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Warning: Lime, is it? .


I Love You, For You

Part 1

The soft scribbling of something was faintly heard as the math teacher wrote down an equation on the board for the students behind her to work out.

After writing down a short note on a piece of paper, the snow white haired seventeen year old chucked it at his best friend in front of him so that he can pass it to the person whose name was written on it. Just as the paper made its way around the right side, so that it can be passed back in the same section, but different desk. The short chubby teacher turned around with a pig-like face and a scorn decorating it.

"I do hope that paper was written for me Mr. Houshi!" Came a clipped reply as she squeezed her way through the small rows of desk. Everyone in the class eyes were now trained on the scene as her enlarged looking hands extended to the said boy.

Miroku, at the age of seventeen in his last year of high school looked behind him at his friend with an apologetic face.

"Oh, so it seems Mr. Takahashi wrote this note here." She grabbed the note and looked at him with disappointment on her visage. "Do you mind if I share this note with the class since you couldn't wait until class was over?" Not actually expecting an answer, she started to unfold the note.

"Actually Mrs. Dyo, I really don't mind." A mop of silvery hair rose, his bangs finally showing his intense sun-kissed eyes. "That note there is for the most beautiful girl in class right now, Kagome." He turned his head to the right and saw that her sapphire eyes were glued to his. He smiled softly and watched the teacher for a brief second then turned back to Kagome.

"If I remembered correctly Mrs. Dyo, the note says just this… Hey sexy Kaggie, I just love the way your azure eyes watches me each day with so much love as I hold you in my arms. I love absolutely everything about you, especially the way you smile. I love your puffy kissable lips and can't wait to taste them after class and hopefully taste every part of you some time soon…'" He licked his lips lecherously and looked up at the teacher who looked ready to kill. "Yes, Mrs. Dyo… did I get everything, or was there more because I seem to have so much to say about this lovely Kagome next to me." He smirked, loving the way the teacher looked.

She scanned over the note one more time. "No, Inuyasha, you seem to have gotten every detail in words." Her bug-eyes looked over at the blushing Kagome, and as if sensing the teacher's stare, she looked up. "Ah, Kagome, do you have any reply to make for Inuyasha's confession?" A giggle was heard behind Kagome and the teacher glared at her in disapproval. "Please Taijia; do share this joke that seems to have you giggling like some giddy school girl who just got her first kissed."

Said girl glared at the teacher with much hatred. Her lips parted to tell the teacher something that will have her in detention for all infinity. Kagome looked behind her to see how Sango's eyes burned with anger and how her face was set into a scold. Before her friend got in trouble, she looked at the teacher once more and beat Sango in a response.

"If you don't mind Mrs. Dyo, I do have a reply." She grinned as the teacher raised her brow in annoyance. Kagome looked to Inuyasha leaning on the chair, quite relaxed. She called him forward with her index finger and he leaned over towards her automatically. Kagome grabbed a fistful of his mane lightly and crushed her lips to his. He responded quickly, his left hand rising to grasp her cheek lightly as he deepened the kiss. The loud whistles and gasp faded away as they shifted in their seats to get an even better angle of the kiss. Inuyasha's tongue left the home of his caverns to visit the sexy goddess' mouth kissing him. Her mouth opened without hesitation and they soon found their tongue battling for dominance and more pleasure. A loud moan escaped both of them as Inuyasha pulled her petit form in the chair closer to him. His hands started to drift downwards and Kagome welcomed the feeling as his hands played with the straps of her purple tank top.

"Excuse me Takahashi and Highurashi!" Mrs. Dyo all but shouted to the teens, now only a breath away from their faces since she could not seem to get their attentions from five feet away.

The couple kissing looked up at the teacher with twin guilty expressions. Their lips were still connected, though they ceased their kissing at the loud roar of their names.

Grinning against each other's puffy lips, they pulled away with reluctance. The teacher stared angrily at the teens, burning them both to cinder.

"I am very, very disappointed to see you, Higurashi display such an act!" She glowered down at a flush Kagome before looking over to a smirking Inuyasha. "As for you Takahashi…" She paused, trying to think of something to say towards him. "You, you are so predictable!" She shouted, having nothing better to say about him.

Looking at both of them with as much anger as possible, she retreated to the black board backward.

"I hope you don't fall on that fat ass of yours." Inuyasha muttered, mirroring the teacher's glare.

"What did you say Inuyasha Takahashi?!"

He sighed and rolled his eyes. "Again, if you must know, Mrs. Dyo, I said I hope you don't fall on that fat ass of yours." He did well on emphasizing his selected words.

Her plump visage burned with both anger and mortification as the class erupted with laughter and giggles.

"Real original Yash," Complimented Miroku between snickers.

"Yea, Yash." Sango said. "I guess you're foul mouth isn't all that bad now and again." She added.

