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"Wow, what's going on in there?" Goku sounded very surprised as he looked on. "Videl is good, she keeps hitting him, but it's like Spopovitch isn't even feeling it."

"There's no way he can take that many hits." Gohan agreed, "Something's going on and I don't like it."

"Please," Shin had floated up to their group while everyone's eyes had been on the match, "I believe I can give a measure of explanation."

"Oh?" Vegeta sneered, "And what, pray-tell, do you know about the affairs of humans?"

"Vegeta, show some respect." Piccolo immediately jumped in, "You're talking to the Supreme Kai."

That statement immediately made all the present Z-fighters stop and listen. They'd all heard of the Kais and, except for Krillin, Gohan and Vegeta, had all been trained by one of them.

"What!?" Goku literally fell back on his ass in surprise, "There's a Supreme Kai!? But I thought that the Grand Kai was the highest of the Kais!"

"Not quite." Shin returned, "While the Grand Kai is the supervisor of heroes and the lesser Kais, who train heroes and oversee the safety of the universe, as the Supreme Kai I stand above them and with a different responsibility."

"But that is not for you to learn." Kibito interjected, "The duty of the Supreme Kai is not for mortals to worry over."

"But as Kibito so subtly mentions, we have more pressing matters to attend." Shin continued. "You mentioned before that Spopovitch's power is not normal. Based on the mark on his forehead, Spopovitch has fallen under the control of an ancient enemy of mine."

"So… it's not just a tattoo?"

"No, it the mark of Majin, a mind-controlling magic employed by an ancient wizard called Babidi. He and I have been at war since before the birth of your species. He has come to earth and I intend to find him and destroy him. For this reason, I wish to request your aid."

"Why do you need our help?" Tien asked.

"Because Babidi will have numerous servants to hinder me. I likewise need allies in order to reach him."

"And Spopovitch is one of those servants?" Gohan barely glanced at the Kai as he asked, his eyes instead focusing on the match.

"Yes. I hope that by following them, I can locate Babidi's base."

"So… my girlfriend is being used as bait?" Now there was suddenly anger in his voice. "I should warn you; I'm not pleasant to be around when I'm angry. And this is pissing me off."

"Keep your anger in check, mortal!" Kibito stepped in front of the Supreme Kai and glared at Gohan. "And pay attention instead. Despite the Majin mark, the female is doing rather well."

Gohan turned his eyes back to the match and had to agree; Videl still had momentum on her side, landing blow after blow on Spopovitch and had him eating dirt for the seventh time in the match. Still, he was feeling uneasy. If Spopovitch had gotten extra powers from Babidi…

Gohan could only hope that all his training was enough.


In the ring, Videl stepped back after once again making Spopovitch intimately familiar with the large stone panels. And, like every time before, the bald giant stood right back up and grinned.

Videl almost felt like sighing. This guy never stayed down. It was not only annoying, but also very tiring. She could already feel the familiar burn of exhaustion spreading across her entire body.

'I have to change tactics.' Videl finally concluded, 'He somehow has the stamina to keep taking my attacks.'

Just then, like several times before, Spopovitch charged forward, one hand extended and the other drawn back. Jumping up, Videl easily cleared the charge then used her height to spin-kick Spopovitch in the back of the head. No matter how tough he was, he had to feel that.

Spopovitch didn't even flinch from the hit, but instantly turned and swatted Videl away. The attack was so sudden and surprising that Videl had no chance to block it and was sent flying. But she was used to aerial maneuvering now, thanks to training with Gohan, and managed to flip around and make a proper three-point landing. The hit she took was showy, but did little damage.

Until Videl looked up and saw how he had swatted her aside.

'I broke his ribs! How can he still move his arm like that!?'

Spopovitch hadn't flinched or delayed in the slightest when he attacked. Even now, he was simply standing up before charging in again. The complete lack of reaction to what should have been a hampering and extremely painful injury made Videl reach a conclusion. Spopovitch was not the first opponent she fought that didn't feel any pain. Not even the first human one.

'He must be on drugs.' She concluded, 'No pain sensation would explain why he's not feeling my attacks either.'

While processing this new bit of information, Videl still had to dodge Spopovitch's charge; sidestepping to avoid him, then jumping away and back flipping twice bought her all the distance and time she needed.

'If he can't feel pain, I have to make sure his body can't move.' She concluded, 'Not very nice, but not forbidden either.'

