over the paper, nodding her head to confirm her resolve.

"Yosh." She murmured to herself and let the pen touch the paper, writing what she considered fit as a first sentence.

Hisashiburi ne, Itachi.(6)

((6)- It's been a while hasn't it, Itachi.)

Making a slight pause, a nostalgic smile settled on her face and what she wanted to write started to appear on her mind. The pen hovered over the paper once again, before being lowered to start creating the appropriate kanji.

It's been so long since the last time we saw each other, maybe too long… there's so much that I'd like to tell you, to hear you insight about it… but, unfortunately, that will never happen again, because I'm well aware that you're gone from this world, and you won't come back.

But, I also know that, wherever you are, you're watching over me! And wherever you are, Shisui-nii and Deidara-kun are there with you, annoying the crap outta you… am I right?? I probably am!!

And thus, Hisashiburi, Shisui and Deidara!

Firstly, I'll start by saying this: I miss the 3 of you a lot, I really do!

Anone, the truth is… I loved every one of you, Shi-nii, Dei-chan, Ita-chan… I loved all 3 of you. Well, in a different way each, because you can't love different people the same way, there's a kind of love for everyone… at least, that's what I think.

Because we didn't have that much time together, I loved Shisui like an older brother, and it would have probably become something more if… well, if bad things hadn't happened.

Then, after Sasuke-kun broke my heart and left, Deidara saved me, in more than one ways, really. He started by saving me from getting killed by sound-nins, and then he saved me from drowning in misery and agony. Ne, Dei-chan (I know you hate it when I call you this, I realize it now, but I only call you that because it sounds cuter than Dei-kun) thank you for being so patient with me and slowly gathering all the pieces of my heart, or at least all of the ones you could find!! You gathered me up and swept me off my feet, literally and metaphorically!! I loved you like a girl loves their fairy-tale prince boyfriend, and you'll be special forever, my adorable first boyfriend!!

And then Itachi, whom I started loving as a friend, then as an older brother, and then as more… I'll never forget those few days we spent together in that small village in the river country, mostly playing Go and Shoji… the same village where Deidara kissed me for the first time and the same village where I went with Madara during my amnesia… what a fated coincidence!!

Now that I think of it, I gave everyone of you something special, but... let's talk about that after I say what I want to say next.

Secondly, shall I give you guys an update of what's been happening on the last few years?? Maa(1), I'd do it even if you told me not to, and I know Shisui would start whining along with Deidara, calling me a baka(2), and Itachi would just go 'hn' and call me 'mendoukusai onna'(3)… datte(4), I'd still do it, and deep down you'd be glad I did, because you're all curious!!

(A/N- (1)- Well; (2)- fool/idiot; (3)- bothersome woman; (4)- however)

After all that crazy adventure after Sasuke-kun returned, that I'm sure you're all aware of, things quieted down and became calmer, which is good!!

You know, even though Madara was a bad guy, deep down he always had a kind heart, because if he didn't I'd be dead!! I'm glad I got to meet him… and apparently change him, because now he's a kind person… he even made a deal with Shishou, but she won't tell me about it… but I still know because aniki told me!! And he really is like an older brother… a never aging older brother!

On the living room, a lighthearted laugh echoed gently as the woman paused in her writing.

It's possible to say he's kind by looking at it from another point of view, because if he wasn't kind, he wouldn't have made the deal with Tsunade-shishou for Suigetsu and Jugo to become part of our village!!

Speaking of which, they fit into our village just as much as everyone else!! Jugo is quiet, shy and extremely polite! After working hard with shishou and Shizune-san, we finally got that, hm, thing?, out of him, and he was extremely grateful to not have to worry about going berserk and hurting anyone anymore!! He lives a little ways away from the village surrounded by the forest and the animals and helps the farmers a lot!! He likes the quiet of nature and appreciates it greatly!! He still has shinobi status, but he prefers to stay in the village!

As for Suigetsu, he's a mixture of Naruto and Kiba, turned upside down and to the sarcastic and ironic side, but he's a good friend! When he got here, to the village, we became friends, and it was almost painful to see the look in his eyes… the look no one else seemed to notice, the heartbroken look he carried around, hidden behind the sarcasm and irony.

But… he couldn't fool me, because for years I'd seen the same look every time I looked at a mirror.

