Okay, I originally just wrote this for myself, but I had to put it on here. So I hope you like it!! ; )


The containment chamber slid to the right of the dark holding facility. Prisoner number: 4128750 had been restless today, slamming his body against the cell wall, yelling at faculty, spitting on other inmates, breaking his hand due to trying to get handcuffs off, ect. "Well, what are we going to do today?"

The other nurse chewed the end of her baby blue fingernails, "Hmm..." she sighed, "well, every time we send the Pink-headed psycho in there he sends her out sobbing. We could send the new girl in..." she said nervously. Suddenly a faculty member bust through the door with an inmate who had blood running down his face. The nurse with blue fingernails stood up, "What happened!?"

"That damn 17-year old freak attacked his cell mate. The other nurse ran over to help stop the flow of gushing red blood.

While the nurse with nail polish on ran over to the intercom, "All nurses hurry and place a barrier around cell 47, HURRY!!!" Twenty-six nurses gathered around the cell and started the justu. The newest member, who happened to be Hinata, held her side of the barrier. Kakashi who just happen to be in the building that day was beside Hinata.

The impression of a body slammed into the metal on Hinata's side, she came close to removing her hands but Kakashi yelled at her, "HINATA, SASUKE UCHIHA IS IN THERE, NO MATTER WHAT DO NOT REMOVED YOUR HANDS!!!" Hinata gulped and nodded. Her pale hands were bleeding from holding the barrier. But finally the thrashing inside stopped. Hinata removed her steaming hands, that were covered in blood. Kakashi looked her hands, "Come let's get your hands bandaged." She nodded as she walked behind Kakashi.

They arrived in one of the rooms. Hinata sat on the bed while Kara wrapped her hands in soft linen bandages. "Hinata Hyuga please come to the office, I repeat Hinata Hyuga come to the office..." Hinata thanked the nurse as she left. She walked to the office to see Ino, Sakura, Tenten, and Kara. Ino looked frustrated, Sakura was sobbing, Tenten was just standing there same as Kara.

Ino walked over to Hinata, "Hey, Hinata! You' re assignment is to tend to Prisoner: 4128750." Hinata's eyes widened in fear, "Hey you'll be fine and don't worry about Sakura, she's just mad they hurt Sasuke earlier." Hinata gulped as she grabbed a tray with food, water, bandages, medicine, books,ect. She slowly walked towards the room of hatred.

Hinata quietly open the door, she blushed to see Sasuke without a shirt on. Of course Hinata didn't like him in the least, but she still blushed. Sasuke sighed, "Oh great they send in a Hyuga, this must be special treatment," he said sarcastically. Hinata merely stayed quiet. "Geez your quiet, but that's a plus in my book." Hinata nodded. Sasuke noticed she still hadn't looked at his face, "What's wrong," Hinata shook her head. Sasuke frowned, in an instance he was directly in front of her, he lifted her face by her chin. She quickly squeezed her eyes shut, "I may have handcuffs on, but I'm still fast. I don't like to be ignored, open your eyes." Hinata slowly opened her eyes, Sasuke looked at her fearful eyes,that were filled with tears. His thumb slowly rubbed the side of her face, "Such sad eyes..." Sasuke sat down on the bed.

"Umm...U-Uchiha-san I-I um...I have your n-new bandages, a-and your m-medicine. A-also if y-you want I h-have your clo-clothes and f-food." Hinata quietly mentioned as she moved toward him.

"I never take those pills, I just spit them out when the nurse leaves. Now listen I'm requesting you as my full time nurse" Hinata looked at him shocked at his statement, "You're the only nurse I can deal with, but let's set some ground rules. Try not to stutter, call me Sasuke or Sasuke-kun. Don't try to feed me my pills. Also, I am not in here because I'm wounded, at least not physically. I'm in here because I'm dangerous. Understand?" Hinata nodded. Sasuke did something he rarely does, he smiled.


Ino and Sakura ran up to Hinata when she exited the room, "How'd it go, did he make you cry?" Sakura asked sadistically. Ino glared at her, "So Hina what happened?"