He cracked a smile and slouched lowering in the chair and propped a foot on his desk, his right hand smoothing out his baggy black jeans. He leaned his head to the side, facing Kagome with a lopsided grin and winked at her. She giggled softly and gazed at him dreamily.

To think not long ago, she finally gave the sexy player, Inuyasha a chance. With her giving in and having him to herself, every girl in school envied her and watched her hateful. She had never found herself loving the way they looked at her. The looks they gave her were a silent reminder of what she had and what they could never get. Only two months in, Inuyasha confessed his love for her, and she did the same. It was so romantic at how he confessed to her. He took her out for a romantic dinner by the sea, and then they walked along the shore holding hands and chatting carelessly. His talks then became somewhat serious. Like what they planned to do after graduation, how he wanted his life to be filled with a loving wife and kids. They then took a seat on the sand, with her seated between his legs as she rested against his chest. Minutes later, they found themselves kissing passionately and soon Inuyasha was over her, while she lay sprawled out on the ground. His hands started to caress her thigh and it went a little higher. Only then did she freaked out and stopped completely sitting up. Her breath came in short pants as she had tried to catch her breathing from the previous kiss. Confessing about her lack of sexual experiences, she blushed as he smiled at her, then he told her he loved her. Shock beyond anything, her azure eyes filled with unshed tears and confessed to him as well. They only kissed repeatedly, but Inuyasha never pushed her to do anything she was not ready for at the time.

Grinning at the memory, she could not help but wonder what their three-month anniversary would be like seeing that it was this weekend. She was pulled back to the present when the teacher announced that Inuyasha would be having detention after school. At that moment, the whole class became silent. Her face became crestfallen at that announcement.

"But Mrs. Dyo!" She shouted desperately. "Inuyasha and I have classes after school!"

By the way the teacher watched her, she was sure she would have been six feet under by now if looks could have killed.

"Well Higurashi, I'm sure both of you can have your classes today in detention!"

Kagome pouted pathetically, glaring at the teacher. I hate when teachers acts like complete bitches!'

"Don't be sad Kagome -…"

"That's Higurashi to you Mrs. Dyo."

The teacher quirked a brow in surprise at hearing her top student's request and settled for ended the conversation with as much as a sideward glance.

"Finish up that equation class!" She took a seat at her desk with a big sigh and started browsing through some papers on her desk. "Oh and do all one hundred equations on page five hundred and seventy five in your text books." The class groaned lazily and the teacher's head snapped up. "Don't make it two hundred." She warned.

Inuyasha smirked at his girlfriend and Sango grinned stupidly after hearing Kagome talk that way to a teacher.

"Don't be sad babes." Inuyasha squeezed her hand. "I'll be there and you'll be anything but bored, and I assure you," He paused and leaned over to whisper in her ears. "You'll love detention from now on." Rising his brows, suggest fully, he grinned wider when Kagome blushed.

Truthfully, all he ever did with this angel was kiss and touched, though his touches were harmless. He groaned at the thought of having a girlfriend for almost three months with out touching her in anyway that confirms his needs. He knew he loved her then, maybe even love at first site. He was positive that if it was any other girl and he did not get a little action from her, the bitch would not even know what it felt like to be kissed by him again. However, today in detention or sometime today, he wanted to change that completely. Taking her virginity in a classroom was below him, well now it was below him. Inuyasha smirked outwardly. There are other ways to bring pleasure her way.'

The thought alone of thrusting into her tight wet canal made his pants suddenly tight. Clearing his throat, he blocked his perverseness and wrote down the information for his homework.

After a few more minutes of being bored, the bell screamed in their ears signaling the end of school that day. Everyone started packing up in a haste and paying no mind to the shouting teacher as she reminded everyone about their homework.

"You two," She pointed on both Inuyasha and Kagome. "I expect to see you in the detention classroom in five minutes!" She held up her hand, showing her five fingers.

Inuyasha and Kagome rolled their eyes at the teacher. Shaking their heads, they walked hand in hand out of the classroom.

"I never knew you could act like that towards a teacher Higurashi." He looked down at her as he released her hands and snaked his arms around her, bringing her closer.

"W-well, she had it coming!" She huffed. "Just cause their teen life might have been pathetic that doesn't mean that our life should be the same!"

"I agree with you Kaggie."

Kagome turned her head to see Sango and Miroku walking up to them. She smiled as Miroku hugged her waist closer to his frame. It took Sango a while to go out with Miroku, but when she did, Sango fell hard for the pervert of every female's eyes. Kagome watched as his hands moved lower to cup Sango's butt, but was even more surprise when she didn't seem to mind.

"I feel sorry that you guys got detention just for showing a little affection. I'm sure that even though Dyo might look like she's swelling," Miroku paused as they all snickered. "I'm sure she still gets her freak on." Suddenly, everyone's face contorted into complete disgust of the thoughts they might have had just by hearing that last part.