But now… his smiles are genuine, and the sarcasm and irony aren't meant to hide anything anymore, they're just a trait of his personality… right now, we could say he's an accomplished man!!

And it's all thanks to moi!! Well, at least partly, because I'm the one who introduced him (almost forced him) to Ino, and now they're happily married!! The other part was because of Madara, who made it possible for him to be in the village and become a kick-ass interrogator (he's really good at what he does)!!

This time Sakura snickered, the sound echoing in the room.

"If you consider half-killing the interrogation subject, healing him and then do it all over again until the poor guy can't take it anymore being good at it!"

Back to our happy married couple!! The first healed heartbroken was Suigetsu, seriously, that fucking bitch Karin (who, apparently, is Sasuke-kun's nº1 fangirl… ugh, it gets more annoying and repulsive with time…) has no idea what she lost… he was right in front of her, a guy I would fall for If I didn't have Sasuke-kun already (or Gaara-kun as my gorgeous best friend who I would have fallen for if I hadn't fallen for Sasuke-kun), and she treated him badly, it's only natural he created the sarcastic and ironic stuff to protect himself from it, so he wouldn't show her how much it hurt him.

And the second heartbroken was Ino, because she loved Shikamaru, but he fell in love with Temari, and now they're married and have a lovely 2 year old daughter! Ino got really down when it happened, so I decided to play cupid and introduced them (I had to force Suigetsu to move and threaten to break a few of his bones) but in the end, they ended up getting along… he was the only one that was able to get Ino pissed off or laughing in her 'sulking' period.

"Speaking of which, I still own him a punch or 2 for the witty remarks from the other day." Sakura mused quietly while pausing in her writing. Shrugging, she looked back down at the paper and started writing again.

Even got to watch their first kiss, which, mind you, was, in my opinion, hilarious, because Ino had been livid, running through her living room trying to catch him after he thrown some witty remark at her, and when she finally caught him, they lost their balance, fell over the back of the couch, rolling slightly and landing on the floor with a loud 'thud'. Ino landed over Suigetsu, she actually didn't realize it, and he made me swear I wouldn't tell her, but he rolled them over so she wouldn't get hurt with the fall, I even had to heal a very nasty bruise on his back after we left. But anyway, when they landed on the floor, Ino was on top of him, and their lips were connected, of course a very awkward (for them) moment ensued, and I almost spilled over the mugs of tea I had on my hands from laughter!!

They got married last year in May, and Ino kept complaining about still only being 19 (because her birthday is in September) while Sui-chin (my nickname for Suigetsu, at first he always complained, but now I think he got used to it!!) was already 20, but that didn't stop her from showing up and getting married to him!! Complaining was her way of venting her nervousness, that, and she refused to admit she was nervous!!

Oh, and now she's a glowing 8 month pregnant woman!! Me and her both know the sex of a baby, she pouted because she wanted a girl to dress up, but it's a boy like Suigetsu wanted, but he doesn't know yet, because he made a bet with Ino that went as fallows:

Ino- (after much arguing) I bet you can't hold on until the end without knowing if it's a girl or a boy. (she's so stubborn)

Sui-chin- Bring it on, I really don't care if it's a boy or a girl… though a boy would be nice (insert a shark-ish grin)!! If I hold on you have to give me another as soon as you can!! (and insert a wider grin, this one mischievous)

Ino- Deal, but you'll lose anyway… (dismissive and with too much confidence)

And that's how it went, and Sui-chin's been holding on pretty well, though he's wanted to ask me for a while, whenever he finds himself about to ask, he always starts murmuring to himself 'just a little longer and then we'll have another one'. It's actually pretty cute and entertaining, not to mention endearing, to watch, Sasuke-kun always ends up dragging him outside to go training with Naruto, although he'd never admit it's so Sui-chin can win the bet… it's probably something related to male pride or something…

But let's talk about the others too, because they're worthy of mention too!!

So, like I said above, Shikamaru and Temari are married and happy and have a 2 year old daughter!

Chouji isn't married yet, but he has a very nice girlfriend who is a great cook, they're adorable together!! She's not a kunoichi, and she's a bit chubby, but she's very pretty, and they're an adorable couple that complement each other!! As long as they're happy, the external appearance doesn't matter!!

