"House," Chase stepped into House's office one day.

"Chase," House addressed simply, not looking up.

"Erm," Chase spoke with his accent awkwardly. "It seems that I'm having prostate problems."

"You are a man then?" House asked too preoccupied with the card house he was building.

Chase looked around the office awkwardly. "Yeah," he answered loosely with his accent.

"Chase…" House began, "What is wrong with you… the outrageous accent… the adorable hair… I mean your accent doesn't even sound vaguely British."

"It's Australian," Chase corrected.

"Yeah, yeah whatever," House shrugged it off, "You're still very… queer."

"Queer?" Chase asked squinting.

"Queer," House nodded, "As in… strange." House finally looked up to the blonde. "What did you think I meant?"

Chase sighed and shook his head closing his eyes. "Did you not hear me?" Chase began. "My prostate…" he said ashamedly.

"Why are you talking to me?" House asked, "You're a doctor too… is there a reason you can't prescribe yourself something? Oh wait… that's right… You can't. No one can prescribe something for themselves." House rubbed his chin mockingly. "Well I guess you'll just have to forge someone's signature."

"What?" Chase asked, "That's lying."

"Not really…" House told him. After some silence, House spoke again, "Or you could ask another doctor. Cameron perhaps?" He looked past Chase out to the hallway. "Hey, Cameron!" He called, "Chase needs meds for his enlarging prostate!"

Chase was in agony as Cameron stepped in holding a folder. "Your prostate is enlarging?" she asked looking up to Chase.

Chase paused pulling a House Signature lip-roll. "Yeah," he admitted.

"Well," Cameron turned to look down at her folder, "At least it doesn't affect your hair." Cameron turned to leave saying a quick, "Bye."

House looked up to Chase. "Well, you're one lucky Brit—"


"—'Cause your hair is perfectly intact." House stood hobbling out of the office.

Chase stood awkwardly alone. He shrugged. Yeah, his hair did look good even though his prostate was growing.