The Heart of Kyoto

Chapter 3: Games we Play.

It was a private jet, sure, but it was not without its privacy. Being a temporary member of Interpol was a big bonus on a job like this, and colonel Guile was beginning to like it. The information that the international police had access was staggering to say the least. Currently he was running through the information he had access to on the man that they were hunting. He did not want to say anything out loud about what he was researching because he did not want to call any attention to the way that the girl Ryu was traveling with had struck him in there first encounter. Guile clicked restlessly through the Interpol database, and finally came across a small snippet of information. It wasn't much, just a small excerpt from a Thai newspaper that reported a young blonde girl with long twin braids and scar on her left cheek having killed an entire regimen soldiers and then disappearing. Guile had found this article months before and linked it to the man they were hunting. The man, named Bison, never usually caused his own people trouble. In fact, everything he did seemed to be to make his people's lives better. However, there was a time when he began hunting and slaughtering gypsies mercilessly. It was said that as soon as his 'Killer Bee' was brought back to him he would stop the hunting. The bastard had actually killed women and children in this tantrum he was still currently in, but for some reason, he only killed gypsies. If he wasn't another Hitler waiting to happen Guile didn't know who was. He looked at the blonde headed girl as she did some sparring with Ryu. The Plane wasn't big, but it was big enough for Ryu to give Cammy some self defense pointers before they got to their destination.

Ryu found Cammy to be a quick study and a talented fighter in the short time he had been giving her pointers. She was fast, strong, agile and smart. Her flexibility was better than his own and punches had the potential to shatter bone if left unchecked. Had she not been put in his charge for him to protect and had she been trained, he would have liked to have fought her. For right now though, Ryu needed to make sure that she could defend herself against people who would most likely try and get an unfair advantage over him through her. So they trained, and trained until the plane landed at the airport.

Ryu was expecting to see some hoge-poge medley of woodwork, metal and concrete but instead found that the airport was in fact a modern airport with all of the amities you would find in an airport in Japan or America with twice the security. Then it hit him, Ryu turned to Guile, "Shouldn't we have come in more discretely?" he wondered.

Guile nodded quietly, Ryu got the feeling that he did not want to let them in on whatever Guile was hiding and followed as they were signaled. Unconsciously, Ryu pulled Cammy closer to him as he noticed the cameras focus in on her. Suddenly, They were surrounded by the airport security with the barrels of their nine millimeters pointed squarely at Ryu, Cammy and Guile's foreheads. One, probably the leader, began barking at them in the Thai dialect of the region. Unfortunately, none of them spoke Thai. With sparse looks between them, Ryu, Cammy and Guile gave the leader a collective questioning glance. "He said, 'give him the girl'" a voice rung out from behind the leader.

In the brief second it took for the security to be distracted a blur of motion erupted in kicks and punches much faster than any bullet that might have been fired. When the dust settled Ryu found his best friend looking him in the eyes. "Ken!" Ryu shouted as he embraced Ken inciting a small yelp from the blonde headed fighter.

"His Arm's still broken." another blonde said from Ken's right side as she patted the arm that was in a sling.

"Eliza?" wondered Ryu as he smiled and was hugged by her as well.

"Hey stop that you two. No getting frisky with my wife, Ryu!" snipped Ken playfully. With a few groans from the leader as he stirred back to consciousness Ken reached into Ryu's shirt and pulled out the invitation that had been Ken's but passed to Ryu. Ken leaned down over the leader and showed him the invitation. The Leader immediately stirred to full awareness, snapped to his feet, and gave several apologetic motions. After rousing his men, the bolted off into the distance.

"What was that all about?" Wondered Cammy

"Competitors have immunity provided them so that their fights can be true street fights." Ken explained without actually paying attention to who had asked the question. Then he realized and turned to young Cammy with a lecherous smile. "Hello, senorita, who brings you here today?" Ken said in a mock Casanova voice.

"I'll break something much more important to you…" Eliza said through a smiling face in a venomous tone. Ken stepped back to his wife's side.

"Cammy has been staying at my dojo." Ryu Explained.

"You all can meet and greet back at the hotel. We need to get going so that come up with a game plan." Interrupted Guile.

"Right, Come on, Bro," Ken slung his good arm around Ryu shoulders, "you can fill me in on the hottie back at the hotel." A loud thwack was heard as Eliza punched Ken in the shoulder on his bad arm, but hung back and pulled Guile off to the side.


"Guile, Jane is worried about you."

"Tell her not to be..."

"She's contemplating divorce, Guile." The words dropped onto Guile's shoulders as if several tons of bricks.

"W-why? I provide for my family… I-I take care of…"

"That's a conversation you need to have with Jane. I'm not even supposed to be telling you this, but my sister doesn't want to divorce you. She's says you missed Chistmas, is that true?" Guile remembered it well, he was in Britain on an optional assignment tracking an assassin said to have connections to Shadowlaw. In the end he did not even get any promising leads and only managed to miss another special event in his family's history. "Guile," Eliza managed to pull the large man's eyes up from watching his toes, "Call her."

"I will Eliza, I will." This was fair warning, and he needed to act on it.

"Hey you two," Ken roared from a large distance between them, "get it in gear!! We don't have all day."