"Thanks a lot for that thought dickhead." Inuyasha thanked him, though his words held much sarcasm.

"Well we got to go detention Yashie."

Miroku clasped his hands as if praying, and stood like a giddy schoolgirl talking to a boy. He batted his lashes prettily before taking on a high pitch tone, like a girl. "Yes, Yashie you better go." His lashes batted two more times and soon he found himself running down the halls from a fuming Inuyasha.

Both girls broke out in fits of giggles as they watched Inuyasha pummel Miroku to the ground.

"I suggest you save Miro before Yashie kills him."

"Nar, he'll learn his lessons, I gotta get going now." She hugged Kagome before calling for Miroku to give her a ride home.

"See you Gome, bye-bye Yashie!" He waved girlishly and blew him a kiss.

"Don't fuck around Miro! Only Kags can call me that!"

"Yea, yea. Later dude!"


They continued down the hall towards detention.

"You know that we're late for detention right, Yashie?"

"Yea I know." He kissed her forehead briefly. "I don't give a fuck either." He grinned at her as they both came to a stop in front of the door. Just as he was about to lean down and capture her tantalizing lips, the teacher came out looking like a mad bull.

"I hope you were going to blow something out of her eyes Takahashi." She said firmly.

"Actually Mrs. Dyo, I was about to ki—,"

"I seriously don't want to hear it!" She looked at both of them. "In you two go now!"

They headed inside and took a seat at the back. As Inuyasha looked around the spacious classroom, he realized only four other students were in detention, and including Kagome and himself, that would make six.

A good twenty minutes passed and Inuyasha counted each letter on the walls out of boredom since the teacher moved Kagome up front because he was fixing her skirt. He was! Ok, maybe not, but her legs did feel so smooth. He sighed and tapped his fingers on the desk. What number did he reach again? This was getting more boring by the second!

"Uh, Mrs. Dyo, um, can you please lend me your math text book?"

Inuyasha looked up suddenly at the voice of his Kagome.

"Why child?"

"You see, I lost my book on the way towards detention; yea silly me." She hit her head dramatically.

"I don't have one Higurashi; I'd have to go all the way on the other side of the campus and up stairs to the library to get you that book."

"Oh? True?"

"Yes, and its four flights up and the elevators are out."

"Well, uh, maybe I can go instead." She tried to sound suspicious, and knowing this teacher, she will notice the suspicion part.

The teacher's eyes narrowed. "Actually, the walk is good for me." She chuckled and Kagome grinned at her.

"If you insist Mrs. Dyo."

"Detention is over early today kids! I do expect you guys back her tomorrow though!"

Everyone just rushed out of the classroom with curses under their breath. The bug-eyed teacher looked at the lounging child at the back and glowered his way.

"I don't think you have to wait for Higurashi, mister!"

"I know I don't." He answered casually.

"Then leave now!" She turned to Kagome. "Wait here, I'll be back soon."

With a nod, Kagome watched Inuyasha sauntered out of the door with the teacher behind him. She breathed a breathe of relieved and waited patiently for Inuyasha's return. She removed her textbook from under her butt and hid it behind the bushes just outside the window.

"You know, you can get in serious trouble."

Kagome jumped and looked behind her shoulders fearfully but released a sigh of relief when she saw her silver haired boyfriend leaning against the doorway.

She smirked and walked over to him. "I had to do it because you seemed so bored and lonely." She came to a stop in front of him and laced her arms around his neck. She kissed his lips softly before pulling away and sitting on a desk. "I figured we could talk." She stated innocently.

"Talk?" Inuyasha stared at her stupidly. Of all the things they could do, all she wanted to do is just talk?

"There are so many other things we could do, other than talking Kagome."

She raised a brow innocently with a finger to her lips. "Like what?"

Inuyasha closed the classroom door and locked it before making his way to stand in front of her. Using his foot to separate her legs so that he could stand between them, he held her face between his hands and brought it closer to his.

"You are so clueless Kags." He chuckled when she pouted in embarrassment.

"I am not, Yashie. I am just…" Her head ducked to hide her blush before continuing, "I am just not experience in that part of relationships." Her eyes came up to look into his intense sunny eyes. "I keep thinking that when we reach that part of the relationship, that I would mess up and you'll tell me how better those other gir –"

"Don't finish that Kagome!" He said in a hush voice, grasping her face lightly. "I love you for you, and to me you will be far better than any girls I wasted my time with!" He sighed in irritation and walked over towards the window.

"What must I do to prove to you?" He asked pathetically. "I've stopped fooling around with other girls and chose you out of many! I have not touched you in any way I touched other girls! My hands yearn to caress your plump breast, to touch you below and evoke pleasurable feelings that no other has ever done to you before."

Inuyasha walked over to his now silent girlfriend and stood before.