Bonecrushers, as they were often called, were mostly frowned upon in professional fighting. Attacking with the intent of breaking bones, dislocating joints and generally smashing an opponent's skeleton was never welcomed. There was no way to avoid long-term damage and as such, it was discouraged. But there were several fighting styles based around the concept – mostly those more oriented on practical fighting rather than tournaments – and so the World Tournament of Martial Arts had never forbidden the use of such techniques.

This time it was Videl who charged forward, Spopovitch meeting her halfway. With the difference in size and mass, Videl had little chance to win a direct exchange of power. Or even of breaking through his muscles with her own strength. Not without using her energy. But for now, she wanted to keep this an even fight; Spopovitch was a normal fighter, she could take him down with normal means.

And all she had to do to break through his muscles was use his own weight and power against him.

So she ducked under his first strike, sidestepped his left knee and used the fact that all his weight was now being supported on his right leg – which was fully extended, wide open and wobbly – to aid. Putting her full weight behind her attack, Videl kicked out and hit Spopovitch straight on the side of his knee.

A sickening crunch was heard as Spopovitch's knee bent sideways; a direction no knee was ever meant to bend. That forced Spopovitch to go down on the ground, his knee unable to do anything. Vaulting over him again, Videl followed up her attack with a full-weight drop-kick on Spopovitch's left elbow. Like the knee before it, Spopovitch's elbow bent in an unnatural direction as she crushed the joint.

For the first time since the match started, Spopovitch reacted to Videl's attacks, roaring in pain.



"Alright! Go Videl!" Erasa shouted as she looked on at the match. "That was a bit nasty, but she won, didn't she?"

"Looks like it!" Sharpener had been shouting encouragements just as loud as Erasa, excitement still obvious. Both their faces were still red, panting for breath.

"That might be a bit excessive." A student of Hercule's said. Like the blondes he had been cheering his master's daughter on. "But that'll have done it! She won!"

"Alright, nice one Vi!" Erasa literally jumped for joy, "She won her first match in the real Word Tournament. You go girl!"

"Wait… why hasn't the referee called the fight?" Sharpener suddenly realized that there had been no loud announcement of the winner. Immediately, his eyes turned back towards the ring.

Where Spopovitch was now standing, still bellowing his rage towards Videl. But that wasn't the real surprise, or what shocked the entire VIP area – and most of the stands in general – into silence. Spopovitch was standing on both his legs and his elbows were once again bending in their natural direction.

"What the fu-"


Still screaming, Spopovitch charged towards Videl, like he had done dozens of times so far. But this time, he was much, MUCH faster than before. If it hadn't been for all her training with Gohan – who had a similar habit of charging forward at full speed without warning – she would no doubt have taken a devastating hit. As it was, Videl barely managed to dodge the attack then create some more distance between the two of them.

'What the hell!' her eyes were wide, 'I crushed his limbs! How the hell is he using them again?' Again Spopovitch charged, even faster than before, but now Videl was ready for the change in speed and reacted accordingly. Sidestepping his first punch, she ducked under his follow-up elbow, then jumped up and slammed her fist into his neck. It was a dangerous attack and against an ordinary opponent, she would have crushed the windpipe, ensuring her opponent a slow and painful death.

Spopovitch didn't even notice the hit, instead grabbing her arm and taking hold, leaving Videl with no way out. She could barely get her other arm up to defend herself from Spopovitch's punch. Still, being smashed into the ground HURT.

'He's not on drugs.' Videl's mind was still working as she rolled back to evade Spopovitch's kick – he'd been aiming to crush her head underneath his boot if she hadn't rolled away – and jumped up. 'Drugs kill pain, but I've never heard of one that can do this. It's like… like he's recovering from everything I do.'

This time Videl went on the offensive, she couldn't allow Spopovitch to build up too much momentum. If she allowed him to control the pace, she'd be forced into a corner with no way out before she knew it. Evade three attacks in a row, Videl feinted an attack. Spopovitch made to grab her would-be attack.

'He's been letting me beat on him!' she realized then. 'If he's recovering from all my attacks, he can easily memorize when and where I'll strike. That crazy bastard…'

Ducking underneath another charge – really, this guy had no variation on his attacks, did he? – She didn't even bother launching a counter-attack, instead just backing off.

