When Karli awoke the next morning, she felt an arm around her and cuddled against the body behind her, not remembering anything that happened the day before. When she turned around to kiss Dean, she found a sleeping Brice and the events from the past day replayed in her mind. Her parents alive, being engaged to Brice, Jamie dating Dean, the pregnancy situation.

Remembering the last one, Karli got up and ran to the bathroom. She didn't know how she knew it would be there, but when she opened the bottom drawer, she found a pregnancy test sitting there for her. Karli locked the door and opened the test, reading the instructions. She followed them and placed the test on the counter, scared to look at the results. If she was pregnant in this world, there was no way she could be with Dean, her true love.

"Karli, are you okay?" Her mother asked from the other side of the door.

"I'm fine." Karli answered a little too quickly.

"Okay. Breakfast is ready downstairs. And honey." Her mother started.

"Yes?" Karli asked.

"Next time you want Brice to sleep over, ask us first." Her mother laughed lightly at it before walking away. Karli bit her lip and decided to face the music as she looked down at the test. Tears instantly welled up in her eyes as she threw the test into the trash can, covering it with other garbage.

Karli stood up and looked at herself in the mirror. Only seventeen years old and she was going to have a baby. She'd never even had sex in her old life, but apparently she'd had a lot in this one.

"Karli?" Brice softly knocked on the door.

"I'll be down in a minute." Karli said as she wiped the tears away.

"Are you okay?" Brice asked.

"I'm fine. I'll be down in a minute." Karli repeated. She heard Brice walk away and Karli tried to steady her breathing, fighting the urge to cry. She wanted kids some day, but not here. Not in this world.

Karli quickly washed her face before going downstairs to find everyone sitting around the table, the only empty seat being between Brice and Dean again. Karli shook the dumb thoughts out of her head and sat down between the two men.

"Are you okay?" Brice whispered worriedly.

"I'm fine." Karli promised as she started to eat her pancakes quickly.

"Wow, slow down Karli. They're not going anywhere." Dean teased, messing her hair like she was his little sister. That gesture angered Karli, but she didn't get to retaliate because standing in the kitchen by the island was the girl from the night before. Karli dropped her fork and stood up, staring at the girl.

"Karli, what's wrong?" Danielle asked.

"Don't you see that?" Karli asked, pointing at the girl.

"See what?" Richard asked as everyone looked in the direction Karli pointed.

"The girl." Karli answered.

"Oh no." Jamie said with a laugh, "Brice, did you have her watch the sixth sense again? You know how she gets after watching that. She thinks she sees ghosts everywhere."

"Jamie, I'm serious. There was a girl standing right there." Karli turned back to where the girl had been standing but she was gone.

"Jamie, be nice. You know I believe in ghosts too." Dean told her.

"Yeah, and I think you're just as crazy as she is." Jamie said with a playful laugh, "Maybe you two should be together."

"Maybe we should." Dean replied in the same joking manner, putting his arm around Karli. Once he did, Karli saw the girl again before passing out.

When Karli woke up, she was laying on the couch, Brice sitting on the floor beside it.

"Karli, you're awake." Brice said, kissing her forehead.

"What happened?" Karli asked.

"You passed out at breakfast." Brice told her. "Dean hugged you and you passed out."

"Do I smell that bad?" Dean asked with a small laugh. Jamie just hit his arm.

"It's serious, you dork." Jamie said before moving over to Karli. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, just tired. Didn't sleep well last night." Karli answered, trying to get up.

"Oh no, you stay down." Brice said, pushing her shoulders back down to the couch.

"Stop that." Karli fought against Brice until she was standing up. "I'm fine." Karli stormed passed all of them and went upstairs to her room, locking her door. She walked over to her computer and yahoo popped up. The first thing Karli noticed was the picture of the little girl Tyler from the haunted hotel a few months ago. It said that she had drowned in the hotel pool. That made Karli think and she started to type in more people's names, all the ones that she, Sam, and Dean had saved. All of them were either dead or "missing" which Karli knew meant dead.

