Looking at the girl down on the theatre stage, he sighed, bored.

'How many more are there going to be I wonder. I just want to get this over, how long does it have to take.' The boy complains to himself.

Finally it's his turn up on stage, he steps upon the timber floor the sounds making echoes dismally throughout the space. He starts. He speaks, it's emotionless and tired. He didn't want to come today; he didn't want to be here. He looks up at the empty seats, not many people turned up after all. Of course, who would want to spend more time than necessary in a stuffy lecture hall? He sure as hell didn't. He clears his throat, his collar feeling tighter each passing moment. He blinks to clear his eyes, the words in front of him start to twitch, blurring more and more as time progresses. He blames his eyes, cursing them for making this harder than it should be. Rubbing them would do no good, to either his exam or to ease the blurriness. Each breath he takes becomes sharp and it feels like a crack is splitting its way through his ribs, branching off into tinier cracks. His stomach twists, pain burning it, like a third degree burn. 'Keep going' he commands to himself, it's no use. His breathing is getting shallower, and he breaks out in a sweat as his body temperature rises to combat the problem. He reaches forward to the back of the chair in front of him, the table on stage reflects his face, and it's white.

He stands upright and rushes out the door to his car, ignoring the protests from his peers, his future colleagues and his mentor who frowns.

I've got this feeling that there's something that I missed

The keys make rattling sounds as he reaches into his pocket and pulls them into view. They blur and chime as they crash against one another. He cannot control his shaking, so he ignores it, suppresses it.

Don't you breathe

The car revs into life, he turns out onto the street. The car sounds buzz through his head.

Something happened, that I never understood

'How much longer?' He asks himself.

You can't leave

The car halts at the lights and he tries to focus his eyes as the searing red light turns green.

Every second, dripping off my fingertips

He steps on the pedal, and looks to the sound of a horn.

Wage your war

Two very large headlights are the last thing he can see, before black.

Another soldier, says he's not afraid to die

"Caucasian male, 21, car accident, unconscious, suspected possible fractured sternum and internal bleeding,

Well I am scared

Lacerations to the arms and a deep abrasion to the upper forehead.

In slow motion, the blast is beautiful

Puncture wound in left shoulder blade. Visible haematomas on the thigh and neck, no allergies on medical record,

Doors slam shut

Name: Roxas Jacobs."

A clock is ticking, but it's hidden far away

As the nurse went over the standard procedure, he didn't wait to treat the internal bleeding or lacerations.

Safe and sound

"He was the only one in the car?"

"Yes sir" the man in the white coat shook his head "Get him up to the ICU stat."

"Yes doctor."

'It's going to be a long night' he rubbed his forehead, today of all days, his double shift, there had to be a crash. 'Just once I would like to get some sleep'.

'God job Roxas, you're dead now what? Probably failed your end of year exams too, yeah running out in the middle of you speech is definitely not on the criteria sheet. Well might as well face the facts. Yep you're dead, and wait, is that a beeping noise. Oh, great an eternity of darkness and there's a beeping noise. Just brilliant. Fucking fantastic.' Roxas talks to himself.

"Can you hear me Mr Jacobs?" a very self assured voice spoke.

'Are you god? Coz I would like to know what the hell is going on here. Do you hate me or something?'

"Mr Jacobs?"

'Roxas please god. I mean come on no need for formalities.

"Mr Jacobs can you open your eyes?"

'What my eyes are closed? So…am I still dead?'

"Nurse the anaesthesias should have worn off by now. We should probably wake him up properly."

'Nurse, wait, what? No, angels not nurse, has heaven gone through a reform or something?'

"Mr Jacobs I would not normally do this, but due to your stubborn nature I have no options left."

"Doctor are you sure?" a female voice sounded concerned

'What the fuck?'

Roxas opened his eyes the moment the cold liquid hit his face, coughing and splurting like a fish out of water. He was met with an… unusual sight to say the least.

"Welcome back Mr Jacobs, I am your Doctor."

"Huh? Doctor, uh, Doctor who?"

"No not who, Rivers. But I would prefer Axel." He reached forward and grabbed the boy's bandaged hand and shook it. Roxas's hissed in pain.

"Are you sure you're a doctor?"

Doctor Axel as it seemed gave a small smirk. "I'm sorry Roxas but I'm not god."

"I didn't say that out loud did I?"

"Pretty much. Although some people do actually consider me a god."

"Lemme guess the psych patients."

"Very funny Mr Jacobs, I see your humour is intact, but really is that anyway to treat someone who just saved your life?"

Roxas closed his eyes; this week wasn't turning out at all how he'd planned. He'd wanted to get his law tests over and done hopefully pass. Get the inheritance that his father had promised him after the completion of his degree. Then, well he hadn't planned that far ahead. Now what, hanging out with a redhead doctor with a superiority complex, wasn't helping his naturally grumpy mood. Dear god, did the morphine wear off that quick?

Roxas just 'humphed' and turned to stare outside the window near his bed. People were walking around, laughing and smiling. Lucky Roxas lying in a bed bandaged around his arms and chest, with a Doctor who. Oh wait yeah he was still there.


"What exactly happened before you go into the car?"

"I opened the door." Roxas rolled his eyes; he didn't have time for this.

"Again sarcasm, Mr Jacobs I would prefer if you allowed me to get on with my job. Unless you would like me to be sarcastic with whatever treatments I feel it necessary to administer to you. I suggest you do this the easy way, don't make me hurt you."

"Isn't it illegal for a doctor to do that? The Doctor who by the way, is compelled to save those admitted into their care. Not intentionally hurt them?" Roxas narrowed his eyes at the redhead.

"Not if it's in the interest of finding out the cause?"

"I thought you knew the cause? Here's a hint, the car."

Again Doctor Axel smiled not an unkind smile but an over confident and self assured smile. "Do you always verbally assault people who save you life?"

"This is not verbal assault this is self defence, you threatened me to reveal personal information."

"You are expected to reveal any information you have, it's the law. I could find out everything about you if I tried. But I have more dignity than that, so I would rather you tell me the things I need to know or else…"

"Or else what?" Roxas titled his head to the side, okay so the doc knew how to play.

"I could somehow let it slip that you intentionally crashed your car, and that you needed to be locked away in the psych ward."

Axel didn't flinch once; he smiled brightly like he knew he'd already won, like it was so routine to threaten patients. Damn this guy was good. But he could be faking, Roxas needed to be sure it wasn't just an empty threat.

"Prove it."

Axel sneered and his green eyes lit up with mischief. "Alright I will." With that he left.

Okay so now Roxas started to worry.

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