Title: Spider Man

Rating: K

Summary: The things Shikamaru would do to make her happy…

By: Shikamaru Nara's Fangirl

Authoress Note: Authoress Note: This was requested. -Grin- and I loved the idea (it made me laugh) so I decided to write it! Enjoy! Also, yes, it is short. I like it that way.

Disclaimer: I own Takara. And that's basically it. Bummer.

"C'mon, Shikamaru. It's time to come out."


"Shika-kun, get out here! Takara can't sleep, and this makes her happy!"

"Forget it, Ino. I will never--" The baby girl on the bed, no older than one, let out a whimper, and then she began to cry. "Shikamaru, Takara is--"

"I hear her." Shikamaru groaned and walked out of the bathroom in a Spiderman outfit. The young male sighed and pulled the mask down. "Thank you, Shika-kun." Ino said, sweetly. "Troublesome." There was a short pause as both man and woman watched their daughter's squeals of pure delight upon seeing 'Spiderman' in the room. Suddenly, Ino said, "Sing a song." Shikamaru turned his masked-covered eyes to his wife. "Huh?"

"Sing. A song."

"We never discussed a song."

"Sing a song!"

"What song am I supposed to sing, woman?!"

"Make one up!" There was a short pause as Shikamaru thought. What was that one song he had overheard a mother singing to her child the other day? 'Oh, yeah…' However, the song was incredibly embarrassing, and if anyone saw him singing it, in costume, he'd be laughed at forever. He could already hear Naruto's uncontrollable laughter. Then Shikamaru made the mistake of looking at Takara.

He could not resist her bright blue eyes sparkling with happiness. He sighed. 'Darn it Ino.'

"The itsy, bitsy spider went up the water spout…"


PS: Please don't ask how they knew that the spiderman outfit would make Takara happy. And yes. Her name is Takara Nara. -Grin-