"I showed you how much I love you in more ways than one. I don't care if you're worst than an old hag." She cracked a smile at the last part. "You'll be the old hag that gave it to me the best!" He confirmed truthful.

"I want to be with you in every way possible Yashie, but -"

"But what?!"

Gripping her shoulders lightly, he came closer to her so their bodies were a mere inch away.

"I'm scared, ok?!"

"Scared of what Kagome? What the fuck can scare you?"

Knowing the real Inuyasha she came to love, she knew he got mad easily and hated when it was directed to her. Her lips started to tremble and Inuyasha had the feeling that tears were coming next.

"I'm a virgin Inuyasha, and –"

"So what? It's not like I'll break you or anything!"

"I know, but from the times we kissed and you became…" She blushed and cleared her throat. "And you became, hard you felt so, large!"

Inuyasha chuckled and kissed her without warning. His lips pushed passed her puffy own and her hand hugged him closer to her frame. Their tongues danced in a slow melody that turned frenzied when a loud moan escaped Kagome's throat.

Inuyasha moved his hands to undo his zipper slowly as not to bring Kagome's attention to his action and he deepened the kiss when she started to pull away. Finally, his hands brought free his large, thick cock and he settled it at Kagome's covered core under her black pleated skirt.

A gasp, followed by the breaking of the kiss brought Kagome back to reality after feeling the pressure at her core; a pressure that she loved all at once. She looked into Inuyasha's expressionless face trying to figure out what was down there.

I hope it's not what I think it is!'

Looking down very, very slowly, her eyes opened to saucers as she saw the big stick hiding under her skirt. Only a little part was visible but from what she can see, it was fucking big! She looked back at her smirking boyfriend and tried to move away.

"Don't move Kagome!" He voice held a hint of dominance.

"It's not that, what about Mrs. Dyo."

She was partly telling the truth. It has been about a good twenty something minutes and she did not know when the teacher would be back. Then the other part was her conscious screaming out, asking her what the hell was that thing! It is not possible for someone to be that size! She saw her brother a few times when he was running around naked, and his thing looked like the size of a pen or something smaller! Inuyasha's thing was like a donkey's own! Unintentionally, she smiled at the thought of comparing her boyfriend member to that of a donkey. If Inuyasha saw her smile, he paid no mined, for he spoke up.

"Look, Mrs. Dyo is fat and old." Kagome smacked him. "What? She is!"

"So? That doesn't give you the right to confirm it!"

"Yea, yea. It'll take her a good hour and a half to come back here, if not longer."

"What makes you so sure?"

"Old people love to talk, and that librarian is old, and the elevator is out so her fat ass has to walk it up all those flight of stars and the library is four stories up."

Kagome nodded her head in realization. "You're right."

"Keh, I'm always right, koishii." He gave her his trademark grin and gave her a chaste kissed to distract her so he could get back to the matter down below. Rubbing his hands on her thighs and hiking her skirt up more, he moved closer to her, pressing his erection firmly to her most intimate part.

"Whoa - what are you doing?"

Her breathing came in short pants as the pleasure inside her began to build. She wanted to touch him, oh, how she yearned to feel the one thing that can bring him to his knees and yet make him feel manly all at once. Her small hands came to rest on his lower hips and she looked up at him with pleasure mixing in her blue orbs.

"You can call this dry fuck." She looked at him in confusing so he continued. "Since I can't take you the way I want to, I'll just have to settle for your needs only."

Before she can say anything else, a startled intake of breath came from her as she felt a second pressure against her damp covered pussy. The curls that covered her, tickled Inuyasha's fingers as he caressed her folds.

"Y-Yashie, wha –what are you doing?"

"Pleasuring you." He whispered in her ear.

He removed his cock so he could shift her panties to the side. Looking into her eyes, he whispered telling her to relax and then mouthed I love you', to her. A ghost of smile walked over her visage and her ocean eyes closed slightly when she started to feel his fingers dancing slowing over the lips of her vagina. Though it felt damn good, it was still painful, in a pleasurable way that is. She wanted him to give her more, more pleasure, more anything! Once she got some kind of release, she was sure that she would no longer feel like a chained onna.

Inuyasha parted those dripping lips slowly and Kagome pushed further on his fingers, which brought a knowing smile to her boyfriend's lips. He situated his middle finger at her entrance, ready to pump her.

Kagome grabbed his hand forcefully and stared up at him with wide, fearful eyes.

"I won't hurt you Kagome. Please, just trust me and relax." He pleaded both with his mouth and with eyes and was thankful when she removed her grip slowly.

Continuing slowly, He entered her with the same finger, watching, as she blushed crimson. Kissing her nose lightly, he pumped her slowing, evoking a small groan from her, which became louder every time he added more paste to his pumping. Kagome opened her long creamy legs wider and Inuyasha added a second finger while he used his thumb to play with her nub.