'But if he's using some sort of miracle recovery method…' Videl continued her line of thought, 'I'll never be able to beat him in a straight up fight. I need something else. If he's using recovery… I guess I'll just stop holding back.'

So, as soon as Videl's feet touched the ground, she charged forward. But unlike before, she was now using everything that Gohan had taught her. Simply using her energy easily tripled her speed and she punched Spopovitch in the stomach before the brute could even blink. And like her speed, her power had also been increased significantly; the bald man was sent flying back from the hit, his feet digging trenches.

"WOW FOLKS, I CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT I'M SEEING!" the commenter's voice was easy to hear now that all the cries from the stadium were suddenly stopped. Everyone in the stadium was watching with wide eyes at what Videl had done. "IT LOOKS LIKE VIDEL JUST DECIDED TO UP THE ANTE AND USE MORE POWER. AND THE EFFECT IS IMMEDIATE; SPOPOVITCH CAN BARELY KEEP HIMSELF IN THE RING! THIS MIGHT JUST BE THE GAMECHANGER SHE NEEDS!"

Just like he said, Spopovitch had not been punched out of the ring, if only by an inch, his heels were already out of the ring, but he'd stopped himself on time. By digging his fingers into the stone tiles.

And still, he kept on shouting.


"Nice going Videl!" Gohan shouted as he continued to look at the match. He'd been as surprised as anyone when Spopovitch had suddenly recovered from the damage to his limbs, but that was more than likely a benefit of being under Babidi's control. Even so, she'd managed to turn the tables on the madman. The entire fight, Videl had been fighting with nothing but her martial arts ability; a test to prove to herself and everyone that she really did belong here, with the world's greatest, for her skills.

But a moment ago, when Spopovitch had revealed his healing ability, Gohan felt Videl's energy rising to its normal level. And the difference in speed and energy immediately became obvious. Spopovitch made another wild charge towards her, but with her real speed Videl was running circles around him. And now, every hit she landed DID make Spopovitch recoil.

"Keep it up Videl!" Goku was standing right next to his son, cheering the girl on. Krillin was on Gohan's other side, also yelling encouragements. Piccolo, Tien, Vegeta and #18 were all standing back a little, keeping their eyes on either the Supreme Kai and his aid, Spopovitch's partner Yamu, or Gohan.


True, Videl was starting to get tired, Gohan could tell. And Spopovitch, despite appearances, wasn't slowing down. In fact, Gohan was sure that the giant was beginning to speed up, little by little, trying to match Videl's pace.

"Videl, look out!" Gohan suddenly shouted, "He's still trying to exhaust you!"

Before Videl could act or acknowledge Gohan's advice, Spopovitch struck. Grabbing one of Videl's arms in his massive hands, he swung her around and grabbed one of her legs with the other. Completely extended, Videl was completely defenseless as Spopovitch raised one of his knees. From that angle… he could easily break Videl's spine.

"NO!" Gohan's energy was already rising, the Super Saiyan transformation a breath away, when Videl took action.

"KIAAAH!" with a loud shout, Videl pusher her energy out of her body in a wave of blinding explosive light. The sudden attack pushed Spopovitch back and for the second time in the match, silence ruled over the arena.

Videl was standing in the center of the ring, panting but unharmed. Spopovitch was still down on the ground, struggling to get up. The energy blast had completely blown off his left hand, so there was only a stump below the elbow, and had burned most of his right, leaving him with two-and-a-half burnt fingers there.

"VIDEL!" Gohan shouted, seeing Spopovitch get back up, "DON'T LET UP NOW! TAKE HIM OUT!"


Videl didn't spend any more time playing nice. Gohan saw her accelerate and attack. While he had no difficulty keeping up with her movements, he imagined that to most people in the stadium, she was moving faster than they could see.

She was upon Spopovitch in an instant, sending his head skywards with an uppercut, before jumping up and kicking him in the face, then moving behind him to sweep his legs, jump over him to deliver a drop-kick in the stomach that made the giant bounce back off the ground, only to be caught by her follow-up; a reverse flick that turned into a horizontal drop-kick.

Spopovitch was speeding towards the edge of the ring, but Videl didn't take any more chances. She rushed after him, landing punch after punch and keeping the larger fighter moving backwards. Until Spopovitch suddenly returned Videl's earlier move and sent out a wave of energy that forced the raven-haired fighter back.

