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The Heart of Kyoto

Round 1: The Foreigner

It was a cold quiet day in the Kansai prefecture that day but that did not bother its residents any as the mood of Kyoto was always that of the bustling metropolis. It was here that Ryu would start his new life,

it was here that he stop his wandering ways. He had beaten the Dark Hadou and spared Akuma an act that may very well lead down the same path as his masters, but that was a thought for a different time and place. Right now Ryu, of the Gakuen school of Shotokan Karate, had set himself in one place. It was a dojo that he planned to teach in and keep his master's legacy alive. It seems that as a birthday present for his last birthday his best friend, Ken Masters, had bought him this dojo in the heart of Kyoto and set him up with enough money to last him the rest of his life. It was his Ideal building: It had two floors and seven rooms, one of which was sound proofed so he could use it for his meditations. Ken suggested that he get a girl friend and use it for other purposes, but Ken was a married pervert and Ryu never really looked at himself as having any type of relationship like that. Ryu opened the door to the building and stepped inside. The floors were made from polished redwood and the main room was that of the training hall. This would be were he taught his students on the majority. Ryu decided to inspect it further and found that all of the rooms where fully furnished with everything from food in the fridge to spare Gi's in the closet. Ryu ripped a piece of paper off of the cabinet beside the fridge, it read:

To my Best bud,

I hope you like your surroundings, man. I took the liberty of setting you up but good, I'm expecting one hell of a fight as payment. You got me? Also Eliza Misses you. When are you gonna come to good ole San Fran and pay us a visit? Trust me you don't want Eliza mad at you, you know how pregnant women get... wait you don't do you? Anyway, I'm glad we're done with all this dark Hadou crap.

-Give me a call,

Ken Masters.

P.S. You've finally picked a spot to settle in why don't you get a girlfriend to go with it? I hear that that Chinese Interpol chick's really into you.

Ryu closed the note and placed it on the cabinet; why would he need a girl? Ryu did not pretend to understand women in any way, but he did come into a bit of loneliness here and there. He had to admit that inspector Li was more than a match for him. She was strong, fast, beautiful, intelligent and well mannered. If what Ken had written was true than he already had an in with her, but for some reason Ryu was not attracted to her. As he pondered such things he decided to explore his new home. It was modeled after the dojo that he had grown up in along side Ken, except for the second floor. His master's dojo was only a single floor; so Ryu walked up the stairs and looked at the second floor. Ryu marveled at the sheer difference between first and second floors. The first floor was a traditional Japanese style dojo where as the second was western in every aspect of its architecture. From hard wood floors and marble countertops, to the wide open living room everything on the second floor was more suited to Ken's tastes than Ryu's. Luckily, the bathroom on the top floor was a giant Japanese style bathroom with a shower outside the tub and bath that extended two feet above the floor, three below it, and was big enough to seat four people comfortably.

Ryu walked back down stairs to the dojo and took in a deep breath full of all the smells of his new home. Here he would be able to continue his master's legacy. The air shifted slightly, Ryu stopped dead in his tracks as concentrated on it. A strange feeling wafted across senses; it was a strange feeling of dread as if something was not quite right. So he decided to do the only thing he could, follow it to its source. Ryu dropped the duffle bag that he had been carrying all through the house, and raised himself to full awareness. Ryu turned the corner that lead to the dojo. He expected someone to jump at him, he expected a group of would be martial artists looking to bring him down and crown themselves world warrior, but what he did not expect was to see a sleeping girl. She was a young foreign girl, maybe sixteen years old at the most. She had white skin with long silky blonde hair and a scar on her left cheek. She was completely naked except for white linen that was wrapped around her midsection. As Ryu approached the girl as the strange feeling wafted gently away as easily as it came, and he noticed something, a small envelope resting peacefully on the girl's chest. "This has got to be another of Ken's..." Ryu muttered to himself as he picked up the envelop thinking it had to be one of the pranks Ken was so fond of. However, as he touched the envelope he knew it was not one of Ken's pranks. For some reason he knew this was real. Ryu picked up the envelope and examined it, it was rather plain for an envelope but there was something different about it that seemed to radiate off of it like the gentle presence that had been before. With slight hesitation he opened it and in bright red color that seemed to float just above the paper it was written on, he read:


Her name is Camilla, before this time she was nothing. She had no life, no thoughts, no past, and no future. I entrust her to you knowing that you are a man of honor and of moral value. She is a blank slate now, and her sins have been washed away. Please take care of her.

