Chapter 1
*characters belong to J.K. Rowling THE ALL AND MIGHTY

Harry was staying at the Burrow for another-

Harry: How come I always have to go to Ron's?? How
come I ever get to go 2 Hermione's or Neville's?!?

Me: Because I write the story your a character that
belongs to J.K. Rowling and I'm writing about you to
entertain the people who are reading this and I write
good Fics!

Ron: But the one you were going to put on the site before,

Harry: Well I accutally liked the Cho and Me thing....

Ron: O shut-up, can't you see shes trying to turn us into
some puppets of hers and mock us!

Me: No I'm not! Listen there's pelnty of people out there
who's wrote about you to! So stop complaining! I mean
there's one called Iron Wizard where Harry gets poison and
another one where you two fight about Hermione choosing your
answer! In this one you can kick Malfoy's ass and say the
F word!

Ron: Cool

-Hermione walks in carrying a book-

Hermione: Hey you guys what's all the comotion and why is it
all white??

Harry: Because this...'writer' Em MKS is trying to turn us
into her little puppets!

Hermione: Well, it is her story......Em MKS??

Me: Ya Hermione?

Hermione: Can we say the F word and kick peoples butts and can
you make me less proper?

Me: Sure, but the less proper thing would make it like Tomb
Raider or something!

-Ron looks puzzled-

-I sigh-

Me: Tomb Raider is a movie where this girl named Laura Croft
kicks peoples ass'.

Ron: O....soooo can you make it a mixture?

Harry: Can you make it like the Spice Girls movie?

Hermione: Please make me less proper!

Me: Ok Hermione gets to be less proper, No spice girl movie
junk and they went out ages ago, and the mixture thing is so
Scary Movie! I mean Scary Movie 2 only barely just made it
into theaters! So I write the Fic not you me got it? Good.

-Harry and Ron rush back to there positions-

Me: Ugh I gotta start a new chapter now!

**Next chapter we START THE ACCUTAL STORY! But we couldn't this
chapter because 3 people who remain annoymus HARRY RON AND HERMIONE**