"They're all dead." Karli muttered to herself, "We never saved them, so they died." Karli went into research mode and after a few hours, found that it was causing trouble on the edge of town. There was a girl missing, the same girl she had been seeing.

"Karli." Jamie said from the other side of the door.

"What?" Karli asked.

"Dinner's ready if you want it."

"I'll be fine." Karli told her, "I'm just gonna take a nap."

"Okay, if you're sure," Jamie sighed, "They'll be some left over in the fridge for you if you get hungry later." Jamie walked away and Karli walked over to her bed, thinking about the girl. Was she trying to get her help? But she was done hunting, she had a different life. And she had a baby to think about.

But she kept seeing this girl everywhere. Karli couldn't just abandon her.

A few hours later, when Karli was sure everyone was asleep, she changed into a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt, throwing a hoodie over it before sneaking out of the house. She was going to take her parents car, until she felt a hand on her shoulder. Karli swung around, ready to punch whoever it was, but found it to be Dean.

"Where do you think you're going?" Dean asked.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you, so just let me go." Karli said, unlocking the car door.

"Try me." Dean said.

"That girl I saw in the kitchen earlier, she's real. She's been missing and I think I know where she is. I think she's trying to communicate with me." Karli said it without looking at Dean.

"That's it, you're going back inside." Dean said, taking her arm.

"Dean Michael Winchester, if you do not let me go this instant, I will literally kick the shit out of you." Karli said, glaring at him.

"Violent little Miller." Dean said with a small laugh. Karli reached her arm back and punched him square in the jaw.

"I've wanted to do that for weeks now." Karli said with a smirk.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Dean asked, rubbing his jaw.

"Forget it, just let me go." Karli said, turning back to the car.

"Oh no, if you insist on leaving, I'm going with you. Jamie would kill me if I let you do something stupid." Dean said, dragging her to the Impala.

"Stop it, let me go." Karli growled out angrily.

"Just get in the car. I'll take you wherever you wanna go." Dean promised. Karli knew that he meant it so Karli got in the car and gave him the directions to the old mill on the edge of town.

"Okay, this is creepy, I'm taking you home." Dean said, but before he could drive away, Karli jumped out of the car.

"You can go, I'm staying." Karli said. Dean swore under his breath and parked, following her inside. "You go that way, I'll go this way." Karli said, taking off in the opposite direction.

"Oh no, I'm not leaving you." Dean said.

"Dean, shut up and I'm serious. I think that missing girl is in here and we need to find her. It's better to split up." Karli told him.

"But Jamie…"

"She can yell at me later, now go!" Karli yelled. Dean sighed and took off in the direction Karli pointed to. Karli sighed and started in her own direction, holding onto the knife that she had put in her pocket before she left. "I wish I had my gun."

Karli heard Dean let out a yell and ran in the direction of it, but found nothing. No Dean, no girl.

"Dean." Karli called, but no answer. "Dean I'm serious."

"Karli." Karli turned to find Brice walking toward her.

"What are you doing here?" Karli asked, confused.

"Question is, what are you doing here?" Brice asked, "You're in a perfect world, you should be happy."

"But I'm not." Karli snapped, "Where's Dean."

"Right here." Karli turned to find Jamie and Dean walking toward her. Karli felt a pain in her head and she looked around. The scene around her was going in and out, and when it went out, she could see herself, Dean, and the girl hanging in the warehouse.

"This isn't real, it's a dream." Karli figured out. "It's a dream world."

"But it's the perfect world." Her mother said as she and her father appeared next.

"It's not perfect." Karli said, looking at her body hanging, "I'm dying. If I stay here, I'll be dead in days."

"But in here it feels like years." Brice told her. "We can have our children and watch them grow and go to college."

"We never had a demon filled life Karli." Dean told her, "You should be happy."

"But I love you, Dean. How could you be with Jamie?" Karli said, tears in her eyes.