"You're so tight and hot Kaggi!" He groaned out tiredly.

His sunny eyes were glazed with lust and love. He added yet a third finger, stretching her for when he was to take her, and by the gods, it is not going to take another fucking month! Pre-cum oozed from his cock's head and Kagome's pussy followed suit, coating his hands with her delicious essence.

"Ohhhh, faster Yashie!" She rode his fingers the best she could, itching to touch him as well, all the same scared. He crushed his lips to hers, probing his pink muscle in her mouth, following suit with his fingers. His un-working hand moved upwards to her tummy going north and carrying her shirt with it. He was not surprise to see that she wore no bra. She was so close, that he could feel the warmth of her release. He fondled her breast and felt her harden under his ministration.

Breaking the kiss, he dipped his head low and took her neglected breast in his mouth, sucking it like a newborn baby. Multitasking was never a problem for Inuyasha, and if Kagome doubted that, she had been proven wrong today. A moan was added to the soft noises in the room and Kagome begged for more with her body. Arching into his mouth more, she held his head closer to her bosom, pleading silently that he would add more pleasure to his actions; he did just that. The thrusting of his fingers increased as well as the sucking and fondling and her slippery walls contracted around his finger, pushing him to finger fuck her even harder.

"I'm - Oh Yashie, It feels so good… so so good…" Her speech turned into babblings when her eyes rolled back in her head. She felt it; she felt the unfamiliar pressure in the pit of her stomach. It was like the volcano, just waiting to combust. Kagome tried to hold onto the new feeling she was experiencing today for the first time, but it was too hard to hold on. It was like having too much water in a balloon, knowing that it will just explode.

Inuyasha released her breast and gave her neck open mouth kisses, and then settled were her neck met her shoulders, sucking and nibbling it. He knew she hated when he marked her, but he just could not help himself. He loved knowing that, that mark was his, that he owned her just as much as she owned him. Adding more speed to his ministration, he rubbed her clit with excitement, knowing what was to come.

"I'm close Yashie!"

"Cum for me baby, coat me with your delicious juice."

Her only reply was a hard moan as her body started to shudder from the force that was to come.

"That's right," He cooed, "Cum for me, make my hand wet from your musky essence."

"Please Yashie…" She gripped his hands and her eyes opened to saucers as sparks flew sending her to a completely new world, while the damned finally broke and coated Inuyasha's hand with her juice. Grinning, he just kissed her deeply, thrusting into her lightly, until all her essence stopped flowing.

"That was… that was just…"

"Indescribable…?" He supplied, licking his hands clean.

"Yea…" She had a dreamy look on her face while watching her boyfriend clean his hand.

He chuckled, licking the last of her off him. "You taste heavenly."

She blushed.

Inuyasha turned around facing the teacher's desk, took his button down red shirt off, and spread it across it. When he turned around he was face to face with a perplex Kagome once again.

"What?" He chuckled lightly while fixed his clothing and went to lift her off the desk by the waist. "You think we're over?"

"Well, yes… I mean Mrs. Dyo can reach any minute now."

"You worry too much babes." He set her down on his shirt with her hiked up skirt, giving him a full view of her long legs and black panties.

"Black?" His brow rose. "I thought black panties were worn only by naughty girls, or was it red?" He shook his head, not bothering to consider thinking on that any time soon.

Her hands flew to cover up herself, but he pushed her hands away.

"Now that's just being rude Kags." Calloused hands rubbed Kagome's leg, traveling upwards to her hips. Gripping the side of the under garment, he was about to rip them when Kagome spoke up.

"I swear to God Inuyasha, if you rib them I will make you sorry!"

He just smirked but complied, removing it with care.

"I want to eat you Kagome…"

"I – I, No!"

"Have you ever thought of how one's tongue would feel licking your wet cunt?"

She was squirming, a sign that shows she was getting a good turn on. His right hand swirled around her damped pussy, letting her pubic hair tickle him along with him tickling her lightly.

"Ya-Yashie!" She groaned out, "We – We have to stop!"

"Give me one good reason why I should stop?"

"I don't like the idea of this…" Her voice trailed off when he spread her legs, wide.

"That's not good enough." He leaned forward, burring his nose in her opened flower, getting drunk by her scent alone.

"You don't understand – Oh gods that feels so good!"

A grunt was his only response when his tongue left the safety of his mouth and gave her a long, slow lick, moving her lips away with his tongue.

"This feels really good!"

She grabbed his mop of silvery hair lightly, bucking unconsciously and hesitantly with every lick, nip, and suck he did with experience. Inuyasha raised his head and looked at her with his glistering mouth.

"Don't worry Kags, just let go and relax. I don't want any doubts when we're together at all." He smiled at her when she visibly relaxed and dipped his head back down to taste her again.

They both heard faint footsteps but they were too mixed up in their actions to take notice…


"Higurashi! Are you still in there? Why did you lock the door?"

