Author: TombCrank the Crafty

Summary: Visiting Jurassic Park as a child was excellent preparation for being a Slayer. 100 words drabble crossover with Jurassic Park.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Distribution: TTH, Fanfiction


After Lex was Called, she accepted the existence of demons and vampires without difficulty. In fact, once the remnants of the Watcher's Council eventually contacted her, they were surprised at Lex's composure in the face of danger and snarling monsters. When asked about her unperturbed demeanor, Lex paused in thought.

"Next to the raptors, vampires are downright cuddly," she murmured after a moment, fingering a scar on her arm. "And after staring down a tyrannosaurus rex, demons don't seem so bad either." Lex looked up, breaking the contemplative silence with a grin. "Hey, want to play a game of pickle?"