"W-Well...um...h-he said t-that he was requesting m-me as his p-personal nurse, and h-he said to c-call him Sasuke-kun. Then h-he smiled..."

Ino and Sakura's jaws were on the floor. Sakura glared at Hinata, "STAY AWAY FROM MY SASUKE-KUN!!!" Sakura smacked Hinata as hard as she could, using her super strength.

Sasuke who happened to be walking around the hallways saw the whole scene, "SAKURA, you little inferior bitch. Don't ever talk to her like that ever again! Oh and news flash, I'm the farthest thing from being your's. I can't stand you, I would rather make-out with a frog, then hear your annoying high-pitched voice!!!" Sakura fell to the ground crying. Sasuke ran down the hallway to find where Hinata's body flew. Sasuke found her against a cell wall, she was a bloody mess. She had smashed through three steel walls, five brick walls, and ten cement walls.

Sasuke carefully started attempting to heal her. Kakashi was walking by and happened to see all the blood. Kakashi looked at Sasuke. He could feel someone was looking at him, he turned around, "Kakashi, hurry help me. Sakura attacked her!!"

Kakashi looked puzzled, "Wait, so you're saying you are helping someone, and Sakura bitch slapped Hinata..."

"Uh, sorta." Kakashi nodded as he picked up Hinata to take her to the doctors. Sasuke followed, unknowing to the tears on his face.


The doctor came out with a sad expression, "Well she'll be okay, but she won't be able to move by herself for five months. Is there anyone to take care of her? Family, friends?"

"No, her father always sends her on dangerous mission hoping she'll get killed. Her mother is dead. The only people in the Hyuga house are her cousin and her sister. Her sister is ten. Her cousin is 18. They're both ninja, same as all her friends." The doctor looked troubled.

Kakashi walked in, "Sasuke, you're supposed to be in your cell, but I made a deal with the Hokage. Option 1: You can go back to your cell and serve your life sentence there... Option 2: We set you free, but you have to take care of Hinata until she heals. And you will be under constant watch, by Anbu black ops."

Sasuke leaned his head back on the wall and closed his eyes, "What about after she heals?"

"Well...I guess you could stay with her, if you want. Or you could just abandon her like everyone else."

Sasuke smirked, "That was a low blow. Anyway I guess...I'll take care of her."

Kakashi smiled through his mask, "So Orochimaru finally wear off?"

Sasuke sat straight up and looked Kakashi dead in the eye, "Hell no, I just know it'll piss Sakura off." He smirked, "So where is Hina?"

Kakashi cocked up an eyebrow, "Hina?" Sasuke rolled his eyes, saying something like pervert. "Well anyway Sasu," Sasuke frowned, "Hina will be out soon, wait here while I tell Naru and Saku the good news!" Kakashi ran off happy he was still able to mock Sasuke.

A little while after Kakashi left, Hinata was carried through the door by a doctor. The doctor looked at the seventeen year old male in front of him, "Umm, did she have any um, female friends?"

"Yeah,but...none of them can help her, why?"

"Urm, ahem, well...y-you do know that caring for her means that you have to help her bathe, and other things like that." Sasuke choked on the water he was drinking.

I-I have to do w-what!?" Sasuke said looking at Hinata.

Well, you heard me. The way I look at it is, your either cursed or blessed."

Sasuke placed his fingers over the painful curse seal, "Well I'm already cursed... Whatever, I'll deal with it." Sasuke carefully took Hinata out of the doctor's arms. He looked at her soft face, "I seem to ruin everyone's life."


"Sasuke-teme gets to do WHAT?"

"Hinata gets to get SASUKE-KUN!!" Kakashi plugged his ear to block out the yelling rampages.

When they stopped Kakashi answered, "Okay Sakura, Hinata doesn't get Sasuke, he is just helping her heal. Also it is partially your fault. And Naruto don't even go there."

"HOW is it MY fault?" Sakura asked, trying to look intimidating.

It was all he could do not to laugh at her attempt, "Well you um, you pimp slapped Hinata."

Sakura looked shocked, "How did you know that!?"