Lee… finally found himself a girlfriend too… but, seriously, they're way too obnoxious and annoying together, always cheering for youth and the power of youth and whatnot… maa, as long as they're happy…

Anyway, let's move on to someone else… like Kankuro, who has a girlfriend that likes puppets as much as he does!! They're adorable when they start playing with small puppets with each other, it's really cute to watch!! Especially when they play with Shika and Mari's daughter!!

There's also Neji and Tenten, who got married 2 years ago and have an adorable 1 year old son!! He has dark hair and the same pale eyes as Neji, though they're a little darker, taking a brown tint!! He's just too cute!!

Oh, the big mystery around Shino keeps increasing. It's rumored that he's already married inside his clan, but not even Kiba or Hinata know if it's true or not… hmm, we'll keep speculating till the truth comes up!!

Kiba has a really nice girlfriend, though it seemed unlikely at first, since he loves dogs and she loves cats, but, I guess they love each other more than their pets, or companions, whichever sounds better!

Oh, Hinata had a few hardships because of her father, but it all turned out right, and Naruto helped her keep strong with his encouragement, he always believed in her, well… we all believed in her, but he's the one that kept her going, his smile towards her never wavering!!

A soft smile settled on Sakura's face as the memories flowed in her mind.

Her father was against Neji and Tenten's marriage, but Hinata stepped up and practically forbid him of interfering, because, and I quote, 'It's not of our business who he loves and decides to spend his life with, his happiness concerns him and no one else, and I will not allow you to interfere otou-sama'. Neji was present, and we all know he was moved by his shy cousin stepping up for him. In my opinion, she was also speaking for herself, because I'm sure Hiashi-sama would also be against her relationship with Naruto, but her conviction was unwavering, and since, a few weeks later, coincidently, a week before Neji and Tenten's marriage, Hinata became the clan Leader, Hiashi couldn't actually do anything.

The big surprise came a few weeks later, and I helped with that. She asked my help, and I helped her (that's why, when I was 17, Neji 18, I used him as my guinea pig so I knew how to get rid of the seal on his forehead, he already knew at the time that Hinata planned to remove it from everyone of the second branch of the family), and after a week of hard word, the curse of the main branch was lifted! And the week after that, Hinata stepped down and made Neji the clan Leader, which, by the way, he's awesome at!!

As for our dear shy girl, she's engaged to Naruto!! Things between them moved slowly, but they're happy!!

Naruto… ah, my idiot brother!! He, and I'm proud to say it, became the Rokudaime Hokage last year during the spring festival!! The seconds younger Hokage, since he was 19!! Honestly, I don't think there will ever be someone better as Hokage!!

There's also Sai, who has improved a lot in the emotion department, but keeps being aloof around mostly everyone (he's a baka, that's what he is, but at least he isn't a bastard around me!)… and he still call me names… he's a lost cause towards that… anyway…

Then we have Gaara-kun, our dearest Kazekage and my best friend (alongside Naruto and Sai), he says he doesn't need a woman, but deep down I know he's just scared of letting someone inside his own little world to end up getting hurt, I really wish someone good would come for him, but for the time being, he's focusing on his duties as Kazekage, dumping the paperwork on Temari and Kankuro when he gets sick of it, smart isn't he?? Anyway, he's the only one I've discussed my current situation with, and you know what? He got all childish and made me promise he'd be—ah, before I get to that, because I know it'll be a bit of a shocker for you guys, let me talk a little bit about Sasuke-kun!!

Sasuke-kun changed a lot since we were genin. First he changed to a cold-hearted, ruthless and uncaring bastard, and I blame Orochimaru and the elders for it.

He was still like that when he came back with his hidden agenda of destruction after the village was finally better after Pein destroyed it.

Madara, or better, aniki told me about it when he gave me my memories back… it's amazing how many different uses the sharingan has.

But after that… he started changing for the better, his cold heart became, well, not so cold, he's only ruthless when he has to be and he cares, even if he won't admit it. As for the bustard part, I'm not really sure, since Naruto still calls him teme along with Kiba and a few others, Ino being one of those others.

When we're alone it's different though, his walls open and he becomes boyish, as if he was still the 8 year old before the massacre!! When we're alone… he's playful and gentle and caring, and the only lingering things from his adult (or better, un-boyish) side are his protectiveness (even if he won't admit it!) and his possessiveness!!

Now that I think of it, his proposal was probably the most un-romantic proposal of history, because there wasn't anything special about it… he was e—

Ah, let's make a pause so I can explain, I'm married to Sasuke-kun!