The teens jumped at the loud banging and started rushing to fix themselves.

Kagome was still sitting on Inuyasha's shirt, so he settled for smoothing out his hair and licking his lips, all the while cursing lightly.

"Where is my underwear, baka?"

"There are…Uh…I don't know where I threw them." He grinned and took up his shirt when Kagome stood up.

"Say, what?" She hissed softly, fixing her clothes still. "My skirt is short Inuyasha!"

"I'm sorry; I was hypnotized by your scent and the need to taste you."

She blushed at his last reply and was about to continue when a loud knock interrupted them.

"Higurashi? Are you okay? I hear voices…"

"Uh, no – I mean, yes! I'm fine, just a little sleepy, hold a sec."

"You are such a liar!"

"If I say I would exterminate you, that won't be a lie!" He only chuckled and that added to Kagome's anger and discomfiture. She grabbed his shirt and cleaned herself off making sure to remove all her juice from her and onto his shirt. With a smug look, she handed him his shirt back and he took it with a straight-faced look.

"Like I care… It's a wonderful smell so I can handle holding it."

"So what, that just mean that whale in your pants will grow bigger and come more painful by the second."

Their voices were now hushed as Kagome looked for her underwear.


"Soon what?"

"You'll see when I have you on your knees and you'll learn how to use your mouth in other ways."

She looked up at him, confused first and then blushed furiously when she realized what he met. Unconsciously, she licked her lips and looked at the obvious bulge in his pants.

"Can't seem to wait eh Kaggie? Since the teacher is outside, I guess you'll just have to wait until next time won't you?"

"What ever Yashie."

He walked up to her and gripped her waist, bringing her flush against him.

"I wish we had at least thirty minutes to ourselves." He nipped her ear lobe.

Kagome sagged against him with the feel of his erection poking her in her tummy and wished they did have his requested time. Great, he already has me addicted to these… stuffs

"You got to get going Yashie."

"What if I don't want to?" He pressed his hard rock erection against her, she tried not to moan with much difficulty, but it was to no avail.

"That's not an option." The feeling of his needs pressed so intimately against her was going to be her undoing.

"You don't like it?"

Her breathing came in short pants. "God, it's not that, Yashie… You just have to go before Ms. Dyo kills us."

He was now grinding on her, loving the way she gripped onto him as if he was her only life supply. He dipped his head low and started kissing her exposed neck and her hands laced around to keep him as close to her as humanly possible.

"Y – Yashie… we have to stop." She breathed out.

"Just a few more minutes' baby."

He moved his hand upwards, rubbing over her taunt side, over her breast then higher to fist her inky hair. He moved his lips over her cheeks and descended upon her puffy lips. He plunged his tongue into her mouth, kissing her roughly. Gods he wanted her so fucking bad! He knew there was a sex-crazed bitched underneath this supposedly angel in his arms. He wanted to bend her over and fuck her like the bitch in heat. I always did well on my words.'


"Kagome, if I find out that you're not in there alone, I will personally make your life a living hell!"

Kagome broke away frightfully and pushed away from Inuyasha looking for her panties.

"Is she even allowed to say that to me?" Kagome asked incredulously searching high and low for her undies.

"Well she just did." Without thinking, Inuyasha started looking for her underwear, but stopped short after crouching low too much time which caused strain on his already painful erection.

Groaning in frustration at not finding her underwear, Kagome heard the teacher behind the door knocking harder and threatening to give her a whole year of detention.

"I'm coming!"

She gave the now sitting Inuyasha a dry stare.

"Get the hell out of here dog-boy!"

"Where to…?"

"Kagome! Open up! My legs are killing me."

"Gomen, Mrs. Dyo!" She apologized.

She stared holes into her boyfriend.

"Out the window ass."

He gave her a toothy grin and walked over to her and chaste kissed her quickly.

"You know you love me."

He did not wait for a response, jumped out the window, and ran to the side of the building to wait for her.

Kagome sighed and turned to open the door to let Mrs. Dyo in the class. The teacher's chubby cheeks were flush with anger, as she looked Kagome over with a defiant stare.

"You look different now; sleep really does a number on people." She watched Kagome more closely. "Or I hope its sleep that has you looking that way."

Kagome's hair stuck to her damped face, as was her top sticking to her damp body. At the teacher's statement, Kagome had to grip the doorknob to keep herself steady if her legs decided to give out. With no underwear, the cool breeze traveled under her skirt to her half dried womanhood and she shivered at the cool feeling.

"I'm sure it's the sleep Mrs. Dyo." She smiled stiffly while the teacher walked past her to the desk. She saw the teacher wrinkle her nose and sniff a few times.

"Do you smell that?" She looked back at Kagome. "In here smells… different somehow…" Her voice trailed off as she continues sniffing like a hungry dog in need of food.

