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CHAPTER 5 – Fault

JJ wasn't sure how long they had been walking, but it felt like hours. She could tell the sun was beginning to set by the darkening of the forest and the chill now filling the air. She dare not complain though. If the others could keep going, she could. For now she was just going to continue to watch her breath as it whitened and rose upward with each pant.

By God though, she swore once they got out of there, she was going to have Garcia track down whoever invented high heels so that she could severely injure them. Yes, sure, she was wearing boots, but they still had a three in heel on them, and God did they hurt! She wished she would have followed Emily's example and begun dressing more like Morgan with the combat boots and fitted cargo pants, but alas, as a media liaison, there was little need for such attire. When you were dealing with victims or victims' families, or giving press conference, professional dress was practically a requirement and for a woman, that generally meant heels.

"How you holdin' up?" Emily quietly asked JJ as the pair followed the three men.

JJ glanced at her for a second before looking away again. "Wishing I had gone with flats for the flight back."

Emily looked downward and noticed the dark brown suede wedge heel boots JJ was wearing. "Oh, ouch." She gave the other woman a sympathetic look. "At least you didn't wear your stilettos?"

"Yeah, thank God for small favors…"

"What'cha talkin' about back there, ladies?" Morgan called over his shoulder, his tone light.

Emily looked at him. "Shoes."

The man did a double take. "We're in the middle of the forest and you're talkin' about…shoes?"

The brunette smirked slightly. "Not quite in the context you're thinking, but yes," she told him before motioning down to JJ's boots. She watched his eyes drift downward and after a second, a look realization passed over his face. He gave JJ the same sympathetic look Emily had. "The curse of being a woman."

"Or you when Garcia is playing with Photoshop," Emily replied wickedly.

Morgan nearly balked. "…She didn't."

Emily simply grinned.

"Oh, when we get back, I am gonna to have a serious talk with that woman…"

Hotch wasn't oblivious to the banter going on behind him. He was relieved that the others were trying to make the best of things, but for him, it was all business. He had to keep them all alive until they could be rescued. That was his objective, his mission, his burden. And he accepted it with no reservations. They were his team after all.

"Shouldn't we be finding some sort of shelter for the night?" JJ asked, trying her best not to sound as completely breathless as she was.

"I would say yes," Hotch replied slowly, glancing over his shoulder at the others for a moment. "But that fire is traveling pretty fast. If we stop, it's possible that it could catch up with us."

JJ glanced back in the direction they had come from. She could see the eerie, foreboding orange glow of the fire in the distance. It was still a ways away thankfully, but Hotch was right. If it found the right tinder, it was going to blow up and burn out the entire mountainside. They wouldn't have a chance if that happened.

"But it can't be safe to travel at night," Emily said pointed out, frowning, "Especially with you two carrying Reid."

Hotch opened his mouth to reply but was interrupted by Reid.

"S'gonna rain…"

"What's that, kid?" Morgan questioned, leaning forward a bit so he could see Reid's ashen face.

The younger man swallowed, a slightly glazed look in his eyes. "Rain," he repeated. "It's going to rain." He pointed limply up at the sky as he watched it pass above the trees as he was carried by Hotch and Morgan. "The clouds –they're Cumulonimbus."

"Cumulonimbus? I really didn't pay that much attention in science class…" Morgan admitted with a smirk.

"It's the type of cloud that generally produces the most rain," Hotch clarified so Reid didn't have to exert himself.

"And thunderstorms," JJ added in between pants for breath. And then as if on cue, a crack of thunder rippled through the mountains.

Emily pulled a face. "Way to jinx us."

"Do you really believe in that sort of thing?" Morgan asked her, curious.

Emily shrugged with her good shoulder. "Not really, but it seemed like the thing to say."

JJ frowned deeply, glancing down at the ground. She didn't believe in jinxes, or at least she didn't think she did. She hadn't before, anyway. But after the crash… Well, she had essentially "jinxed" the flight during her conversation with Cannon and Hampton, she woefully considered, and now both of them were dead, and Reid was half-way there. Even just the quick, passing moment that she considered the possibility that something like that could be true added a tremendous amount of guilt to JJ's already near-unbearable load.

She silently told herself that there was no such thing as jinxes or bad luck. There couldn't be. It was all just coincidence, nothing more. She was being completely irrational and it was all just in her head. She repeated it over and over almost like a prayer, almost like she was trying to somehow convince whatever Higher Being that might be out there to prove to her what she was telling herself was true.

But the guilt didn't dissipate. It didn't lessen at all. In just remained there, weighing down her heart and soul like a ton of bricks. It took her breath away, and this time it wasn't because of the agonizing throb in her side. It was the mere thought that all of this could actually be her fault, and that Cannon and Hampton had died because of her. And that if they didn't make it out of there, the team, her family, was going to die because of her.

The weather seemed to pick up on her mood and decided to mimic her feelings by letting out another loud crash of thunder before the darkened clouds suddenly opened up and began to release torrents of freezing rain. JJ didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"Great," Morgan muttered, "Just freakin' great."

"Actually, it might be," Hotch stated, glancing upward at the sky for a moment.

Emily nodded, following his train of thought. "If it keeps up, it could put the fire out."

"Or at least give us the time to take a break," Morgan agreed.

"A break would be nice," JJ murmured, wrapping her arms carefully around herself as the rain quickly soaked through her thin dress shirt and the cold began to bore into her skin.

Everyone seemed to agree with that, but they need to find a place to stop first. It took about thirty minutes, but they eventually found a relatively open cave in the rock face. It wasn't particularly deep, but it would be enough to keep them out of the rain and maybe start a fire to warm them up a little…if they could.



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