A/N: Just another pointless drabble. I was... in a strange mood when I wrote this.

Warnings: none. Completely worksafe

Disclaimer: I know it, you know it, and Kazuya Minekura-sama knows it too.


"Sanzo, what do you think that is?" Goku pressed his nose to the clear glass of the window, golden eyes darting all over the scenery outside.

No response. The monk was sitting at his table and going through some important-looking parchments.

Goku squinted at the thing that had not been there yesterday, but which was now all over the ground of the garden. It suspiciously looked like snow even though it was very warm outside.


No response.


Still no response.


"Will you get the hell out of my room?" Sanzo growled, giving up on ignoring the brat since the silent treatment only seemed to make him louder and louder. It was very easy to forget that the hyperactive kid had spent centuries trapped in a cave, and until the last year had not known much about the world outside it. Not a day passed without him finding something new to wonder about.

"But Sanzo! I just wanna know..."


Goku blinked, feeling a little bit offended, but headed towards the door anyway. Maybe he could find someone else who would tell him what the white thing on the ground was. If it was snow, then he did not want to step outside the house until it melted.


Goku was just reaching for the doorknob when Sanzo's voice made him stop and look back. "Huh? Sanzo?"

Violet eyes closed in annoyance, and the monk reached for his cigarettes. "Petals. Those are petals, monkey."

Petals... Goku took another glance out of the window. They looked cold from this side of the glass. He had to go and see for himself how it was possible for petals to look like snow. Because snow was a scary thing. What if those petals were just as cold and icy?

A metallic click of a lighter and two very annoyed purple eyes drew him back to reality. "Now that you know what it is, get the hell out of my room. I'm busy."

As the door fell shut, Sanzo exhaled a puff of smoke and shook the ashes off of the tip of his cigarette. Blissful silence was just the thing he had needed the entire morning, and now he had it. Purple eyes travelled to steal a look out of the window before closing to escape the offending scenery.

"...stupid monkey."