Leslie Moira was born in Cleveland, Ohio on July 14, 2000. Her mother was in labor for fourteen hours and refused to use any type of drug to help facilitate the birthing process. During those 14 fourteen hours she juggled bawling, screaming, and violently choking her husband, while yelling throughout the room, "You did this to me! It was you! You and me are gonna share this pain, Honey!" Despite the numerous physical and verbal attacks that he underwent, Leslie's father stayed there that entire time doing his best to maintain a calm atmosphere. In response to her shouting, for example, he said, "That's right, dear. Let it out. Doctor, I suggest you step back, she's actually being quite gentle with me. If she gets a hold of you there's no telling what might happen."

When Leslie left the womb, everything went dead silent except for the low hums and beeps of the medical equipment splayed about the room. This perplexed the doctors slightly because it was considered a normal and healthy response for a newborn baby to cry once they entered into the world. In Leslie's case the newfound variety of information that each of her newfound senses provided her did not scare her or shock her in slightest. It was as if she already had a clue about what to expect from the universe. In just a few seconds, she was in her mother's arms fast asleep.

When the doctors told Leslie's parents that it was somewhat odd for a newborn not to cry immediately after birth, her mother replied, "I did enough screaming for the both of us."

Leslie's father looked at his child in the arms of the woman he loved, and it dawned upon him that this would be the single greatest moment of his entire life. He held out his pinky and almost as if they had planned it together, Leslie's little fist reached up in a little yawn and her little hand stretched out and wrapped around his finger with the softest little touch he had ever felt. He looked at Leslie's face and said to his wife, "This child is going to grow to be very strong." It was at that moment when Leslie's mother spoke her name to her for the first time.

Coincidentally or not, Leslie, in some language from some time, can be translated to mean, "gray fortress." Even more interesting, is that the last name of this family, Moira, can be translated to mean, "the great." If you don't get what's being hinted at here, her name, in sum, can be translated to mean, "the great gray fortress."