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The next morning Marcus got up and went into Sebastian's room to find Chrystal watching Sebastian sleeping peacefully in his bed.

"I'm hoping he fell asleep quickly?" asked Marcus.

"Astonishingly so." said Chrystal. "And just so you know, I'm a good guardian and I wasn't going to let him leave."

"I heard the argument." said Marcus with a tiny smile. He gently shook Sebastian awake. "Come on big guy, no sleeping in today. Your mother and I both have to work."

"So... where does that leave me?" asked Sebastian sitting up. "I'm not going to day care."

"Who said anything about daycare?" said Marcus. "You're comming to work with me today."

"I'm going to work with a bunch of cops? Dad..."

"We'll get you enrolled in school tommarrow." said Marcus. "But for now you get to come with me."

"Why do I have a bad feling about today dad?" he asked curiously.

Marcus just smiled and carried him downstairs.

After breakfast Sebastian changed into a clean pair of clothes Marcus had gotten him, then they left together.

Sebastian seriously wasn't sure what he was getting himself into as they pulled into the parking lot of U.S. marshal headquarters.

"Come on Sebastian, stick close." said Marcus.

Sebastian suddenly felt afraid and shy as they walked past several cops. He clung to Marcus's pant leg as if his life depended on it.

"What happened to that unusualy fearless little boy I talked to last night?" Marcus asked with a smile.

"He wasn't surrounded by a bunch of cops." Sebastian squeeked.

Marcus just chuckled and led him upstairs to his office.

"Morning Quinn."

"Morning Marcus." said Quinn who was already at his desk. "What's with the little guy."

"Watch it Quinn, he's a bit like Matt."

Quinn raised a brow. "That's a bad thing isn't it?" he asked.

"Depends on which way you look at it." shrugged Marcus sitting down. "Anyway, this is Sebastian and he's a dang good little actor."

Sebastian just blushed.

"But still obviously shy." he said smiling.

Sebastian turned even redder making Marcus chuckle.

"You can sit down Sebastian." he said.

"Sit where?"

Marcus pointed to a chair at the end of his desk.

Sebastian obidiantly sat down as marcus and QUinn started a morning disscussion.

BUt while he was talking Marcus pulled out a nine millimeter baretta out of his desk and glanced into the chamber.

"What are you going to do with that?" asked Quinn.

"I want to see somthing." he said. He slid the pistol across the desk. "Here Sebastian."

Both Sebastian and Quinn starred.


"Break it down Sebastian."

Sebastian blinked.

"Take it appart and put it back together again. I want to see just how long it takes you."

"Marcus... are you nuts?" said Quinn.

But Marcus held up a hand to silence him. "Watch."

Sebastian was methodicaly taking the pistol appart literaly piece by piece, screws and all.

Quinn starred.

"This family keeps getting stranger and stranger." he mumbled as Sebastian was soon putting it back together again.

Marcus just chuckled as he watched. "You should see what Matt has."

"Do I want to know?"

"Probobly not." said Marcus.

"All done dad." said Sebastian holding up the barretta.

"Let me see." said marcus.

Sebastian slid the gun back across the desk.

Marcus took a close look and found it to be absolutly perfect.

"That was fast. Good job Sebastian."

"What was the point of that dad?"

"I just wanted to see if you could do what you said you could."

Just then there was a knock.

"Come in." said marcus.

The door opened and they were surprised to see Matt in baggy black pants, a black tee shirt and vest, black boots and a black trench coat. With the case to his sniper rifle strapped to his back.

"Hi Marcus, Uncle Quinn."

"You seem to be doing better. But what are you doing here Matt?" asked Marcus.

"And what's with the black get up?" asked Quinn leaning back and ballancing in his chair.

Matt gave him a slightly purturbed look. "If you want to hide in the dark, you don't wear white. Or any other bright flashy color for that matter."

"You're back doing asssassinations?" he sighed.

"It's a living. Plus I only assassinate the mafia."

"Right. We'll I'm surprised who ever you went after didn't hear you." said Marcus.

"I'm good enough to get around quietly." he said with a smile.

"Dad working last night?"

"Yup." he said takinig off the case and standing it up so he could rest his arms and his chin on it.

"NOw, you think Sebastian with a nine mil is scary, you should see what Matt has in that silver case of his." said marcus smiling.

