Warnings: Spoilers for Do You Think It's Alright?

Author's Note: This story takes place in Do You Think It's Alright? From the scene where Eric and Jackie are in the wedding clothing store. I love this scene in particular because I'm a Forbidden Shipper.

Pairings: Eric/Donna, Jackie/Hyde and Eric/Jackie, but the J/E but really only in passing.

Disclaimer: I do not own That 70s Show or any of the characters contained therein. I just like playing with their lives especially Eric's. I'm just borrowing I promise to return them in the same condition I found them.

Good Together

By: Kitty Burkhart

::Eric POV::

When I first stood in front of the mirror I admired how the tuxedo Jackie had picked made me look like I had shoulders. Then Jackie, in a wedding dress for some reason, joined me in front of the mirror. Seeing our reflections made me forget all about the shoulders and was entranced by how good we looked together. I couldn't believe it, me and Jackie looking good together. She looked beautiful in the wedding dress, yes I do know what I thought. Jackie is hot Hyde made me realize that. I wondered if Donna would look as beautiful. She would, she had too. Donna is beautiful and only a wedding dress could make her look more beautiful.

Seeing how good Jackie and I looked together made me wonder if Donna and I looked as good together. Did we look good or did we look awkward? On more than one occasion people thought I was Donna's little brother. Is that how we looked? Like brother and sister? That's not sexy. I wonder what Jackie thinks.

Crap! Donna looks pissed. I gotta go after her. I'm marrying her not Jackie. Where did she go?


Damn, I look good in this wedding dress. Maybe this is "the one." Regardless it is "the one" this week. Eric cleans up good, who would have known? He actually looks cute, but that's probably just the tuxedo.

Wow we look good together. Who would have thought that? I wonder if Steven and I look as good together. I know that Michael and I looked good together.

Oh man! Donna is pissed. That's not Jackie-speak that's Steven-speak, guess we might be spending too much time together if I sound like him in my thoughts. Eric and Donna don't not in the conventional way anyhow, not that I'll ever tell them that. And no one will ever, EVER, know how good I thought Eric and I looked together.

Steven likes me in a wedding dress! Maybe that means he wants to get married someday.

The End–