Triple H sat back on a large plush chair, staring at the men gathered before him. He raised his eyebrow and crossed his legs, still remaining silent as he took in each mans face. He hadn't expected so many to turn up, and quite a few surprises had appeared. He smirked, two of the crowd, he knew would be here. No matter how much history they had between them, they would still turn up. He laughed. Dear Shawn, he would do anything to help him. Randy however, was just drawn to help. Perhaps out of guilt for "turning on the hand that fed him" or because he knew, without doubt, that Triple H's plans always worked. "Well gentlemen, I would like to inform you, that our dear psychotic boss Vince, has decided to end the roster split." He announced, watching as many of the men looked confused. One or two, obviously well connected, seemed unfazed by this. "Now I know you're probably thinking, this has nothing to do with me. That it couldn't possibly affect you're pathetic, insignificant little time filling matches. Huh Hardy?" He stood up, making a point of the elder Hardy, who had rolled his eyes.

"A roster merge? What's so bad about that? Best idea Vince has had in a while," the Carolina native spoke up, shaking his head.

"IS that right?" asked Triple H, "Well, how about when Deuce and Domino are suddenly challenging you for your titles? Or when, you suddenly don't get a chance at the Intercontinental Title because Gregory Helms has decided he wants a turn? See, to you, this may not be serious, but to some of these guys, this is their entire lives. So don't start asking what's so bad, because I assure you, 90 of these guys can give you an answer. And it's one you won't like."

"Leave it Matt. He's right," said the younger Hardy, running a hand through his long multi-colored hair. He had never thought about it like that. He had been one of the few who had been given the heads up about the merge, but, stupidly, he had thought, what harm can it do? Just means more competition.

"And I bet none of you thought about it from a time perspective?" Trips continued. The fifteen or so men looked blank. "The Raw roster currently has how many wrestlers and divas signed ? Forty, forty five at best ? And the Smackdown roughly the same. We'll still only get one two hour show a week. So, that means, for you illiterate and mentally retarded, you'll get less air time. And, if you complain, Vince'll knock it up to two of those two hour slots a week. Meaning, more time away from your families. And, be honest, who wants that?" He paused, seeking out a face. "John, I know you for one can't do with being away from home so much. I'm sure Stacy wouldn't be happy being left for six days out of seven, alone with a newborn baby."

John looked up and shook his head. "Man, you know I'm down for whatever actions you got planned. I ain't spending' that much time on the road, and there ain't no chance of third rate pussies like Chavo Guerrero getting my title."

Triple H grinned, "So, now that we know one of is are in, who else is?"

As each man nodded, one brought up a point, "If this is so important, why are there no divas here?" The room silenced as Carlito leaned against a wall in the room. Triple H laughed.

"You honestly think I'd forget them?" he raised an eyebrow. "I've discussed the matter with the divas who would be willing to join. And Melina, Mickie and Victoria as well as another will be joining us."

"And what about the others?" asked a very relaxed Randy Orton. "Where do they stand?"

"Candice, Maria and all the rest of them, beside the afore mentioned girls and Lilian Garcia, they don't care about this company. As long as there's plenty of free cock and as many chances to flash their implants as possible, they couldn't give a shit. They actually like the idea of being allowed to have bra and panties matches with Ashley and Kristy or whatever the hell that girl's name is. Not that it matters."

Randy raised his eyebrow, a trademark smirk appearing on his handsome features. He wasn't trying to be impertinent but he knew how to get under Hunter's skin. "So who's this mystery fourth diva?"

Hunter took a deep breath. "If I told you, it wouldn't be mystery, would it?"

Randy laughed. "In almost three years, you ain't changed a bit, Hunt." He smiled.

"I wish you had," said Hunter. "Still an arrogant little bastard?" Randy nodded. "It's scary how alike we are. Look, go home. All of you, relax. Tomorrow, we'll meet, here again I think. I like the privacy. And, well, none of the Smackdown roster will be here. Oh and Randy, you get to meet the mystery diva tomorrow. You'll like it."

As the wrestlers began to clear Helmsley estate, Hunter walked up a wide staircase in his home. "You can stop hiding now," he called. The door of a room at the top of the staircase opened, emanating a loud creak. Hunter smiled. "You look scared."

A pretty woman stepped out from behind the door and shook her head. "I don't think frightened is the right word. A little worried. I mean, you lot are expecting a bit too much, a bit too soon. Smackdown aren't going to just let you waltz in and take over. I know that. And after what I told you earlier, you should too." She sighed and shook her head. "The only thing you have over them is the divas. You have Mickie, Melina, Vickie and this new girl you keep talking about. All Smackdown have is me. Well, they think they have me."

Hunter laughed. "You really think we're going to have problems?"

The woman shook her head, although her eyes never left the ground. "I'm not saying that. I'm just, well, I think you're underestimating the Smackdown roster. They aren't as easily intimidated as you seem to think."

Hunter raised an eyebrow, "You wouldn't be holding any information back from me, would you?"

She shook her head. "NO. They haven't even had a meeting. They just, well, you alone should know the power of Batista, and I don't just mean his physicality. Orton, Shawn, John, all of them can vouch for Edge."

"That's two people, darlin'. We have almost ten times that." he said, trying not to seem so intimidating, although he was getting angrier by the minute at her lack of support.

She scoffed, "Yeah, cause Carlito, Matt, Jeff and Masters are sooo loyal to their brand. Matt only just jumped brand. I wouldn't be surprised if he was a plant."

"What like you?"


Hunter sighed, "Darlin', you need to get sleep or something. The flight over here's making you think irrationally."

She pulled away as he placed his hand on her arm, "Don't patronise me. I may not weigh two hundred plus pounds, or have held any major titles, but don't think for one minute you can talk down to me. Cause when it comes down to it, you piss me off enough, and Smackdown have the upper hand. Now fuck off and leave me alone."

Hunter stood gob smacked, had she really just said that to him ? And, she wouldn't really tell Smackdown anything about the Raw plans. He knew she wouldn't. After all, when things got rough, they abandoned her, fed her to the fishes and hoped Raw would take her on. Luckily for her, they had. She owed them far too much to back out now, and there was no way he'd let her. He had too much dirt on her to let her back out that easily.

He laughed and walked to his room, although neither of them liked each other, the minute the WWE had leaked rumors of a merge, they had joined forces. After all, she was the most influential diva in WWE history…

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