--someone who knows the true you.

Someone who knew the true him? Who could have written that letter and why was a naked foreign girl laying on his dojo floor? All of the questions that he had would have to wait as when he looked up from the letter he noticed that he shared a gaze with the most beautiful pair of aqua irised eyes he had ever seen.

"Where am I?" wondered the girl as she lay unmoving on the floor.

"You're in my dojo." Ryu responded weakly, "can you tell me your name?"

The girl scrunched her face up in thought and after a few seconds of pondering she turned to Ryu, "No, I can't." she replied simply.

"Are you hurt, anywhere?"

"I don't think so."

"Can you walk?" wondered Ryu as the girl slowly sat up put her weight on her legs. She seemed stable enough, but he noticed that the white linen that she was wrapped in was just barely enough to cover all of the parts that needed to be covered. Most of the blood in Ryu's body rushed to his face and another spot quite a bit lower as the girl stretched her long defined legs. She must have been a runner or a gymnast, Ryu mused.

"I'm ok to walk," the girl replied not noticing Ryu's glance.

"Then we should retrieve you some clothing." said Ryu with a slight cough. Without wasting any time, Ryu rushed to the closet and looked through it with haste. Unfortunately, all he found where several White Gi's, Ken had obviously expected Ryu not to need anything else. Needless to say that when he gave the clothing to Cammy it was as if she were a child trying on her parents clothing as the shirt hung from her like she was draped in a parachute. The Gi proved to be as if a dress on her with a neck line that plunged to just below her belly button.

She looked up at Ryu with defeated smile, "I don't think this is going to work." She scanned the room, walked over to an unhung punching bag and ripped the rope from the top of it. Cammy threw off the Gi top, as Ryu quickly turned his back to her, and tied the rope around her waist. Rustling was heard as she signaled for Ryu to come closer and turned around (she had turned the Gi top into a tightly wrapped shirt, "Pull the shirt tight and tie a knot in it please." Ryu did as he was told and tied a knot in the back of her shirt. When he was finished the ensemble gave off a very Chinese look to it. "This'll do." Stated the girl as she looked herself over and then turned to Ryu. "I apologize for the inconvenience I've caused, and I'll go…" The girl turned to leave.

"Where?" Ryu leaned against the wall toward Cammy, she turned to face him.


"Do you have any place to go?"

"I… I…"

"I have plenty of room in my dojo and you don't have any place to go."

Ryu spoke simply, "What do you think?"

For a moment the girl stood quietly at Ryu's door, and for the same moment the thought she might decline the offer. That was until she dropped to her knees and braced herself against the wall. "I... I'm sorry to burden you." she began to choke on her own throat.

"Why are you crying?" Ryu asked trying to find anything he might be able to work with to ease her pain.

"I get the feeling that I don't deserve your kindness." She had broken into a steady sob now. Ryu moved closer to the girl and placed his hand on her shoulders.

"We all have things that we have done wrong; what separates those who find redemption and those who don't, is that some look for it." Ryu hoped what he had said had gotten through to her.

She wiped her eyes. She turned around, wrapped her arms around Ryu, and buried her head in his chest. There she stayed until the tears stopped. She pulled away from Ryu stood up as if what had just happened had not. She wiped her eyes once more and moved back from the door.

"If I'm going to stay here, I can't keep wearing your clothes. People will get the wrong idea about us." Ryu blushed a bright crimson, he hadn't thought about that. The blonde headed girl turned back to Ryu as she turned up the stairs.

"You said you didn't know what your name was," Ryu paused, "it's Camilla."

She smiled, "Call me Cammy."