Author's Note: I'd like to thank christylee for the inspiration her Lizzie McGuire stories provided. I doubt they'll have much actual impact on the plot. But reading them has motivated me to continue this.


Melina came over to Matt's house as soon as being grounded for flooding its basement was over. As far as she was concerned, concrete was concrete. They pumped the water out once the heat wave was over...well, when they were caught. She didn't see any reason why the McGuires had to call her parents, even before Lanny's. Matt did all the engineering and Lanny did all the heavy lifting (even if he complained about it like he always vocally did). She just...motivated.

The thin girl tried to breeze past Sam, but a forceful tug on her long blonde hair held her back. "What are the conditions of you being let back into this house, young lady?"

The girl huffed but figured it was better to humor him than fight him on this. "No using a room for a purpose it wasn't intended. No remodelling. No getting Matt and Lanny to remodel it for me. That's it, right?"

Sam waved her away. And with that she headed straight up to Matt's room.

"Finally.", Matt declared. "I spent all summer listening to Lanny yammer on and nothing to stop him with."

Lanny glared at Matt, then grudgingly shrugged his shoulders.

"Oh, it's even better than that.", Melina told him. "Look what I can do."

And with that she jumped, rolled twice in mid-air, and just managed to land on her feet.

Lanny clapped with ecstatic enthusiasm.

Matt sighed. "Yeah, my sister can do the same thing."

Melina's eyes narrowed. "What do you mean?"

"The crazy gymnastics."/

Flashback- Lizzie vaulted over Matt to land on the kitchen island. After grabbing a bagel without breaking momentum, she soumersaulted away.

"The smell the loose change in my pockets."/

Flashback-His sister hovered over Matt, sniffing away. "$1.67. Mostly nickels."

"The super strength."/

Flashback-Lizzie was holding Matt upside down and shaking the loose change out of his pockets. "Thanks, Matt. This will cover coffee."

Matt continued on. "I'm just glad we have a health class in junior high. This puberty stuff is getting really weird."

Lanny nodded in agreement.


"A date?", Lizzie asked. Again. "A real live date?"

Miranda glared at her friend with exasperation. "Yes. For the last time it is a real date."

Gordo then chose that moment to walk up to the two. "What's up?"

Lizzie looked to Gordo for vindication. "Miranda has a date."

Gordo glanced back and forth between the two of them. He then put his arm around Lizzie and looked at Miranda with a hint of trepidation in his eyes.

"Not with her, moron.", she spat at him.

Gordo smiled uncomfortably. "Oh. Sorry. Short man equals low self-esteem."

Miranda huffed. "And as for you, Ms. McGuire. You know he cleans up well."

Flashback-Larry Tudgeman in a leather jacket, rockin' shades and highlights in his hair.

"And he just made the gymnastics team."

Flashback-Larry Tudgeman in the highschool's gym clothes turning the same standing double back flip Melina demonstrated for Matt.

Gordo looked back at the flashbacks. "Wait, you have a date with Tudgeman?"

"Oh, not you too.", Miranda scolded.

Gordo held his hand out protectively. "Oh no, not me. I hope you have lots of fun on your date."

Miranda nodded to him then stared at Lizzie. "Thank you."

"And if you end up marrying him, at least it'll be really easy to do his laundry.", Gordo finished.

"Watch it, chico!", Miranda hissed at him.

"Oh, that reminds me.", Gordo stated. He then pulled his camcorder out of his backpack. "I'm all charged up and ready to document your first patrol."

Miranda rolled her eyes, still heated from the earlier teasing. "The whole superhero thing?"

Lizzie then became alarmingly serious.

Cartoon Mode-"Note serious face.", she said while pointing to herself.

"Look. I had, like, a dream last night. And you and Gordo and I were all walking along at night. And it felt really real. Like we were supposed to be walking that particular street at that particular moment. I want you to come with us. It really means a lot to me."

Miranda still huffed with crossed arms and raised eyebrow. But looking at her friends, one shining with enthusiasm itching to record anything at all with his camcorder and the other seemingly so distressed she couldn't hold out. "Alright, I'll come with you. All for one, like usual."