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Chapter 16: Tearing Up The Dance Floor

The large group had left Chad's house, and had now arrived at the winter dance. Troy and Gabriella were leading the way to the table. Troy was doing most of the leading though, since Gabriella had started dancing a little to the music, which was already pounding. Everyone was following behind, doing their own thing.

Troy looked over at Gabriella and laughed. When she noticed she stopped for a moment. "What?" she asked.

"Nothing." He shook his head lightly and laughed again.

Gabriella gave him a little playful shove. "Oh shut up I like this song." She told him. "I haven't been to something like this in such a long time." She said while she looked around a little more. Everything was white and silver, with piles of fake snow in certain spots. Most of all, everything was dripping with sparkles. Gabriella knew this was Sharpay's doing, but still she didn't mind.

"Really?" Troy asked.

"Do they not have dances like this in California?" Chad asked jokingly from behind.

Gabriella just laughed. She saw Taylor laugh a little too before covering it up with a roll of her eyes. "Yes Chad we had dances." Gabriella told him. "But my friends kind of liked the partying part of them more."

Chad nodded with a little smile. "Got it." He said.

"Found it." Troy suddenly said.

"Found what?" Taylor asked.

He pointed a little ways across the room. "Our table." He said.

"Oh, finally!" Sharpay said from behind. "I thought everyone had just given up or something."

Gabriella just rolled her eyes. "Come on." Troy said and grabbed her hand.

Before either of them could take a step, a pretty brunette and her date came out of nowhere. "Gabriella!" she said excitedly. "You look amazing!" she complimented with a smile. "Of course so do you Troy." She added to the basketball captain.

Gabriella looked a little taken by surprise. This girl looked familiar to her, but then again, so did everyone. Since it had become known that Gabriella and Troy were now a couple, almost everyone in the entire school had introduced themselves to the new girl. It was hard to keep track. "Oh, thanks…" she smiled and hoped the girl would remind her of her name.

"Mandy." She smiled happily. "Anyways, have fun! See you later!" Mandy suddenly reached forward and gave Gabriella a hug before pulling away and dragging her date with her.

Sharpay watched in complete horror from the back of the group. The same thing happened about three more times, with different people from different groups in the school. They all seemed completely taken with Gabriella, which drove Sharpay completely insane.

The one thing she noticed, was that Rachel, who wasn't too far away from herself, had the same, completely disgusted look on her face.

"Oh look, there's the bathroom." Sharpay suddenly spoke up. "I think I'll go, anyone want to join me?" she asked, finishing by giving Rachel a look.

Gabriella and Taylor glanced at each other and shook their heads. Kelsi looked a little hesitant. "I'll come." Rachel said.

Sharpay smiled. "Perfect, anyone else?" she offered.

Gabriella, Taylor and Kelsi all shook their heads again. None of them wanted to spend any more time then they already had to with the cheerleader and the ice queen.

Sharpay and Rachel went off to the bathroom together, but after a moment, Kelsi couldn't help it. "Okay, even though I'd rather not be stuck in a bathroom with those two….I really have to go." She said.

"Seriously, I just don't see why everyone has a problem with Sharpay." Zeke said. No one knew what to say to that. They didn't understand how Zeke could possibly see Sharpay as a sweet, loving person all of the time.

"Okay, I'm just going to go." Kelsi said, breaking the awkward silence. She turned around and weaved through bunches of people so that she could get to the bathroom. When she got there, she pushed open the door slowly, but stopped when she heard a voice.

"I just don't get it." The unmistakable voice of Sharpay Evans drifted out to her. "It's like she has some crazy spell on him or something that has suddenly made him love obsessed." She said. "And how does everybody just fall at her feet like that? What makes her so special?" she continued to rant. Kelsi knew there was only one person Sharpay could possibly sound so angry about. Gabriella Montez.

"I know. It's sickening." Kelsi recognized this voice as Rachel's.

"Well, you didn't say much when you called me earlier." Sharpay said. "You just said you were coming up with some sort of plan. What did you mean by that?"

"Plan?" Kelsi thought to herself. She was trying her hardest to not make any noise. If she did, they would definitely stop talking.

"Well…." Rachel started. "I couldn't think up any amazing way to get Troy back to normal in the few hours that I've had, but while we're trying to figure something out, why don't we just concentrate on ruining little miss new girl's evening."