Fortunately, Videl was fast enough to evade the wave and escape unharmed. Spopovitch hadn't used the move a second too soon; he was already outside the ring, mere inches from the canvas wall, but hovering in the air.

"Hey, Videl is pretty fast." Goku mused, "Especially for her level of energy… she's a lot faster then I would've thought. Impressive."

"Dad… I'm more worried about Spopovitch. Every time Videl has him in a corner, he pulls out a new trick." Gohan returned, "And… look at his hands!"

True enough, Spopovitch's right hand had regained its normal color and was changing shape until the missing fingers were rapidly reforming. Meanwhile, Spopovitch's left arm was also rapidly extending and changing shape.

"I don't believe it." Piccolo sounded completely stunned, "His regenerative ability is incredible."

"Yeah," Gohan clenched his teeth as he agreed, "It's almost as strong as Cell's."


Standing behind the line of warriors, far away from prying eyes, the Supreme Kai was relieved that none of the mortals were looking at him. Like them, he had been surprised. Babidi's agents had always gained enhanced abilities, but never anything of this scale.

He had expected the humans to gain access to normally latent powers, such as the use of Energy, but based on the reactions of everyone else the regeneration was not normal to their biology.

But, if Supreme Kai was honest with himself, he barely paid any attention to that. While everyone was focusing on the fight – and the girl was putting up an impressive effort – he was instead using his telepathy to dig into the mind of Spopovitch's partner. Earlier, he had tried it with the large muscular man when the fight had started. Being in physical activity tended to make it more difficult for opponents to shield their minds, but Spopovitch's mind was barely existent. Yamu's was better, but only slightly.

In fact, if what he had learned from Babidi's henchman so far was correct, the only reason Yamu was not also a drooling berserker was the fact that someone – probably Babidi himself – was in direct control and held back his anger.

The controller also made it more difficult for Supreme Kai to dig into Yamu's memories, however. Whoever was controlling him would be able to feel Supreme Kai's presence and that would destroy any advantages he would have.

Because Supreme Kai was confident that, with the help of the Saiyan warriors, he could defeat Babidi. But he would need to find Babidi's lair first.


'I'm not sure how much longer I can keep this up.' Videl sidestepped another attack, but Spopovitch's speed almost matched her own and she was unable to counter. In fact, Spopovitch, now that he had revealed he too knew of energy and flight, was attacking like never before; charging from every direction, sending energy blasts when he was on a distance…

He gave her no rest in between barrages. By this point, it was all Videl could do to evade the attacks. And for all his injuries, Spopovitch wasn't even breathing hard yet.

'Whatever it is that's healing his wounds… it must also help his stamina.'

It was a logical conclusion. Either that, or Spopovitch was somehow still holding back. Just like she had been, he'd been toying around for most of the fight. When it got right down to it… they were more likely than not equals in terms of power. Videl had the edge in speed and technique, Spopovitch in power and stamina.

From the other side of the ring, Spopovitch launched another barge of energy blasts, which Videl evaded by flying up. Before she had fully cleared the blasts, though, Spopovitch suddenly appeared before her and backhanded her. Right back into the path of an energy blast without any time to block.

The explosion blinded Videl for a second, but worse still, knocked her back. It was all she could do to slow herself down before she landed outside the ring. It was the first energy blast Spopovitch had landed during the fight and Videl could immediately feel its effects; her clothes were torn, her hairband incinerated – and more than likely, some of her hair had been burned – one of her gloves completely destroyed and several burns all over her body.

'Gohan was right.' She concluded as she forced herself back to her feet, 'my shields need more work.'

But that point was moot, for now. She still had to deal with the raving lunatic that was trying to kill her first. As Spopovitch slowly descended with a bloodthirsty grin, Videl did a quick check of herself.

Left arm had small burns, probably slowed down and sensitive. Right arm was fine, but very much tired; she'd always favored attacking with her right. Her legs were much the same; the left side had taken most of the blasts' damage, but her right knee was beginning to ache from how often she had hit Spopovitch with it. And, in addition to that, she could feel exhaustion and bruises all over her body.

'If I keep this up… I'm going to lose.' Videl finally realized. Spopovitch was almost back on the ground, still looking like he was out for blood.

'I've got one shot to win this.' Videl continued her thoughts as Spopovitch crouched down for another charge, 'I wanted to save this as a surprise for Gohan… but I don't use it now, I doubt I'll even get to face him. Too bad. I'm not going to lose to this mindless freak show!'