Naruto looked at Sakura, "What's your problem, I was wrong about you." Sakura acted like she was crying and ran off. Naruto sighed, he yelled down the hallway, "You slap like a pimp, but you still a ho!!!" Kakashi busted into the floor laughing. Naruto turned around and was blushing, "T-That was an accident."


Sasuke sat Hinata's pale body on his bed. "Man, she's going to freak when she wakes up. Everything in here is black, purple, or red. I better stay in here." Hinata slowly tried to sit up, but recoiled in pain.

"Huh, Sasuke-kun w-what's going on?" her blurry eyes trailed around the room, "This is depressing..."

"Hinata you're in my room. Sakura hurt you...and they told me to take care of you. Actually I haven't been in here in over four years, I'm surprised we haven't gone into a sneezing fit."

Hinata smiled, "Thank you, Sasuke-kun," He nodded. Sasuke stood up and started walking out, "Wh-where are you g-going?"

"To the kitchen, if I can find it. Do you want some tea? Also there's this really good recipe my mom made, do you want any of it?"

"S-Sure." Sasuke smiled and walked out. "It's surprisingly nice to have someone like Sasuke to take care of you...wait...I-I'm being taken care of by a killer, oh no!"


Sasuke opened the bags of food he had bought earlier. Also you get stares when your Sasuke Uchiha carrying an unconscious Hinata Hyuga around a store. He grabbed the tea leaves. He sat them on the counter, while the water started boiling. He slowly chopped up the leaves and put them in a bowl, next he chopped up mint grass and put it in with the tea leaves. He slowly mixed the two together, then he placed two uncut tea leaves in the bottom of the tea cups. After that was done he carefully scraped in the chopped mint and tea leaves onto the leaves in the cups.

Sasuke poured the boiling water in the tea cups

While he let the cups sit,he started on his mom's dessert. He grabbed strawberries, rassberries, cake mix, honey, strawberry jell, whipped cream, and frosting. (This sounds just like Sasuke) Sasuke mixed up the cake batter and put it in the oven. Next he cut the strawberries in half, he glazed them with a honey coating. He did same for the rassberries, he put them under a heat lamp to make the honey dry. When the cake was done he put the first layer on a plater, then he placed the whipped cream on the top. When the whipped cream was how he liked it, he gently placed the honey glazed strawberries on the whipped cream. He covered the strawberries with the strawberry jell. He added another layer of cake on top. He spread the rest of the red jell on first, then he added the rassberries on top on the jell. Then he covered the berries and jell with the remaining whipped cream. After he was done he placed the last layer of cake on top on it all, then to make it even better he put frosting on the outside.


He smiled at his creations. He carefully walked up the steps to his bedroom. Sasuke sat the cake and tea on the table. Sasuke got on his knees to be the same height as the bed, Hinata had fallen asleep. He looked at her peaceful face, he gently stroked her hair to wake her up, she sat

up, "S-Sasuke-kun...I'm s-sorry I fell asleep."

He smiled, "Hinata close your eyes," Hinata prayed he wasn't about to kill her, "say ahhh," Hinata opened her mouth. Sasuke smirked as he stuck cake in her mouth.

After Hinata swallowed she opened her eyes, "That's delicious!!" Sasuke cut into the cut to give her a piece. After he got them both cake, he grabbed their tea. "Wow, the tea is really good too!!"

As they were finishing Hinata looked troubled Sasuke saw the look on her face Hinata, "Hina-chan what's wrong?" Hinata shook her head, Sasuke made her look at him by lfting up her chin, "Hina I made you talk to me last time, do I have to again?"

Hinata looked at her cupped hands in her lap, "Sa-Sasuke-kun...wou-would you ev-ever try to k-ki-kill m-me?"

Sasuke looked at her with a shocked expression, "Wh-what, Hina you know I would never try to k-kill you." Hinata still looked sad, Sasuke quietly grabbed a piece of cake smeared it all over Hinata's face. Hinata frowned. Sasuke about died from laughing.


Hope you liked it, this is not a oneshot, I hate those things. Anyways I will write more soon.