Hinata sat silently, while Sasuke when shopping. Hinata jumped as the door flung open; Sasuke climbed in with so many bags there was three people behind him carrying them. Hinata blushed, but Sasuke smirked, "I bought you two years worth of Kimonos. You will have three Kimonos for every day, as well as a personalized one for every holiday. I also bought you a few t-shirt and shorts. I'm pretty sure Orochimaru has training clothes."

Hinata blushed even harder, "Th-thank so much…but you shouldn't have spent th-this much. B-but did you buy any…um b-br-"

Sasuke smiled deviously, "Heh, yeah…I did." He held up three bags that had the logos of the best feminine clothing stores. Sasuke pulled out one of his choices; Hinata braced herself against the side of the cart to keep from fainting.

Sasuke smirked, while she started twitching, "I-I-I can't wear th-th-that! This is like something I-Ino-chan would wear!"

Sasuke pushed it back in the bag and sighed, "Well, you have to wear it once, at least."

"No!" Hinata watched as Sasuke pouted, "…Sasuke-kun…I'm sorry. I just can't wear that."

Sasuke pulled her into a hug, "Okay…go to sleep, I'll wake you up when we get to the next rest stop." Sasuke kissed her forehead as she slowly let sleep take over her.


Sasuke poked her forehead, waking her with a volt. Sasuke moaned in pain as Hinata slammed her hands into his nose. Hinata yawned, "Huh, Sasuke-kun?"

"You hurt me…I will never forgive you!" Sasuke proclaimed, in a Rock Lee-ish fashion. "You better make it up to me…Hyuga Heiress."

Hinata punched his shoulder playfully, "Come on Sasuke-kun…be nice, please," Sasuke crossed his arms. Hinata sighed, "Fine…I'll be right back…" Sasuke smirked deviously.

Sasuke sat silently, except for a nosebleed, when Hinata came out. Sasuke smirked, "Okay, I almost forgive you…"

Hinata rolled her eyes, while blushing madly, "Wh-what now?"

Sasuke pointed to their rented bed, "Sit." Hinata eyed him suspiciously, and sat down. Hinata's eyes widened as Sasuke kneeled in front of her. Sasuke pulled a small black box out of his pocket, "Hinata…will you marry me?"

Hinata blinked, "Wh-what?"

Sasuke looked at her sincerely, "Hinata, I love you. I want you to marry me. We can even go back to Konoha to get married."

Hinata leaned forwards and kissed Sasuke, "Okay, Sasuke-kun." Sasuke smiled and embraced Hinata tightly. Hinata pulled away from him and lay down in the bed, "Let's go to sleep Sasuke-kun."

-Two weeks later in Konoha-

Naruto sat on top on the Konoha gates; he saw two silhouettes approaching, "No…it couldn't be."

Sasuke smiled as he wrapped his hand around Hinata's waist. Hinata leaned his head against his shoulder, "I love you Sasuke-kun." Hinata screamed as she was pulled away from Sasuke, "Sasuke!" Hinata looked up to see Kakashi holding her, while Tsunade kept hold of Sasuke. Hinata watched as the Rookie Nine and Gai's team approached. She looked at the pained expression on their faces; she looked at her team and she already had a replacement.

Kakashi called over Neji who restrained Hinata. Kakashi closely examined them, and his eyes fell on two engagement rings. He looked at Sasuke, who was still trying to get to Hinata, "Sasuke…is Hinata pregnant?"

Sasuke scoffed, "Like hell I would tell you!" The Rookie Nine were shocked by what Kakashi had said.

Hinata looked at the ground, "We-we have only kissed…Kakashi Hatake. You are no longer our sensei, so please don't ask for the suffix." Sasuke smirked, while Kakashi looked stupefied. "Sasuke we only have about two days…"

Sakura frowned, "She is a traitor. Sasuke-kun why would you-"

"SHUT UP! But as I was about two say Hinata; we can stay in my old clan house. You ready to go?" Hinata nodded; they released their own chakra, forcing them to be let go of. Tsunade stood up and slapped Sasuke. Sasuke tilted his head slightly, "The hell?"

Tsunade frowned darkly, "Orochimaru…he taught you that. Didn't he?"

Sasuke nodded, "Yeah, he did. But only me, I taught Hinata personally. But you should know Tsunade; you can't touch me or Hinata."

Naruto tackled Hinata to the ground, kissing her. Sasuke growled, while attempting to push Naruto off of her. Naruto grabbed Sasuke with the Nine-tails chakra, "Sasuke, you are not the only one who has trained. And you can't stop me."

Hinata struggled under Naruto's grasp, "Let…go…Uzumaki!"

"I want to show you what Sasuke did to me the night you left." Naruto pressed his forehead against hers, and sent the images into her mind. Hinata pushed Naruto off of her, and ran towards Sasuke.

Sasuke embraced her lovingly, "Shh…Hinata its okay, I promise. He is just being an ass. Hey Narutard, stay away from my clan house. Neji…inform you're uncle Hinata is getting married. Also Sai…Sai, Sai do not try to replace me; the same goes for you Shinrai…don't ever try to replace Hinata." Sasuke entwined his fingers with Hinata as they started walking towards his clan house.


Sasuke sighed as he opened his door, "Will all of you just leave? I'm trying to send time with Hinata…"

Ino almost threw up, "You were doing it!?"

Sasuke sighed, "No, I tried that…and she beat my ass. We were talking about the wedding." Ino, along with the rest of the rookie nine and Gai's team walked into their house. Hinata walked into the room and glanced at Sasuke, "…oh, I'm on it."

Hinata sat on the couch beside Shino, "What do you guys want?"

Neji held up a paper, "For you both to sign this."

Hinata looked at it, "Are you kidding me?"

He shook his head, "This clearly states that if you don't conceive a child in five hours…you are not allowed to have children in Konoha."

Hinata stood up, "I'll be back in…an hour or two. I want everyone to stay here. Watch T.V…keep it loud."

Everyone one was confused…until they hear Sasuke yell, "WHAT THE HELL!? WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE NEED TO HAVE SEX? WHAT DO YOU MEAN 'SHUT UP?"

Everyone got a sudden nosebleed…when they woke up Hinata was standing above them. Naruto stared at her with wide eyes, "Did you?"

Hinata smirked, "That contract no longer exists. I'm married and pregnant."