"Come on, Spopovitch!" Videl widened her stance, lowered her center of gravity and gathered her energy. She'd need everything she could gather for this. Clenching her fists, a white aura of power immediately appeared around her.


Fortunately, Spopovitch didn't disappoint; he immediately charged forward while Videl didn't have her stance, his arm drawn back in order to deliver a massive hit. Just as he closed in, Videl gathered all the energy she'd gathered into her right fist and moved.

As so had done so many times in the match, she ducked underneath Spopovitch's attack – really, didn't he ever learn? – But this time she didn't care about his follow-up. Instead, she smashed her right fist into his stomach and released all the energy she'd gathered there.

Her new technique – which she'd been developing on her own, in secret from Gohan – was far more powerful then she would've thought; the energy that erupted from her fist tore right through Spopovitch, erupting out his back and leaving a hole large enough for Videl to sit in. if he hadn't been so massive, he would have been torn in two by the blast. As it was, only the smallest line of skin still kept his chest attached to his legs; his stomach and hips were completely evaporated.

Videl's look of shock was only matched by that of Spopovitch. She had expected her new attack to be powerful – it had to be, if she wanted to gain an advantage against Gohan – but not this powerful. That was it; she was disqualified from the tournament for killing her opponent in the match. The worst part, though, was that Videl didn't even feel that bad. Spopovitch wasn't her first kill – the CCDD Soldiers in the factory had been, when she'd first tried out her full power – but for the first time, she didn't feel bad. Spopovitch had tried to kill her. Still, the same was true for the Soldiers, but with them, Videl had felt bad for a while.

Just then, Spopovitch twitched, his left arm raising an inch of the ground. Videl jumped up and let out a scream.

"UNBELIEVABLE!" The commentator had been talking apparently, but Videl hadn't heard him, "EVEN NOW, SPOPOVITCH STILL ISN'T DOWN FOR THE COUNT! I'VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE!"

From where she was floating, Videl saw he was right; she'd been standing in the hole in Spopovitch's body when he'd fallen on the ground around her, but now she saw that the giant still wasn't dead.

His head was twisting, trying to get up so he could look at Videl. His left arm was slowly rising, no doubt trying to push himself up. And the hole Videl had just blasted… it was shrinking!

"Just what will it take to put you down!" Videl found herself screaming. "When will you stay down already?"


The hole was closing quicker now. If that only took five seconds… he'd be up before the ten count was completed. And Videl didn't have the juice for another attack like that.


"Fine. How about I do this the easier way." Videl finally said. She landed next to Spopovitch and gathered her power for one more action.


Reaching down, Videl grabbed Spopovitch's leg – his boot had been torn and discarded long ago – and heaved. The hole in his chest was now almost fully closed, but he was still defenseless as Videl heaved him up and then threw him.


In mid-air Spopovitch was apparently recovered, because his arms suddenly started flailing again, but he was too late. With a touchdown that was far too soft for Videl's liking, the giant landed on the grass.

Outside of the ring.

She'd done it

She'd won.


Outside of the ring, Spopovitch stood back up, his eyes even more crazy then before, showing rage that Videl had never seen before. Even Gohan, at his worst, hadn't looked that angry. And the sheer bloodlust and killing intend behind it made her shiver for a second.


That second was al Spopovitcch needed as he charged forward, his hands aiming for her throat.


Back in the waiting area, Gohan saw it all happen and couldn't contain a smile and overjoyed shout. She'd done it! Videl had won! Whatever it was she just did, it had worked; Spopovitch had been down long enough for Videl to throw him out of the ring. But honestly, his regenerative ability was –

Apparently Spopovitch didn't care that he had lost. The instant he was on his feet, his loss already declared, he charged forward, intend on killing Videl.

The entire stadium floor cracked and burst into smaller piles that exploded everywhere as Gohan smashed the giant into the floor with unmatched power. The entire island shook from the force of the punch as people in the stands were toppled over.

It had all happened before anyone else had even realized that Spopovitch was back on his feet. But now the giant was face-down and unlike when Videl had attacked, he wasn't immediately getting back up. Gohan was still standing over the imprint, between his girlfriend and the raging berserker.

Glancing back for a second to make sure that Videl was okay – Spopovitch hadn't gotten near her, but the power of Gohan's sudden attack had knocked her down on her ass – Gohan reached down and grabbed Spopovitch by the head.


