Home Sweet Home

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A man answered the door. He was blond and had Gar's eyes but he gazed at Raven with something else lurking in his eyes, something sinister.

"Yes?" The man said in a calm tone.

"Your son is in the hospital." The man's expression didn't change in the slightest.

"Come in. You're trembling." Raven nodded and came in. It was the only way she was going to find out the truth. "Honey, could you make some tea? We have a guest, a friend of Gar's apparently." Gar's father led Raven through a well decorated house. It didn't look any different from any other suburban home. Just then an attractive blonde haired woman came in and smiled at Raven.

"And just how do you know our son?"

"We're dating." The couple looked at each other with shocked expressions. Then the husband started laughing, great big peals of laughter that shook his whole body.

"It seems even that little shit can find someone." Mr. Logan said with malice in his voice. Raven started backing towards the door but Mr. Logan grabbed her roughly. "You're trembling again. Just like Garfield did when we began his "therapy"."

"What did you do to him?!" Raven yelled.

"Our dear boy saw something he shouldn't have so we had to try and make him forget. First we used pain. We shocked him, whipped him, and even broke a few of his bones. But that didn't work so we resorted to Mrs. Logan's tea. She's something of a genius when it comes to herbs and drugs of that sort. But it seems that didn't work." Mr. Logan then withdrew a syringe from his jacket. It was filled with a milky substance and Raven had fear in her eyes. "You see one night, our dear daughter Terra tried to run away. We had used the same "therapy" on her to test something or other. I forget just exactly what we were trying to do. Needless to say we made sure she would never try and run away again and Garfield saw us. And now it seems we have another person to get rid of." Just as the syringe was about to poke into Raven's skin the door crashed in and scores of policeman came in.

"Freeze! Drop the weapon now!" Mr. Logan did as he was asked and they put him and his wife in handcuffs. Raven removed the wire from her shirt and gave it to one of the detectives.

"Will that put them away?" The detective nodded and Raven left to go see her boyfriend.

Gar's dreams were troubled. He saw his sister being hit again and again as he watched from his hiding place. He had wanted to save her but his little body couldn't stand up to his parents. They had found him hiding and dragged him out. They shoved his face into Terra's cold lifeless eyes.

"Why did you hurt Terra?" The small boy asked.

"She tried to run, Garfield. She was a bad girl." The child then felt a needle poke into his neck and he was knocked out. They had shocked him and beat him and then drugged him. "Terra died from a disease. It was very sad, wasn't it Gar?" Eventually the boy's mind began to accept this version of events but in his dreams he saw those lifeless blue eyes staring at him. And he heard her voice.

"Gar…don't cry. You've got to live. No matter what you've got to stay alive." Gar's eyes shot open and he found himself sitting underneath a massive cherry tree. A small boy with violet eyes and dark hair was standing over him.

"I'm Mal and you know my sister Rae-Rae!" Gar nodded. "I'm so glad! You've made her really happy but right now she's sad because you're gone. So wake up already sleepyhead! If you don't I'll beat you up for making Rae-Rae cry!"

"Oh Mal, don't worry. My little brother wouldn't leave your sister alone." Gar started at the voice that said this and saw his sister standing beside Mal. "Hey Gar, long time no see!" Gar smiled at her and tried to speak but found that he couldn't. "Sorry this is only for a short while, it's not your time yet." Terra looked at her brother with those lively blue eyes that Gar remembered so well. Gar tried to reach out a hand to grab onto Terra but she just looked at him with compassion. "Don't worry, we'll see each other again and tell Raven that Mal want's her to cheer up and stop being so grumpy all the time, okay?" Gar nodded and then he was blinded by a white light and the two figures disappeared. Gar awoke to find Raven sleeping in a chair next to him.

"Rae?" At her name the teen opened her eyes and then rubbed them, as if not believing what she was seeing. Then she flung herself onto Gar's beaten up form. He winced but found that it didn't hurt so badly.

"Your parents won't hurt you again, Gar. I made sure of it. Right now they're awaiting trial for manslaughter." Gar didn't know how to feel at that but quickly shook it out of his head.

"Thank you for saving me Rae. I saw Mal and he told me to tell you to stop being so grumpy all the time and cheer up." Raven started crying at this but nodded.

"I don't think I'll be so sad now that I have you in my life." Gar gave her a beaming smile and wiped some tears off her face.

"I told you Rae, crying doesn't suit you." Raven gave him a beautiful smile and she leaned in to kiss him.

"Hold on just a second there princess!" Trigon shouted from the door. Raven whirled around, blushing heavily. "Who knows what germs you're giving him from that kiss?" Trigon said. Raven walked up and glared at her father.

"Dad, you ruined a perfectly good moment." She then smiled and hugged her father very tightly. "But I forgive you." Trigon looked down at his daughter with astonishment.

"That's the first time you've willingly hugged me since Mal's funeral."

"And I'm sorry for that. You and Mom have been so patient with me. Thank you."

"Anything for my princess." Raven smiled at that and hugged her father again while Gar cheered from his bed.

A few months later…

The couple walked hand in hand towards the cemetery, bouquets in hand. They both knelt in front of two headstones and paid their respects. Then they switched positions and repeated their thanks for the dead. Raven walked up to Gar and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"How are you feeling?" She whispered. Gar quickly turned around and hugged her fiercely.

"Safe. When I'm with you I feel so safe, like I'm home." Raven smiled at that and the two walked away, hand in hand. Cherry blossoms flew past the pair as they walked home, touching the two lover's like a farewell kiss.