There's only one word for the likes of you... and that's "evil". Evil in it's purest of forms. AU AkuRoku

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A/N: So, my first Kingdom Hearts fan fic. And my fifth story in English. So be nice to me, I'm Swedish, 'kay? And I don't have any beta reader, so if anyone would want to help me out, just tell me!

Anyway, I was watching a Swedish movie called "Ondskan" (translation: "Evil") for the umpteenth time a couple of days ago when I got the idea of putting the KH characters in it and adding an AkuRoku love story. Sounded great, IMO. So I started working on the prologue earlier today and here it is! Of course, I won't stick to the plot of the movie (or the book it's based on) all too much, 'cause I will add my own touches and plot twists and stuff!

Warning!: Contains some swearing, violence and (later on) boyxboy love. The rating will probably change as the story goes on. Soooo... get away from here if you have any problem with any of that!

Now, the prologue!


The blow hit him right at the nose.

The sound of a nose snapping sounded while all the cheers got louder. Everyone in the audience was excited, because they got what they had come for. The had wanted to see blood and blood was what they got to see. The red fluid flowing out of the small brown-eyed blonde's broken nose was enough to satisfy the audience slightly.

With a scream of pain, the blonde flew backwards before landing on the rough asphalt and grazing both of his elbows. He loudly moaned, putting both of his hands over his nose in an attempt to stop the substantial bleeding.

Axel pulled back his fist as he coldly stared down at the helpless blonde. You're not so fucking cocky anymore, are you? he silently thought. He ran his fingers through his spiky red hair before walking up to the blonde with determined footsteps.

The audience encouraged him even more. They got a kick out of seeing a really good fight and that was what Axel intended to give to them. If he was going to kick someone's ass, he might as well do it in a stylish way. So... what would he do this time? A broken nose was not enough to fully satisfy the audience. He had to do something more to the small cheeky blonde. A broken arm, perhaps? No, he had done that to someone else the other week. He thought it was time to smash some teeth out this time.

Axel quickly bent down next to the blonde. He pulled the smaller boy up in his shirt collar while he threateningly balled his fist. The blonde made a pathetic attempt to shake his head as he mumbled something incomprehensible about "mercy", blood flowing out of his nostrils.

The first blow.

The blonde's lips split, which made him whine and cringe in pain. He made a couple of attempts to worm out of Axel's grasp, but to no avail.

The second blow.

It hurt to punch the smaller boy's teeth. Axel would probably get marks on his knuckles from this, which he usually got, but he really didn't care. He was used to marks and pain.

The third blow.

This time, there was a satisfying cracking sound. The audience screamed in excitement. Axel's fists were covered with crimson blood as he straightened up and blankly stared down at the smaller boy. The blonde spit two, no three, teeth out of his mouth. They all landed on the ground along with some saliva-mixed blood. The blonde fell down on the ground, too hurt to move. The audience got wild at the sight of him, humiliated and with a broken nose and missing three teeth.

Axel stared down at the blood-stained boy, not all too proud of what he had just done. But it was, after all, that stupid blonde who had started all of this. He was the one who had challenged Axel. And Axel, being Axel, hadn't been able to turn the whole thing down. If someone wanted to challenge him, then fine. They only had themselves to blame for being idiotic enough to think they could beat him. He probably knew more about violence than anybody else one this whole damned school.

"AXEL, AXEL, AXEL, AXEL!" the audience shouted again and again.

An outsider would most likely find this whole thing barbaric. But Axel didn't think it was. He was never the one to start a fight. He never hit someone who didn't ask for it. The only times he fought was when someone else started a fight with him. And besides that he actually kept himself out of trouble. He didn't like to use violence. Not really. He had experienced so much violence that he almost had gotten used to it. He never backed away from a challenge. But why? He didn't really know. He guessed it was just something in his blood. After all, they do say that blood is thicker than water.

Axel stared down at his blood-stained hands. They were slightly trembling, but the audience didn't notice. And thank god for that. It was actually a little weird to see somebody else's blood – rather than his own – staining his hands. But there really wasn't any difference. Blood looked the same, no matter who it belonged to. But still... it felt different.

Since he had never been into the whole thing of being the center of everyone's attention, he turned around and walked away. The cheers of the audience decreased a little as everyone moved to pave the way for him.

When Axel lowered his eyes to his hands yet again, he saw that he sure enough had gotten a couple of gashes in his knuckles after those punches. Axel shrugged slightly at it. He had gotten so used to it by now that he really didn't care all too much about it anymore.

Empty. That's how he felt. Simply empty. Nothing else. That's how he usually felt after a fight. Because he didn't – unlike some people at the school – get a kick out of beating the crap out of people. He didn't feel happy with himself after beating someone to a bloody pulp on the ground. As said before, he didn't like fighting but he still felt like it was something he had to do.

But then there was the fear, too. It was always there during times like these. The fear for what would happen when he got home. The fear for what would happen when his family heard about what he had done. He shuddered. It wasn't exactly something he was looking forward to.

Axel slipped into the school's bathroom to wash himself off. He had chosen to wear a red shirt this morning on purpose since he had suspected that there would be a fight today. So, what he had just done wasn't all too obvious if someone just looked at the shirt. But the jeans, on the other hand... There was still dark red stains on them, even after trying to wash them with a wet paper towel. He sighed. Well, it wasn't like his life depended on it. After all, it wouldn't be the first time he showed up at a class with blood-stained clothes.

He looked up at his reflection in the mirror above the sink. His red hair was dishevelled and the spikes weren't as well-kept as they used to be. His emerald green eyes looked like they had been dipped in poison, which was quite intimidating. But one thing that was even more intimidating was the fact that he had one purple triangular tattoo below each eye. It made him look like a real bad-ass. He joylessly smiled at his own reflection. You're the only one who knows who I really am... how I really feel... broken and torn... destroyed...

Axel took a deep breath before leaving the bathroom. He got his maths books and headed to his class. He already steeled himself for the consequences awaiting him.

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