"Coming!" Eliza called back and ran off. Guile lingered for a moment, had it really been that bad? Had Guile given his wife enough of a reason to leave him?


The steam billowed out from underneath the bathroom door of the five star hotel that they had been given accommodation at. Ryu, being the gentleman he struck her as, offered Cammy the bed while he chose the floor. He was somewhat of an enigma to her. Ryu never said any more or less than he needed to, and on top of that did not need much of anything to survive. In the short time that she had been living with him, he had taken her in with little or no explanation, he gave of himself every chance he got, and on top of it all: he made her blood boil in a way that she had not experienced before.

Cammy sat on the bed alone, with her knees tucked into her chest, in the room that she insisted she share with Ryu. The dictator in those pictures was someone she knew, and he was someone she closely. Every time she tried to recall the man's face a pale sickly feeling washed over her. It made her feel as if she had been on a marionette's strings for a very long time, and he had been the one pulling them. This man made her blood boil in a way that so completely different than they way Ryu did that she often found that her scar hurt when thinking about it. Cammy did everything she could to squelch the feeling and not think about it, but the only time any of the methods she tried worked was when Ryu was near her. That was partially the reason; the rest eluded her.

Cammy stretched out and plopped back on the bed, she did not like the pajamas she had bought for herself during their first shopping trip and had decided, just this day that she would try on Ryu's clothing. She had pulled out on of the button down shirts he had worn in his everyday life and decided to use that. The difference in comfort was immediately noticeable as she wrapped herself in the shirt that could have easily been a dress on her. It was the smell really, wood grain and a soft, barely noticeable, hint of musk from his sweat; the kind of scent that never truly washes out. Just then a knock came to the door that snapped her out of her reverie. "Who is it?" Cammy called out, but got no answer in return. Cammy absentmindedly moved to the door, and looked through the peak hole to find a fist coming straight at it. Thinking quickly, Cammy ducked as the fist plowed through the mahogany door as if it were rice paper.

"What the hell!?!" Cammy shouted.

Cammy looked up at the man that had broken the door down, was a large powerful looking man with a bare chest (as bare as it could be with the large tuft of hair in the middle) and massively muscular arms and legs topped off by a head that possessed an equally large beard and blank stare.

Cammy's body reacted on instinct and launched a kick at the man's midsection while using her hands to push herself into a handstand. The man staggered back obviously surprised by the small girl's strength, but quickly recovered as he grabbed her outstretched legs and spun her into a bear hug. He as if he meant to through her over his head but held onto her and rammed her into the ground with a powerful suplex. Cammy felt both the man's weight and her own come down on her neck and she almost lost consciousness. The man released her like a bag of rotten potatoes thinking she was out, and turned away to move further into the room. Ryu rushed out from the bathroom in only his Gi bottoms and poised to fight. Just as The mountain was going to direct his attention fully on Ryu, Cammy did something she thought would not be able to, she sat up. Noticing the shift of wind in the room the large man turned back to the long haired blonde and glared at her. Cammy popped her neck and looked at the man. She stood and took up a fighting stance that seemed to engrained into her body.

Cammy held out fists as if she were a boxer and stepped up onto the tips of her toes. She found herself unable to speak as she taunted the man with her eyes. Ryu launched a kick to the side of the big man's head and vaulted over him to Cammy's side. He made no effort to stop her or get her to safety. She felt a kindred spirit as she found that his eyes matched her own in their preparedness to fight. The big man charged the duo with speed uncommon for his size, and grabbed a chair from the desk in the living room. Cammy was not expecting this and did her best to block the chair shot but was surprised when Ryu landed a punch to the large man's wrist sending the chair harmlessly across the room. Using the delay to her advantage Cammy gave a fierce leg sweep that sent the large man into the air as Ryu crouched down with fist at his chest. "Shoryuken!" Ryu roared with jumping uppercut as their attacker flew back, defeated. Cammy was not satisfied. The distance grew between Cammy and the large man and bloodlust rose in her belly. Again, her body acted on instinct and she dashed forward. She launched forward into a baseball slide and spun herself across the ground. "Cammy, wait!" Ryu called out; Cammy heard him, she wanted to stop, she knew that the large man was defeated, but she couldn't stop. Just as the large man's fall came into range, Cammy used her right leg to push herself up from the ground and her left to kick at the man. A strange blue flame engulfed her feet up to the calf and exploded when her kick came into contact with his chest. Cammy's senses came back to her just as she watched her handiwork. The large man was launched back too powerfully to be stopped and all Ryu and Cammy could do was watch as he smashed into the outer wall and went through it, falling to his doom from thirty-five stories up.

Cammy immediately regretted her actions and darted to the whole left by the big man. He was a spec now, but she could clearly see that his body was distorted and twisted as the blood pooled beneath him. Cammy had killed a man, and what was worse, she had enjoyed it. Cammy latched onto Ryu, who had moved up behind her, and buried her head in his chest. "What kind of monster am I?"


Elsewhere, another was watching the action as it took place, he was leaning out of the room directly above that of Ryu and Cammy's with his long blonde hair blowing out before him and a brilliant smile across his Spanish features. "Welcome to the world warrior tournament, children."