Matt and Sebastian gave each other a curious glance before smiling at each other.

"Dare I ask?" said Quinn.

Matt opened up the case and the lid swung open on silent well oiled hinges revealing his gleaming, liquid glass sniper rifle and it's ammunition.

Quinn toppled over in his chair to the floor. "What on earth would you do with that thing?!" he gasped.

"What else would you do with it Uncle Quinn? Assassinate." he said simply, closing the case.

Quinn passed out on the floor.

"It might take him a while to accept that we have a seventeen year old assassin in the family." said Marcus truthfully.

Matt just chuckled before jumping up and sitting on top of his case as Quinn climbed back into his chair..

"So who was it last night?" Marcus asked.

"Some guy fromt he russian mafia. He was worth a good sixty thousand. Mind you they forgot to mention he's a sharp shooter himself. He got me through his window!"

Sebastian became curious. He had no idea about Matt.

"So you were hit?"

"My mother was kind enough to patch me up while screaming at me. He got me in the shoulder."

"At least your okay." said Marcus. He glanced at Quinn to see him starring at his desk. "Are you sure you want to stay with this family Quinn?" he asked. "This family is turning into something a bit more than just interesting."

"I'll say. An nine year old weapons expert and a seventeen year old tap dancing assassin. This family went from interesting to insane."

"Hey, I like my tap dancing." said Matt smiling. "And don't forget the Ashtor brothers from my mismatched side of the family."

"That's right... a rotten tempered sailor, a foul mouthed marine, and a monster of a man in cracker jacks. This family just isn't normal."

"It was never normal to begin with Quinn." said marcus. "You know that."

"Who's the nine year old weapons expert?" asked Matt.

Marcus pointed to Sebastian. "I discovered his little training when he was talking to a tiger in his bedroom last night."

"Ah ha! So I was right about you!. Word of advice. Keep the name Sebastian and stick with the family. They're strange enough to accept you."

Sebastian starred.

"We were strange enough to accept you after all." Marcus told Matt.

"A seventten year old tap dancing assassin with split personalities and yellow eyes? You've gotta be strange to accept me. Even stranger to accept my little brother."

"WEll you're little brother doesn't own a sniper rifle." said Quinn.

"So? He's the one with the uncanny ability to predict things."

"Like what?" asked Marcus.

"Every time September eleventh rolls around he get's a bit paranoid. He refuses to go near new york. Aunt Kallie tried to take him for labor day this year and she said he flipped and hid under his bed."

"What's he paranoid about?" asked Quinn



"He say's one will start oh... today. Mind you right now he's with a friend for a freind's wedding."

"So he's getting pretty tense right now isn't he?" asked Marcus.

"Yes, and he's getting me all stressed out too."

"Payback for all the times you've made him turn bright red at the dinner table." said Marcus remembering the interesting pysical and mental connection betweent he two boys.

"Can I help it if I blush when Torri kisses me?" he asked innocently.

Marcus just chuckled. "So what are you here for?"

"Just to say hello." he said smiling. "Plus mom said I can be gone for two days before she calls out the search parties."

"You might want to call her at least."

"I plan on it." he said. "It's labor day weekend and mom said I can spend it with anyone who'd keep me."

"Anyone who'd keep you huh?"


"Then I'll make you a deal. Call you're mom and make sure it's okay, but I've got the weekend off for once. If you take Sebastian with you for the day and show him around, I'll talk to Shari about letting you stay with us."


"I don't need a baby sitter dad." said Sebastian.

"Who said anything about a baby sitter? You need a friend." said Marcus. "Now get going."

Matt chuckled. "Mind if I leave my rifle Uncle marcus."

"Sure. and I promise not to mess with it."

"Provided you could even figure out how to use it. It doesn't work like a normal sniper rifle and it doesn't come with an instruction booklet."

"Then how'd you figure out to use it?"

"It come's naturally." he said smiling as he jumped down off of his case. "That and you forget it was designed especially for me." He looked at Sebastian. "You commin'?"

"Do I have a choice?"

"Probobly not." said Matt.

"He's right." said Marcus.

Sebastian sighed. "You're too stubborn dad." he mumbled following Matt out the door.

And that's chapter four. As I said I will eventualy get around to explaining Matt and his interesting personalities. But for now just keep reading!