"And how are we supposed to do that exactly?" Sharpay asked. "Everything that Gabriella Montez does seems to be perfect."

"I'm sure we can figure out something." Rachel sounded excited.

Sharpay didn't seem to be paying any attention to her. "I mean, look at her tonight. Perfect date, perfect hair, perfect makeup, perfect dress…. She trailed off and sighed.

"That's it." Rachel said after a moment. "Her dress."

"What about it?" Sharpay asked. "Other then the fact that it's amazing?"

"Sharpay, do you really want to ruin Gabriella's night?" Rachel asked. She sounded serious.

"Of course." Sharpay gave a little evil laugh. "It would be hilarious to see her freak out a little."

"Okay then, listen to me carefully…"


Kelsi didn't even bother going to the bathroom. She had waited quietly outside of the bathroom and listened to Sharpay and Rachel come up with a plan. Now, her main focus was getting back to the table so that she could warn Gabriella. "Gabby!" she tried to get her friend's attention as soon as she got there.

Gabriella turned to look at her for less then a second. "Hang on." She told Kelsi, and looked back to Troy, who had been in the middle of saying something when Kelsi had come over.

"No wait, you have to listen to me, quick." Kelsi wasn't about to give up. "Sharpay and Rachel…."

"Oh man, they're on their way back already" Gabriella cut her off. She was looking in the direction that Kelsi had just come from, and sure enough there were Sharpay and Rachel, weaving their way through the tables, smiles on their faces.

"Hey there, miss us?" Sharpay laughed in her usual, overly perky way. "Oh look, there's a spot open beside Gabriella."

Taylor, who hadn't sat down yet since she had been talking to someone, looked shocked. "Actually that's my…" she started, but stopped when Sharpay sat down without even listening. "Spot." She finished a moment later.

Sharpay turned to Gabriella, who also looked a little shocked. "I think we need to get to know each other more. You never know, we could become great friends." Sharpay said happily.

"Uh…yeah." Gabriella nodded. She looked completely uncomfortable. "We could…"

"Perfect." Sharpay flashed her a smile, which scared Gabriella a little. On the outside though, she stayed cool and calm.

Troy leaned over and put a hand on Gabby's shoulder. "Don't worry." He whispered in her ear before giving her a kiss on the side of her head.


A while later, dinner had been served and eaten. People were now getting up from their tables and starting to dance. Gabriella watched until she couldn't stand it anymore. She looked at Troy and gave him a tug on the arm. "Come on, let's go dance." She said, a little louder then usual because of the music.

Troy gave a little laugh. "I'm a terrible dancer." He informed her.

She shrugged. "I don't care." She held out a hand and looked at him, waiting for his response.

From behind her, Sharpay was watching angrily. She hated watching the two of them. She hated how Gabriella had made almost very head turn when she came in. Most of all, she just hated Gabriella. So when she saw the opportune moment, she placed the tip of her pointy stiletto heel on the edge of the fabric of Gabriella's dress, which was flowing onto the floor. Her and Rachel's plan was put into action.

"Fine." Troy finally agreed. He took Gabriella's outstretched hand and pulled her up. But as soon as she took a single step forward, a loud rip filled the air. Everyone at the table looked to see where it was coming from. Gabriella was the last to look down at her dress, which she had felt being ripped.

Sharpay, being the actress she was, put on a fake look of shock, and hopped up, but not before everyone had seen her heel on the dress. "Oh my god, I am so sorry!" she said dramatically.

Gabriella, who was frozen in a state between shock and complete anger, simply stared down at the large rip that had been created in her beautiful dress. She had already determined that there was no need to freak, since that would only make Sharpay happy. So instead she took a moment, and suddenly came up with an idea.

"Okay I can fix this. Excuse me." Gabriella was trying her hardest to remain calm while she gathered up her dress.

"I'll come help." Taylor said right away. The two girls made their way quickly across the room to the bathrooms, which were luckily empty. When in there, Gabriella stopped in front of the counters and let her dress fall to the floor again. "Wait, what are you going to do?" Taylor asked.

"Hmm..." Gabriella looked carefully at the rip in her dress before reaching up to her hair and pulling out the sparkly clip that was holding some of it up. She let her hair fall around her shoulders, gathered up her dress on the ripped side and pinned it in place.

"Wow that looks awesome." Taylor told her, slightly surprised.