Laughing nervously, Kagome sat down at the desk nearer to the door.

"I don't smell anything. I'm sure it's nothing."

The teacher shrugged it off, moved behind her desk, and started moving some books away. There were small piles of books close together but left a small pathway between them. Kagome shifted uncomfortably looking at the chubby hands that belonged to her teacher move them away. Eyes open wider than wide; Kagome saw her little undies between those damn books. What the—' She sat up with panic evident in her ocean orbs.

"Something wrong?" The teacher shifted to move the same books that would reveal her panties hiding place.

Of all the places to get lost, it just had to be by the books!'

"Yes!" The teacher cocked her head to the side and stalled in her actions. "I mean, no! Uhh, wait!" The teacher watched her more suspiciously and walked over to her slowing.

Kagome laughed apprehensively and took a deep breath. "Nothing is wrong Mrs. Dyo."

Grinning up at the teacher, she stood up and side stepped the path the teacher was currently standing.

"Please, let me help you with the books."

Mr. Dyo smiled. Kagome was always such a sweet student that it amazed her how quickly one could change just by dating someone that was known as a notorious person. She sighed. Why can't the sweet innocent Kagome come back and just have one goal in mind: To become the lawyer she wants to come and attend college. She watched Kagome started stacking the books away and took a seat, the walking finally taking its toil on her. With a heavy exhale of breath; she stretched her hands and legs. Her bug eyes narrowed when her eyes fell on a black fabric. What the hell is that black thing?' She stood up, walking over to get a better look at the black thing between her books.

Kagome looked up just in time to see the teacher reaching for her panties.

Fuck no!'

Seeing that she was younger and in better shape, her speed beat the teacher to the fabric. Breathing a sigh of relieve she clutched it to her chest and sighed loudly.

"What is that black thing, miss?"

Opening one eye, Kagome looked at her boxed hands. "This…?"

"No! Your hair!" She replied sarcastically. "Of course I mean that!"

"Oh, well you see. This is um…" She scratched her head lightly. "Um, well you know…!"

"If I knew, I wouldn't be asking you now would I?"

"Good points… ok, so this is… well you see…uhhh" She searched her brain desperately but only came up with one thing at the point. Stupid brain will not function when need be! She glowered at nothing in particular, spacing out for a while.

"I'm waiting, child!"

"Ah, of course you are!" She grinned.

Let's hope her ridiculous clothing says how much she doesn't know about fashion itself.'

"This here is only the new and improve scarf!"


Kagome sucked her teeth. "Aw, come on teach! Haven't you heard of the sexy-scarf-like-panties?"

"Well, no… Is there really such a name for such scarf?"

"If there wasn't then I wouldn't have said it, now would I?"

"Oh… so what's it like?"

"Well, it looks like a real panty, though… It's anything but panties."

Kami, help me!'

"Well, can I see it; maybe I might buy one…"

"…Only if the stocks haven't run out!"

"I hope they haven't either!" She smiled with glee. "Go on! Show me!"

Kagome grinned like a two year old who just got away with killing their older brother's football.

"All right." She un-boxed her hands and took up the black panties with her other hand…holding it up to her chest.

"It looks good, but now I'm not so sure that I'd want to buy it…"

The teacher watched it intensely.

"It so looks like a real panty…" She mumbled more to herself than to Kagome, though she heard.

"That's the whole point, but I understand if you refuse to buy it."

"Okay, so how does it go on…?"

Kagome's face paled. How does it go on? Her breathing quickened once again while trying to think of something else. Work you stupid brain! How to put it on, really? There were three open parts…well she will just have to poke her head in one part now won't she? She sighed. I am so glad this hag does not know the meaning of fashion.'

"Quite simple, just put your head through any wholes."

To demonstrate it, she poked her head in the biggest part where her waist usually goes and sighed dreamily as she smelled her fluid and remembered just how they got there.

"What…? Does it smell that good?"

"Hmm? Oh! Well, uh, well yes of course!"

"Let me smell it then, though you look preposterous in that so call scarf thingy."

"You can't!" She rushed out.

The teacher watched her suspiciously. "Why not, Higurashi…?"

Kagome grinned nervously, extending a hand to pat the teacher lovingly on her shoulder.

"Oh, Dyo, Dyo…Dyo…" She sighed as if holding pity for the teacher. "You are so old…" She chuckled lightly as the teacher glowered at her, "and amazingly beautiful for your age, "A smile formed on her lips as the teacher's glare turned into happiness, "though, you seem to lack so much things about fashion. It's just a shame to see that you are so beautiful and think fashion is out dated because you seem to think you're out dated as well." Mrs. Dyo watched her evenly. "Though… though you are out dated in a good sort of way, I mean you understand right…?" Though it was somewhat dumb, she tried to make the teacher forget about the topic itself at hand. She looked so ludicrous with that underwear around her neck and said teacher found it hard to not laugh and make joke of her.