And right now, Shi-nii and Dei-chan fell to the floor with a loud exclamation of 'EEEEEHHHHHH?????????' and Ita-chan… hm, you probably crossed your arms and are thinking of something to destroy later to vent!! Once Shisui gets a grip, he'll go sulk, mumbling incoherent things to himself, and Deidara will go sulk too, pouting because he was reckless in his fight with Sasuke-kun and ended up—well, you know…

So now that the shock is over, let's go back to what I was saying… which would be how un-romantic Sasuke-kun's proposal was, he was so nonchalant, that air of superiority surrounding him like a second skin (now that pisses me off). We were on a mission to Kiri to get a few scrolls for shishou,, and we would be staying a couple of days in Kiri until we got them. When we did get them, we stayed for another night so we could leave in the morning. That night I dragged him outside and we went for a walk, and then, we were on the forest… he didn't even stop walking when he spoke: 'marry me' and it wasn't even a question, it was something between a statement, an order and, deep, deep down, a request.

If things had gone differently… would I have a different ring on my finger but still carry the Uchiha name? Or would I have the same Uchiha family ring, but share a life with the older of the 2 brothers?

It's a possibility that I could be married to Shisui or to Itachi, but if things had been different a little after that, would I be married to Deidara?

All of those are possibilities, and I don't dislike any of them… but… those possibilities can't come true, they could have, sometime in the past, but not anymore.

And, honestly, I don't regret my past, because every moment I spent with any of you 3, I treasure.

I'm also selfish, because I won't tell Sasuke-kun my relationship with any of you… except Dei-chan, because he figured it out—ok, ok, so maybe blowing up the forest with the C3 was a dead giveaway and he's smart and he knew the jutsu since he fought Deidara…. Doesn't matter…

As a side comment, I can truly say I gave something important to all of you, something unique as well!! I gave Shisui my first kiss, and I'm sure if nothing bad had happened, I would have given more!! Again, maybe, if the circumstances were different, maybe we would be married right now… maybe!!

Dei-chan was my first boyfriend, even if we kept it to ourselves, you were the first person that 'swept me off my feet'!! You were my 'knight in shining armor' like in a fairy-tale!!You always knew what to do or say to make me smile or blush or laugh, whichever you were aiming at… I'll be eternally grateful to you, because… you were always good to me, like my own personal sun, and now I understand why you never told me you were Akatsuki, it was because you were keeping me safe!!

Ne, Dei-chan, gomen ne, for saying so many mean things to you the last time we saw each other, when, in truth, you didn't deserve any of it. Gomen for not listening to what you had to say, I wish I had. I wish I hadn't been an idiot and had listened to you, so that now I could have a better last memory of you… Ne, Dei-chan, smile ok? Because I don't want to see you sad even again, I don't want you to ever have that broken look I put on your face that day… smile, because when you smile my heart beats faster!!

But rather than remembering that, I'll remember the last happy memory we had together, that day when you did the tattoo!! I never got the chance to tell you how wonderful and beautiful it turned out, because it wasn't fully healed… it's something I'll treasure forever, like the necklaces Shi-nii and Ita-chan gave me!! A beautiful blue eyed golden sparrow, a work of art that will last just as long as I live!! (I still wonder where you managed to get those inks… the gold actually glitters a little in the sun and the blue is just like your eyes!!)

And then there's Ita-chan… and you… you were my first lover!!

I'll never forget that night Ita-chan, because you were so… passionate and sincere and thoughtful and gentle and all those nice things… and you showed me that side of you I only saw occasionally when we were kids… I'll never forget my first time, and I'll never forget what you told me that night… I love you too!!
Ne, Ita-chan, even though you were labeled a ruthless and cruel killer, I don't think you were… you never got into a fight unless you had to, and now, after I know the real story, I think you just wanted peace… and, you were so gentle with me, you never even once thought of yourself first… and that look in your face, so gentle and caring… passionate and… and loving… that time I couldn't truly understand it, but now I do, and… and remembering it, I wish I would go back to enjoy it again, not because of what we did itself (even if it was very… pleasurable, at the lack of better word), but because the love in your eyes… I wish I could see it again!!

