Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer-

"There is one girl in all the world, a special girl...endowed with the powers to face the evil to fight the evil..."

"Change the rules."

Willow grows brighter, then white, then collapses.


Three friends, one male and two girls, walked down the hall of their high school. The male, having dark wavy hair and nickname based on his proper name simply shortened, stared lovingly (and a little lustingly) at the blonde next to him while trying not to look like it. The other girl was blabbering on to them in a style she was known for.

The blonde didn't see a stray piece of paper in front of her. She slipped on it like the hundreds of times she slipped in junior high. Only this time was different. Nearly subconciously and surprisingly fast, her hand reached out in back of her and carried her in a flip back to her feet.

Her friends stopped, shocked.

"I guess that cheerleading payed off.", the boy stated. "Mmmm...cheerleading. Ow!"

He exclaimed when the other girl elbowed him.