Back in the ring, Gohan pulled Spopovitch out of the hole by his head. Like he had expected, the human was still alive, if completely stunned.

"Listen up and listen closely dirt bag." Gohan whispered. He didn't need the entire world to hear this. Just Spopovitch. "Try to attack her again and I'll show you just what I'm really capable of. I've fought regenerations a million times more powerful then you and I've come out on top. Get. Out."

With that, Gohan dropped Spopovitch who just fell back down and turned around. Videl was already standing and looking stunned.

"Thanks." she finally said. "If you hadn't stepped in…"

"You're ok?" Gohan asked. Only when Videl nodded back did either of them notice the noise the crowd was making. It seemed that the thousands of people present had recovered and they were now all shouting their approval of Gohan's action.

"You realize you just made us the world's most famous battle couple, don't you?" Videl smiled. Gohan returned the smile.

"I guess I did." Gohan returned, offering her a hand to walk her back. Instead of taking it, Videl just took his arm and let him support her – much more then Gohan had expected she would allow.


Once they were out of the sight of the crowds, Videl finally gave in to her exhaustion. Gohan could barely grab hold of her and maneuver her onto a bench before her legs gave out.

She briefly wondered where her father was, before realizing he was probably still in his private room. The Champion's Chamber was a room that only the current champion was allowed to use; it allowed him to prepare for battles in peace, while showing him live action from the ring via camera feed. And Videl imagined her dad was pretty stunned by some of the things she'd done in the fight.

Gohan was still standing in front of her, looking her over, when another much larger person stepped between them. For a second, Videl thought that Spopovitch had returned and slipped past Gohan, but then she realized it was actually Kibito. And for whatever reason, the pink-skinned man got a glare from Gohan, most likely because their match was up next.

"Do not move." Kibito suddenly ordered. Before Videl could even try to move, he placed a glowing hand on her shoulder. Light engulfed Videl's entire body as she felt her exhaustion just… disappear. In fact, every injury she'd suffered seemed to disappear in a second.

Gohan's expression matched that of Videl; a look of complete surprise and amazement.

"A gift from my master." With another frown, Kibito turned around and walked away. "I will see you in the ring momentarily."


Floating in his specially designed amphitheater, Babidi was almost disturbed from his meditation by the scratching of the mechanical door opening. Dabura stepped out of the Chamber of Evil, looking tired but much more powerful than before. For the past three days, the King of Demons had been in that chamber – a new record, to be sure – meditating to increase his power in anticipation of today's events.

"Hehehe, nicely done Dabura." The ancient wizard smiled. "With your new power, you should be more than capable to defend me from whatever help the Kai can summon up from this planet."

"Indeed, my lord." The Demon King went down on one knee for his master, as always. "I am ready to defend you against any and all foes."

"And to think," Babidi kept on giggling, "that fool of a Kai thinks he still has the element of surprise. I've known he'd be here since I discovered this planet. He's doing exactly what I want."

"Spopovitch has been defeated." Gero suddenly said. The now gigantic bio-android, with its grotesque appearance, had been sitting on the side of the room, plugged into the ships' computers. Dabura was instantly next to the giant, pressing his boot into Gero's face.

"When you address the Master, you will show proper respect." The Demon intoned once again, "Call him Master and bow in his presence, cretin."

"Yes, yes, I know Gero." Babidi waved the information away. "I've been observing the fight through Yamu's eyes. You were right; some of the fighters on this planet are very capable. Which is exactly why we will succeed. I've been feeding the Kai all the information we want."

"Very well," Gero tried to say something, but Dabura instantly shut him up by pressing his boot down. "urh. Fine! Master… I will… do you wish me to activate the second stage?"

"Not yet." Babidi smirked, "Spopovitch and Yamu were sent there to gather information, but I've learned nothing of the strongest fighters yet. We will wait until the next match is underway; the Kai's underling should provide enough of a challenge for me to see what that boy is capable of. And their fight will give us enough of a cover for stage two."

"Very we – As you wish, master." Dabura finally eased the pressure off of Gero's body, allowing the bio-android to return to work.

"Oh, I can almost taste it!" Babidi went on to himself, as usual, "Majin Buu will soon be freed, and I shall finally get my revenge on the Kai. My father will be avenged and then… then the universe will cower in fear of Babidi!"


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