Okay this is a one-shot based on 5X1 Stolen.

So if you haven't seen it, there is a spoiler as to the conclusion to the episode.

Disclaimer: of course I don't own anything, otherwise there would be a few more added scenes to this episode.

Samantha took a hold of Max's hand, together they started walking towards the front door.

His real mother awaited his arrival eagerly.

Samantha could only wonder how it would feel to think your child was dead , then seven years later learn he was in fact alive.

Samantha realized Max's situation was far worse than hers in a way.

He had love from the beginning but a cruel twist of fate led him away from everything for seven years.

Her story was different. She had become hardened at eighteen, and run off on her own will.

What a difference?

Well at least Max had his identity and mother back. That is what mattered most.

Max and his mother embraced and she mouthed a profuse thank-you to Samantha.

Seeing the reconciliation, it filled Samantha with renewed hope for the future.

Maybe she could have a real home someday with Martin.