And now, if you're paying attention, you'll see me blushing like a school girl because the memory of that night is playing in detail in my head… your hands running over every part of my body, it felt like blazing fire leaving a trail of lava on its wake and my skin still tingled the next morning! Your kisses left me dizzy and lightheaded and… Deidara and Shisui are probably making gagging noises in the background, either that or glaring and plotting against you for revenge and you're either indifferent, annoyed or smug about it, my best guess is that Dei and Shisui are making gagging noises, glaring at you and they'll start plotting any minute now, as for you Ita-chan, you're probably irradiating smugness, a smirk on your lips, because you know they won't even leave a scratch on you (because they'll be being sloppy) and that they're the ones that'll get all roughed up in the end… Maa, it's always been that way ne?? But don't hurt them too bad!! I wish you 3 wouldn't fight but… boys will be boys!!

Ne, Shisui, Deidara, gomen ne, but… when it happened, Shisui was already… and Dei, you were too… maybe if you hadn't died fighting Sasuke, maybe it'd be you I was with today, but… the circumstances didn't allow it, so please don't use your ultimate jutsu ok? I don't want you to get hurt with it, even if I know you can't die again.
As I was saying, I'll never forget that night… that night in which Uchiha Itachi was just a man without all the labels the world put on him. Ne, Ita-chan, arigato, for making love to me in such a wonderful way, I'll cherish that memory forever!!
You know, I wish I could kiss you one more time, just to feel your love again!!

Sakura shook her head fiercely, short locks of pink hair moving around her, as she tried to suppress the heavy blush spreading over her features.

A whimper escaped her lips when instead it intensified.

Just so you know, I'm still blushing over here, because, well, that night's coming in very good detail to me… where you hands touched so long ago is starting to tingle as if you were here… where you kissed is tingling even more and remembering our shared kisses is leaving me lightheaded… the feel of your hair in my fingers… the feel of your skin against mine… the loose strands of your hair flowing down your shoulders and around us like a curtain, moving softly over my skin as we moved as one… aaahhhh, it's coming in too much detail… but, I don't regret it, any of it!! It was wonderfull… you were wonderful, and I'm glad you were my first!!

Hmm, changing the subject a little, in that village in the River country, near the cliffs in the forest, I made a memorial there… I inscribed your names on a tree and put the tree under a jutsu that'll make it live forever and ever, and my memorial to you will always be a part of this world!!!
Sigh, let's see…
Deidara: Baka, what'd that be good for?? Inscribing my name for no reason… you're really a Baka.
Shisui: I agree with blondy, what're our names in a tree good for?? It's just a waist of jutsu, who cares about 3 random names in a tree in a cliff.
Itachi: …I agree. You really won't change Sakura-baka.
That's what you're probably saying ne?? Maa, don't mind, ne, it's just my way of sharing what we had with the world, and I though you 3
needed to be remembered!!

'To the 3 men I will always love, Shisui, Deidara and Itachi, I leave this eternal memorial! From Sakura.'

That's what's written there, and, maybe someday before I die, I'll go back to write the names of the other people I love there… maybe…

Ultimately, it'll be your memorial, because, no one else would do a memorial for you, except for Shisui, whose name is in the fallen hero memorial.

And before conflicts about it ensues, let's get back to what I was saying while I was sharing my update… so let's talk about what made the almighty Kazekage, my Tanuki-kun, act childish!!

And like I said before, it'll be a bit of a shocker for you guys, but please, please, be happy for me, because I'm really happy!! So prepare the confetti and ribbons and the congratulations balloons and when I finish sharing, you'll all go and exclaim a loud 'Omedetou!"(5)! (I'm aware that none of this would happen… but it's still funny and entertaining to imagine it!)

(A/N- (5) Congratulations!)

So, here goes… I-I'm pregnant.

And now silence ensues.

Let me try to get the reactions right.

Deidara and Shisui would probably we wailing and whining and shaking me to death, demanding answers to questions that would probably make no sense.

And Itachi would probably be thinking of ways that I was lying and, if not, ways to ultimately send Sasuke-kun to a far away island that he wouldn't be able to escape.

Of course, after hearing the last train of thought Ita-chan's having, Shi-nii and Dei-chan would join in on the conspiracy.

Please be happy for me, ne? I still don't know if it's a boy or a girl, I'll only know in a few weeks, but I already know what I'll call him or her!!

