A/N- Sorry Sayosi, luff, so sorry. First I make you read, then write, but I still hadn't finished this. Well, though this version is vastly different from what I had on paper, here. Bit of sillyness to brighten your day; either by making you laugh, or by making you glad you can write better than this. Mostly dialogue, which I'm sorry for, but eh. What can you do. I was tired. Am tired. Oh, but I'm glad to say I never once used 'walked', or any manifestation of it, here.

Oh, and readers? If you have absolutely no idea what they're talking about, refer to the title, then blame Sayosi. Enjoy?

"No. No way."

"Why ever not? We already made the point that it wouldn't be messy if we ate it off fast en-"

"You made that point!"


Natsuki readied herself for the unavoidable dispute, tossing her hair out her eyes with an air of arrogance too much a bluff for her liking. This time she'd win.

"Because it-it's sticky. And melty-"

Shizuru turned her lips up in a playful smile, cutting in with, "Not if we buy the good kind."

The younger girl paused, a thoughtful frown replacing her adamant glare. "There's a good- no! That's not relevant. It's messy, it'll be sticky whether or not we buy 'the good kind', and it's-"


"No! Well, yes, but…"

"Interesting? Different? An amazing sensory experience?"

"I, that's…"

"An experiment? Something you can be reasonably sure Mai-san's never done with Tate?"

Natsuki's shoulders dropped back to their usual position, her face relaxing. She hated to admit it, but…

Darn you Shizuru, you and your logic. Your very…reasonable logic.

Pretending not to notice her lover's expectant stare, Natsuki put up a last pretense of disinterest (blank face and turned head all included) before scoffing and grabbing the keys from where they lay on the counter.


Shizuru clapped her hands happily. "Good. If we hurry, we can make it to the store before they close. If not, there are others…"

The (brief) argument won by the opposing force yet again, Natsuki could only roll her eyes as she was dragged towards the door. She tried to hang onto her gruff look, and found she didn't really mind when she couldn't. It was too hard to stay mad, or even mildly annoyed. Finding herself caught up in Shizuru's enthusiasm, she could only manage a half-hearted 'hmph' as she closed the door behind her.