Gabriella looked at her reflection. Her dress was now above her knee on one side, decoratively bunched up around her hair clip. It fell across her legs and hit the floor on the other side. She had managed to pull off the repair quite nicely. "You think so?"

"Gabby, it looks like it's meant to be that way." Taylor told her. "I can't believe Sharpay just tried to ruin your night by ripping your dress." She shook her head.

"I know." Gabby agreed. "How much more immature and obsessed can you get?" she said angrily. It was okay to let it out now. "I mean, I thought the glares in the hallway an stuff were going to be the worst of it, but now this?" She stopped when Taylor was looking at her oddly. "What?" she asked.

Taylor shrugged. "You are probably just about the coolest person I've ever met." She smiled. "I mean if this had happened to anyone else, they would have attacked Sharpay then come to the bathroom in tears and refused to come out." She told her. "But you, the first thing you do is figure out how to fix your dress, and possibly make it look hotter than before."

Gabriella laughed. "See, the thing is, I wanted to scream at her out there, but it would have just been exactly what she wanted." She shrugged lightly.

Suddenly the door of the bathroom flew open and Sharpay herself came walking in. "I wanted to come check on you, I felt so bad." She said. "Sorry about your dress." She forced out a sympathetic tone. Then she actually looked at the girls in front of her. She had expected to see Gabriella crying, makeup a mess and Taylor unable to comfort her. Instead Gabriella wore a satisfied grin and what now looked like a perfectly unharmed dress. If it was possible, she looked better then before. This was not what Sharpay had wanted.

"Oh it's okay, I kind of like it better like this anyways." Gabriella lied, looking at herself in the mirror and turning around. Okay, she had to admit, she had really pulled it off. "It's growing on me." She smiled.

"Wonderful." Sharpay was clearly fuming but trying to hide it.

"Well, see you out there. I think my boyfriend is waiting." Gabriella flashed her a smile before walking past and out of the bathroom.


Just outside the door, most of their table seemed to have gathered. They were deep in discussion while waiting for any of the three girls to come out.

"I feel terrible, maybe I shouldn't have brought Sharpay." Zeke said. "I knew she would cause trouble."

"Don't worry about it man, knowing Sharpay, she probably would have done it even if she wasn't your date." Troy told him. "I just hope Gabby's okay, I mean, they've been in there a while now." he added, sounding a little worried.

"Why don't you just go in and see." Kelsi rolled her eyes.

Chad shook hid head. "No way man, don't do it." He told Troy. "You can't go in the girls bathroom it's just…" he argued.

That was when the door of the bathroom opened and Gabriella came out, surprising them all because she was smiling. Taylor was following close behind. "Sorry about that." Gabriella told everyone. Then she looked to Troy. "Still want to dance?" she asked him.

"Uh…" He was lost for words. Simply because she had gone from gorgeous to stunning. She wasn't crying or upset like he had half expected. But of course she wasn't, she was Gabriella Montez, and she had told him many times already that she wouldn't let some girl get her down. He had doubted that until now. "Of course." He smiled.

"Okay let's go." Gabriella grabbed his hand and dragged him away from the group and onto the dance floor. A slow song was just starting to play.

"So, tell me the truth." Troy said when they had made it to the middle of the dance floor. "Are you okay?" he asked.

Gabriella nodded. "For sure." She told him. "I told you I wouldn't let someone like Sharpay get me down." She reminded him. "My poor dress might have suffered a little…but I don't think it looks too bad." She glanced down at her shortened dress.

Troy definitely seemed to like it. "It still looks amazing. He told her.

Gabriella smiled. "I'm glad you think so."

She watched Troy's face turn a little more serious. "I'm sorry about Sharpay." Troy told her. "I never thought she would go this far." He shook his head, still not quite believing it.

Gabriella shrugged. "You don't see me crying about it." She smiled a little. "It's fine." She assured him.

Troy nodded. "Still, it's not fair that you have someone trying to ruin everything for you." He said. "I don't get how you just deal."

"Let's just say I've learnt that in certain situations it's better to just stay calm and move forward." Gabriella told him.

"Really?" Troy asked.

Gabby nodded. "Yeah, eventually whoever or whatever is bugging you will just give up.

"Well, in case that incredible strength of yours goes away, I'm here you know." Troy told her.

Gabby was glad that he cared so much. She smiled as soon as she had taken in what he had just said. "See, when you say things like that it makes it all worth it."