But before I discuss names, let's clear the reason why Gaara-kun started acting childish… he's the only one who knows yet, and he made me promise he'd be the godfather!! He would have been even if he didn't ask and didn't want to anyway!!

Now that I think of it, if circumstances had been different and we hadn't become best friends- siblings even, I think I would have fallen in love with him and he would have fallen in love with me, and I'm sure we'd be happy!!

But I really shouldn't ponder on possibilities like that when I'm already married, it'll make 1 year since we've been married in a few days!!

And now I'll discuss the names that I've been thinking about… well, if it's a boy, I'll name him Ryoku, and I'm sure Sasuke-kun will agree with it, and if it's a girl… hmm, maybe Reisei or Seisui.

It's all because of the meaning!!

Ryoku because it means strength, and it would be in homage of you guys, because, no matter how many hardships came, you always had strength to keep moving, and that helped me become who I am today!!

Reisei means calm, serenity, and that's how I felt whenever I was with either Dei-chan, Ita-chan or Shi-nii… I always felt calm and serene, because we trusted each other and watched each others' backs so nothing bad would happen!

And finally Seisui because it means elegance, and (no offense Shisui, but I didn't get to see you as a grown-up!) Itachi and Deidara always had some sort of elegance to everything they did. I couldn't explain it even if I wanted to, it's something that I felt when I was with you 2… something that can't be described with words!! Itachi with his intelligence and Deidara with his art!!

It's true that I could find names that are prettier, more beautiful or sophisticated, more poetic even, but what I care about is the meaning, not how beautiful the name sounds…

Maybe, some day, when my son or daughter asks me why I named him the way I did, I'll tell a bit of my secret to him or her… tell the story—stories and memories I have with the 3 of you!

The pink haired girl smiled, satisfied with what she'd written. She really missed him, her Ita-chan, and Dei-chan and Shi-nii too. She would give whatever she could to see them again… play Shoji or Go with Itachi again, have a conversation with him that didn't require words. Or just spend an afternoon near the river with Shisui like when she was little. Or even to spend some time with Deidara and just watch him sculpt, watching as his hands moved over the clay.

The notebook was a sort of getaway, a way to convey the feelings she felt for the original owner of the notebook… maybe, since the notebook could be written from anywhere due to the jutsu in it, if it had a twin somewhere and Itachi had it, he would read what she wrote and reply… even if she knew that that was very much unlikely.

A smile settled on her face, when she died maybe she would see them again… or maybe she would reincarnate and share a life with one of them, or even the 3 of them…

Not letting herself start to get in too deep, because she knew it would lead to painful feelings, she started writing again, now just the ending lines.

There's so much more that I would like to tell you Ita-chan, so much more I'd like to tell you about, to hear your opinion about… but I'll end my ramblings here, because… I don't really know why, I just feel like this is enough!

You know, I have a feeling that, if you were alive, and I was still married with Sasuke-kun and you would be a very nice uncle, I'm sure you'd always be close enough… I have a feeling that you and Shisui (if he were still alive too) would join and take my daughter or son and teach things that would have Sasuke-kun glaring daggers at you… and you would blame Shisui with a shrug and Shisui would call you a 'traitorous teme'!!

There's just a few more words I'd like to say, and they're the same for all 3 of you, only the meaning for each one is different!!

Thank you, I'm sorry, I miss you, I love you and you'll always have a piece of my heart!!

With a content sigh she put the pen down and closed the notebook. Her eyes darted to the bay window of the living room and she watched the starts and the moon for a little while… if Deidara had been her sun, the light during the day, Itachi had been her moon, her light during the night!!

Still with a smile on her face, she got up and took the notebook, the pen could stay there and she'd put it in place tomorrow.

She silently walked down the wooden corridor of the house until she reached the library, the door was half open, like she'd left it before going to the living room.

She admired the large collection of books for a few seconds before moving to a shelf and carefully slipping the notebook between her own medical book collection. The books surrounding it had dark covers, so the small black notebook wouldn't stand out.

Somehow, this was her way of not being so selfish, she was exposing her secrets to whoever was allowed to enter this library… even if she knew it was very unlikely that someone would go rummaging through boring and old medical books besides herself.

With a shrug she pushed those thoughts aside, and walked out of the neat room, only to become aware of something she hadn't noticed at all, light sounds only someone with well trained senses would be able to pick up on the upper floor.

