Note: This takes place about 75 years after New Moon ends, and Edward left Bella after he refused to change her. Years later, Edward comes in contact with a new vampire, but it's not who you might think….

Also, the first chapter starts a little slow, so bear with me…

Disclaimer: Sadly enough, I do not own Twilight or any of the characters in it. (Sigh)

I sighed, idly twirling my pencil between my fingers and vaguely hearing the teacher drone on about the rock cycle, of all things. I was bored, mind numbingly bored. In a few months I would be graduating high school, for the fifth time. I've been in some sort of school for the majority of my odd 74 years, mainly due to the fact I was changed into a vampire just before my 18 birthday.

I wondered not for the first time why I was even bothering to go to high school yet again, but I only had a little more time remaining at Bradon High. Anyhow, it's not like I couldn't afford to lose a few months out of my endless existence.

It was just so boring.

I wondered where Bella was at the moment. My mother had told me a few months ago she was leaving for a while to travel, but she had been rather vague on the specifics, or what some people might call the necessities; like where she was actually going. She had been restless of late.

Because I was only a human year younger than my mother when I was Changed, in public we have always acted like friends rather than mother and daughter. We mostly treated each other as very close friends anyhow, Bella is only 19 years older than I, and when you are approaching 100, that time difference doesn't seem so significant.

Bella was still a human when I was born; I was the product of her affair with a vampire. Shortly after my father left, without even knowing I existed, Bella was bitten by a vampire she happened to cross in the streets of Seattle. She Changed me at my request just before I turned 18, understanding on some intimate level how it would feel to age alone without a person who was very important to you.

Both of us had started perfecting our self-control early on (we feed off of only animals) but it was very difficult. Occasionally one of us slipped up; but neither of us has made that mistake in decades.

The bell ringing brought me sharply back to my high school world, and I realized people were filing past me to go to lunch. I suppressed my annoyance as the vast majority of the males gave me furtive glances as they passed. I should be well used to reactions like this, they found me inhumanly beautiful. If only they knew how right they were.

I sat at my own lunch table as usual. Humans may find me attractive, but their instincts tell them to stay well away from me; so they mostly try to avoid me without ever realizing exactly why.

I picked up my unbitten apple with long white fingers. It was just another prop, in a world made of props put on for the humans that surrounded me. I forced myself to not think of feeding, my throat was dry and venom flowed into my mouth. I frowned to myself, wondering if I was alright for the rest of the day. Yes, I decided, but not feeding before tomorrow was out of the question.

I looked back down at the apple. Props. After I graduated, perhaps I would take an extended trip. Bella wasn't the only one getting restless with small town life.

I dumped my uneaten lunch into the trash and began to walk swiftly from the lunchroom. That is when I practically ran into them.

There were 5 of them, all of them vampires, all of them with the light golden eyes that showed they did not feed off of people. But that wasn't the reason I stopped dead in front of them, my eyes widened in shock.

They had all paused as well, staring at me. I ignored most of them, my gaze focused solely on the reason for my reaction.

The handsome vampire I had seen only in old photographs, the vampire that had broken my mother's heart.

My father…