Okay this note is WAY overdue! Okay, so I know people are wondering when I'm posting the sequel but here's the thing . . . I don't like SasuSaku anymore. I'm a full-fledged, devoted NaruSasuNaru fan. Be it brother love, deep friendship, or romantic, I love it all and support THAT. Their bond. It's the only one in the entire series that has made me cry. Also the writers for that genre are among the BEST I have ever read from. Their originality and the fact that their characters are more in character than the ones in this one . . . seriously, I have NEVER read a Sasuke story where he's actually in character. NEVER. And even in this one, he's not. I can see that.

Some of you may have noticed that I've also taken my other SasuSaku stories down, and it's for this very reason. The ONLY reason I'm keeping Bonds up is because it is probably my very first long, chapter completed story. And my writing has developed a LOT since then. So it's nice to have this to look back on and see how much I've improved. And I have by much! X33 Seriously, I'm surprised this story has as many reviews as it does . . . I mean REALLY fucking surprised.

So an ending note, please don't give me shit about me switching and totally committing to NaruSasuNaru, and for those who think people just like the pairing cause it's 'cute' shush, because I, personally, love the pairing because well, like I said it's the only bond that has made me cry aaaaand, I don't know, something about it in the manga just really touches me. So don't just assume things like that, it makes you sound ignorant.

Also, NO homophobia with me. I will take it as a personal insult as well considering I, myself, am homosexual. I don't personally care if you flame the story, it's an opinion and that's what reviews are for. And the grammar is so bad I would probably end up agreeing with whoever flames this. But if you are to flame, flame the story, not me. That's a personal insult and offensive. The review button is for comments on the STORY.

For those who also like NaruSasu/SasuNaru, well one, I have a SasuNaru story called Heaven on this account, but I have another account where my pen name is Bleeding White Lily and will have nothing but NaruSasu/SasuNaru stories on it. The only story on this account I'll be continuing is Our Love Story and even that won't be quite frequent.

If you like my writing, want to see how well I've improved, or whatever I would love and appreciate your support for my account on ficitonpress, my pen name is Bleeding White Lily and the link is on my profile if you don't want to search for me. Hell you can even google my pen name and find me . . . wherever I am. Though my livejournal pen name is Bleedinglily. The white wouldn't fit in . . . T.T ANYWAY! So sorry to those who were waiting for my sequel but realize that if I did the sequel now, Naruto and Sasuke would leave Sakura and Hinata for each other and Saku and Hina would find 'comfort' in each other and I don't think that'd be what you guys were looking for. So I'm just gonna leave Bonds as it is. Thanks for the support, this piece of crap really wasn't worthy but thanks anyway! I AM grateful, seriously, you guys boosted my ego enough for me to stay with it and it's because of that that I've gotten so much better and can now feel more confident that one day I'll make it as a novelist.

Also, for my fictionpress account, I have three boylove stories, Knight in Black Armor, Secret Sun, and a one-shot called Candy Hearts, so if boy love isn't your cup of tea and you go there don't read those. If you do . . . well enjoy! My other stories all feature heterosexual couples.

So I think that's all I want to say.