"Sasuke-kun's home!" she murmured happily, she hadn't seen him for almost 2 weeks because he had had a mission to Iwa, something classified.

But a frown settled on her face when she noticed the sounds weren't as light as they should be for him, they were, dare she say it, sluggish.

She started to panic, had something happened?? Was he hurt?? If so, what hadn't he gone to the hospital??

"Oi, get a grip will ya? Geez, stop being so freain' paranoid…" Ah! Count on good old inner to make her feel better.

"Sure, sure…" she mumbled to herself. "As if you're one to speak, you only dragged your stupid fangirlish ass back when Sasuke-kun started taking my clothes off." She grumbled to her inner self, reprimanding and annoyed.

"Hey, you can't blame a girl for melting and yearning when a god like that---" further comments were censured by an annoyed-at-her-inner and concerned-for-her-husband Sakura.

As she reached the door leading to their room (Sasuke's parents previous room!) she hesitated, hearing the faint sound of the door of the bathroom opening followed by the almost sluggish sound of his footsteps.

Something was definitively wrong, he was usually very graceful as he walked, and so she almost slammed the door open, panic rising in her body again. What if something bad ha—

Her thoughts were broken and a blush rose to her face when what greeted her was the sight of an almost naked Sasuke wearing only a pair of black boxers, his hair still soaked in water and a red towel being held to his hair to dry it.

Her mouth dried as her eyes followed a drop of water fall from his hair and slide down his well defined chest, down his well built and smooth abs, down his right hip and disappearing under the only piece of clothing adorning his godly body.

She swallowed and then slowly let her eyes trail upwards. Usually he would be smirking at her blatant staring, but today he wasn't, and that worried her.

"Sasuke-kun?" she questioned quietly, and his hands resumed its work on his hair with the towel as he moved to the bed.

"Hn." Ah, such a Sasuke-like thing to say.

She rushed to the bed and climbed over it as he sat down, walking on her knees so she was behind him. At least there were no wounds she could see, that was good.

"Is something wrong?" she asked quietly while taking the towel from him, running her fingers through his hair before doing the same but with the towel.

He was silent for a while as she slowly dried his hair with the blood red towel, and the panic started rising again.

"Sakura." The first word he spoke was her name, but he sounded oh-so-tired.

"What is it Sasuke-kun?" she asked softly. He took a deep breath, and it seemed to be something soothing to him.

"Tadaima."(6) He breathed, and she couldn't help the smile that settled on her face.

"Okaeri."(7) She spoke quietly and hugged him, her head resting against the back on his neck.

(A/N- (6)- I'm home! ; (7)- Welcome home.)

There was a time when she did this when he would stiffen before letting himself relax, he still did when he wasn't expecting it, but, usually, he would already be relaxed when she did this.

Another thing that worried her today, he wasn't either stiff or relaxed, he was…

She moved out of the bed, her fingers lingering as she ran them over his skin and then she stood in front of him, a concerned look on her face.

"Is something wrong? And don't you dare lie to me." He looked up at her and cocked his head to the side, something that made him look boyish and somehow innocent.

"I'm fine Sakura." She frowned and crossed her arms.

"Then how come you look like a zombie." That got a reaction out of him: an amused smirk. Amusement could be seen on his eyes as well.

His arms rose and he pulled her forward by wrapping his arms around her waist, once she was close enough he nuzzled his head on her stomach.

"We had a run-in with some rogue a couple of hours away from the village and had to rush back so one of my men wouldn't die, we were all low on chakra and our medic couldn't heal him if she wanted to stay alive." He told her, his low voice muffled. Her frown deepened.

"How come you didn't camp to restore your energy??" she asked disapprovingly. "You're the Captain, you should know better." And now she sounded like she was scolding a child. He grinned against her stomach and then looked up at her with smoldering endless onyx eyes. It made her lightheaded.

"I missed you." He murmured, and she felt herself melt inside (or it could just be her inner melting, it didn't matter).

"I missed you too." She wrapped her arms around him and let herself sit on his lap. "You should still be careful." He chuckled at her concern and let his head rest in her neck.

"They didn't want to camp either, it was a mutual decision Haruno-sama." She huffed, she didn't like it when he spoke like that, as if she was the Hokage and he was reporting his mission. He sighed and kissed her shoulder.