"You love Brice now." Dean told her, kissing her forehead. "He'll make you happy, like I did."

"But I don't want him, I want you. I wanna go back to the demon filled world, as long as I'm with you." Karli cried.

"But we're not there." Her mother said.

"We died a long time ago." Jamie said.

"We died for you." Her father chimed in.

"That's not my fault!" Karli yelled, holding her head in her hands.

"But don't you get it Karli?" Brice asked, "Here, they're alive. They'll get to live forever."

"They're not alive." Karli yelled, "It's all a dream, a very bad dream!"

"Mommy." Karli turned to see a small boy and girl walking up to her.

"We're not a bad dream, are we mommy?" The girl asked. Karli felt tears in her eyes as she crouched down to their level.

"You're not a bad dream sweetie." Karli told her, "And you're not a bad dream either," she spoke to the boy this time, "But you are a dream."

"But we're here mommy." The boy said, "We can stay here forever."

"Forever mommy." The girl chimed in. Karli burst into tears now, unable to hold back.

"You can enjoy this life Karli." Brice said before kissing her passionately. Karli wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back just as passionately. When they pulled back, Karli looked around at her family surrounding her.

"I love you all." Karli said as she subtly took hold of the knife in her pocket, "I love you all so much but I'm sorry." Before anyone could react, Karli quickly stabbed herself in the heart.

When Karli woke up, the first person she saw was Sam.

"Karli, you're awake." Sam smiled and kissed her forehead.

"Where's Dean?" Karli asked.

"Ri-Right here." Dean said with a cough. Karli looked over and saw that he looked extremely pale. Karli was sure she looked the same. Sam quickly cut both of them down and Karli noticed that the girl from her dream was already laying on the floor, very pale but still alive.

"Sam, get her out. Karli and I will follow you." Dean said. Sam picked the girl up and walked quickly out of the building. Before they started moving, Dean turned to Karli.

"Karli, I'm so…" Dean was cut off as Karli pulled him into a long passionate kiss.

"I love you so much Dean Michael Winchester." Karli said, kissing him again.

"God I love you too Karli Lynn Miller." Dean said, cupping Karli's cheek and kissing her again, lovingly.

"Uh, this girl needs to get to the hospital." Sam said from the doorway. Karli and Dean broke apart and followed Sam out to the Impala and piled into it while Sam drove to the hospital and brought the girl in. While he answered the questions, Karli and Dean lay in the backseat together, holding each other for dear life.

"What did you see?" Dean asked, making Karli nervous.

"My parents were alive. So was Jamie." Karli answered.

"Anything else?" Dean pressed.

"What about you?" Karli asked.

"My mom was alive, Dad was still dead. Sam and Jess were getting married and…" Dean cut off.

"You and I weren't together." Karli answered.

"Never even met." Dean said, looking away.

"It's ok. I was engaged, pregnant, and Jamie had a boyfriend…you." Karli told him.

"Me? How did she meet me?" Dean asked.

"College." Karli answered. The car grew silent as Dean held Karli closer. When Sam got back in, he drove them back to a new hotel and helped the two of them inside.

"What was it like?" Sam asked. Dean explained first, telling him everything he told Karli, and then Karli told her story.

"Wow, Dean was with your sister?" Sam asked.

"That's the part I would like to forget." Karli said.

"I figured you'd wanna forget the part where you were knocked up and engaged." Sam said. Karli instantly chucked a pillow at him. "Got it, I won't bring it up again."

"Thank you." Karli stuck her tongue out at him.

"Big question I have to ask…" Sam started.

"Do you have to?" Karli whined.

"Did either of you want to stay?" Sam asked. Karli and Dean sat in silence, thinking over the question.

"It was tempting.." Dean started.

"Very tempting." Karli agreed, "But I couldn't do it."

"Me neither." Dean agreed.

"Besides, I like it here." Karli smiled, "I got my two favorite boys to annoy." Dean started to tickle her and soon Sam started to help as Karli tried to fight them both off, happy to be home.

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