"Of course I do, Higurashi."

"Well then, it's getting late… I should go home now."

She started playing with a wind ball that the teacher must of confiscate some time ago.


"Hmm?" She did not look up as she started bouncing the ball and trying to see how much time, she can clap her hands before it reaches back up in the air for her to catch it.

"Go in that back room now and put on that underwear of yours."

Kagome looked up shocked and frozen in her place with the ball in her hands about to bounce it again. The teacher's arms were folded and though she did not look mad, she neither looked happy altogether. Mrs. Dyo might be old now but she was no fool. She was once a teen and even though she hated the idea of kids doing anything like that before marriage, she knew that no one was a saint; not even her.

"Wha—what did you say?"

"You heard me perfectly clear."

Kagome flushed as she looked down at the underwear around her neck and rushed to the back of the room, grumbling some colorful words on her way. Mrs. Dyo just smiled warmly. I swear she's Inuyasha's reincarnation or something…'

Mrs. Dyo looked up slowly to see her student re-enter the room and smiled at her un-easiness.

"I know what ever decision you make Kagome, that you won't disappoint anyone as far as I can see."

Kagome smiled at her, though that still did not make her any less mortify.

"Thanks. I just love Inuyasha so much you know." She sighed abstractedly.

"I can see it, and he loves you dearly too." She sighed as her tired bones started to weigh on her and sat down in a student's chair. "For as long as I've known Inuyasha, you are his first love and I know for a fact that you will be his only. Inuyasha changed so much since you guys became a couple." She smiled wistfully. "That's true love I guess." Her eyes took on a far away look and Kagome wondered why she would be looking that way. As if reading her mind, Mrs. Dyo watched her. "What? My present husband wasn't my first love you know."

"He wasn't…?"

She rolled her eyes. "No…"

"What happen to your first?"

Mrs. Dyo cast her eyes downwards and looked like a sad puppy.

"You don –"

"No, it's okay." She cut in.

"All right."

Walking to a seat, she sat facing the window and the teacher. The ball lay forgotten on the desk next to her, waiting for the teacher to continue.

"When I was your age, there was this one guy I fell in love with, his name was Takashi." She smiled as the name spilled from her lips. "When he asked me out for the first time, I almost fainted because he was the most popular guy in school; I guess it was also because he was known for fighting in gangs and doing drugs." Taking a deep breath she continued. "I wasn't happy with the life he was living, but you know when young and madly in love, you believe all will work out right. I tried to talk to him, but he just got mad at me and we wouldn't talk for days." Her hands came up to rub the back of her neck, while watching Kagome's expression. "After our one year anniversary, I gave him everything." Kagome grinned full out; her teacher's life was not very boring after all. "That was short though, because right after, we were just lying there cuddling, then he got some call telling him to be somewhere. After that, he could not be found for a few days and I spent most of my time crying or looking at things that reminded me of him. Then when they found him, he was dead in the woods on the other side of Tokyo."

"I'm so sorry to hear that teacher!"

"Oh it's all right; it's been a long time now so I'm all right with it now."

"You're teen life seems so sad and seemingly romantic and filled with adventure with your first love's life…" Kagome felt bad to hear about her teacher's first loves death.

She smiled happily and wondered what she and Inuyasha's first time would be like.

"Oi, bitch! What's taking you so long?"

Just outside the window, Inuyasha held himself up with his hands on the wall of the window. He looked irate and she wondered how long he was waiting.

"Takahashi, I don't see why you have to be calling the one you love a bitch."

His glare turned to the teacher. "Oh what the fuck do you know?"

"That was rude, Yashie."

"Like I care! You left me hanging and it pains me you know! Hurry your ass up before I leave you up here."

Fiddling with the ball, she glared hard at her baka of a boyfriend. She wondered why he had to be so… so impatient most the time! Gripping the ball tightly, she threw it with all her force at his beautiful face.

Inuyasha watched as the ball came towards him but was unable to move.

"What the fu –" Before he could finish his sentence, the ball made impact on his fore head and Inuyasha went sailing backwards to the ground with a loud thud. Giggling, Kagome stood up to get her things.

"I'm sorry for what he said, teach, but I got to get going anyway." She walked towards the door and waved goodbye at the teacher. "See you tomorrow."

"Bye Kagome."

She shook her head with laughter in her eyes. "These kids now a day keeps getting so entertaining."

"Oi! Why did that bi –"

"She left Inuyasha," She cut him off. "And stop calling the girl you love names for a chance." She smiled warmly watching him rub his sore head.

He blushed while grumbling something incoherently and looking around the school compound for a blue-eyed girl in particular. After spotting her, the teacher saw how his eyes lit up and a smile spread across his visage. Saying a quick later Inuyasha rushed over to her and they headed towards his vehicle to get her home since it was probably well after five.

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