"Let's sleep." It sounded like and order. "It's late." And the next second they were both lying in the centre of the bed, him reaching for the light switch and turning the lights off, the towel forgotten on the floor near the bed.

"Ne, Sasuke-kun, are you sure nothing's wrong?" she could swear she saw him roll his eyes and murmur something in the lines of 'troublesome woman'. With a huff she turned her back on him, crossing her arms over her navy blue spaghetti strap top (half of her pjs, the other half being matching panties).

He didn't say anything, but, after a while, she felt his fingers trace over the pattern printed on the back of her top, a large red and white fan, symbol of the Uchiha clan.

His hand snaked forward and over her ribcage, pulling her towards him until her back was pressed against his bare chest and his breath could be felt at the base of her neck.

"Remind me to give you the gift I brought for you tomorrow." Of course he wouldn't forget, but if she did he would tease her to no end.

"Fine." She grumbled. "Sasuke-kun." His arm tightened around her.

"Hm?" so he was barely awake?...

"Aishite Imasu!"(8) she murmured and sunk more into him. There was a pause on his part. (AN- (8)- a very open way of saying I love you!)

"I know." She narrowed her eyes, turned around to face him and smacked his arm.

"What?" he asked, seemingly confused, but the smirk gave him away. She just glared at him.

"You're not supposed to say 'I know'." She grumbled and he chuckled, kissing her forehead and then leaning down until his lips were barely touching hers.

"Daisuki, ore no taisetsu hime."(9) His words were a mere whisper, but it still made her heart melt and her eyes close as he pressed his lips to her.

(AN- (9)- Sasuke's way of saying I love you. Daisuki can meant 'I like you a lot/very much, or it can be a not so open way of saying I love you. Ore no taisetsu hime means my precious princess, which complements his previous word by saying that's she's important and highly treasured to him.)

The kiss was slow, sweet and tender, and it made her turn to mush in his arms. No matter how many times he kissed her like this, she couldn't help the reaction that coursed through her body… maybe he would always have this much of an effect on her, not that she was complaining.

She yelped when, suddenly, she found herself on her back and felt his lips over her jugular.

"S-sasuke-k-kun?" he didn't answer her or gave any signs that he heard her, he only kept doing what he was doing, his hands rooming south until they were under her top.

When he lifted his head, his eyes were red, and for a moment she wondered if something bad was about to happen, but the boyish grin on his face made her worries go down the drain as his eyes turned back to onyx.

"Sasuke-kun?" she questioned, and his un-sasuke-like boyish grin widened as he settled his body on his side, half over hers, enough to let her stay comfortable.

"Hmm…" he hummed and let his head rest on the crook of her neck. "It's a boy." He murmured, and for a moment she was dumbstruck.

"Wha—Ho—You knew??" he nodded against her shoulder, his arms around her and one of his hands resting over her stomach. "Bu—but how??" how had he known?? How? She felt him smirk/grin against her neck.

"The sharingan can see the chakra flow in the human body." He paused and his breath trailed over her collarbone. "You have yours and a smaller one." She should have known, she knew this particular information ever since they were genin. Damn it, now she couldn't surprise him. And then a though came to her.

"You can't know if it's a boy for at least a few more weeks." His arms tightened around her.

"Male chakra and female chakra are different." He paused and raised himself on his left elbow, his right hand still over her stomach. "My mother taught me how to distinguish the 2 with the sharingan." She huffed and looked away, pushing him away while mumbling a 'arrogant narcissist'. He chuckled and let himself fall on his back pulling her over him. She refused to meet his gaze and kept looking away.

"If you'd like, I'll refrain from looking the next time." She frowned.

"What makes you think I want another?" he closed his eyes and wrapped his arms tightly around her.

"What makes you think I'm giving you a choice?" she glared at him and he patted her head.

"Madara sent you a present too." Her glare disappeared, replaced by a smile. "He knew too." He added as an afterthought, disappointed by her smile, because she wasn't making a fuss that he knew.

"Let's sleep Sasuke-kun, it's late." She snuggled closed to him and he rolled his eyes, he was sure he would never truly understand her mood swings.

Maa, he was happy, and that's what mattered. There wasn't anything in the world he wanted, he already had everything he needed.

With one last glance at the small of her back, where a black dragon rested (somehow she'd moved the seal in her arm to her back, he had no idea how) he let himself give in to sleep, the woman already sleeping over him everything he needed and more.

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