Hunter sat on the edge of his bed, cell phone pressed to his ear as he listened intently. After six consecutive rings, he flew into a rage. Throwing his phone across the room, he sighed as it crashed against the wall, smashing into at least ten pieced. Now, he had no form of contact. He contemplated asking the woman in the next room for a loan of her phone, but after the way she had spoken to him earlier, he decided against it. ⌠Where the hell is she?■ He asked, standing up and beginning to pace the room. ⌠She said she was in town when she called. That was twenty minutes ago. It only takes ten to get here┘I bet one of those Smackdown scumbags have got her┘■


⌠See?■ she sighed. ⌠you don▓t even have to think about it do you? The moment you use the word love, you instantly think of her. Who▓s to say that he▓s not the exact same?■

Randy paused, raking a hand through his hair. ⌠Cause he▓s moved on. He▓s got you now.■ He frowned, hoping he was correct, for both Christy▓s and his own wellbeing. ⌠It▓s like, we both did. But then with the whole Rated RKO thing coming about, and all the old feelings just, well, they came flooding back.■ He sighed, hating to admit all of this. ⌠It was just, being around her again.■

Christy scoffed. Standing up, Randy assumed she was leaving in some sort of strop, but instead, she walked to the counter, ordered and collected two coffees. ⌠Exactly genius. Rated RKO. And who were your opponents? You know, the guys who were ALWAYS in the ring with you and Lita?■ She looked up at Randy and tried to hold back her tears. ⌠The way you two look at her is unbelievable. Hunter never looks at me like that anymore. And I know for a fact, that you sure as hell never even tried to look at Ashley that way. Her attempt t hold back the tears was ruined as she took a sip of her coffee. Through heartbroken sobs, she continued. ⌠It▓s like both of you tried to replace her. Hunter went for the red head while you went for the whole ▒rock chick▓ bullshit that Ashley does. Problem is, at the end of the day, neither of us can live up to the standards set by little miss perfect can we?■ The last few words full of venom, Christy placed the warm cup back on the table. ⌠Drink up,■ she whispered. ⌠The coffee▓ll get cold.■

Randy bit his lip, chewing slightly at the skin until he felt himself draw blood. ⌠Shit.■ he muttered, dabbing at it with a napkin. At least if I occupy myself with this, I don▓t have to answer anymore awkward questions, he thought. Until he thought of his own awkward question. ⌠You and her were best friends Christy. How come you hate her now?■

He watched as the color rushed to Christy▓s cheeks. ⌠There▓s a line between friends, and not friends Randy. And she crossed that.■

Randy frowned. ⌠What the hell are you talking about Christy?■

⌠So she really didn▓t tell you about it?■

⌠Tell me about what? Christy, stop talking in riddles.■ He said, getting a little worried. What had Amy done that was so wrong?

⌠She lied to me.■ Christy said simply. ⌠Promised me she▓d look after me. That she▓d help me win the title. And did she?■ At this Christy raised her hands, as though asking the whole cafИ.

⌠She did as best as she could. Didn▓t she?■

⌠Did she HELL? She left me. And for what? Edge?■ Christy was getting redder by the minute and attracting unwanted attention as her voice grew louder.

⌠Lita was never ▒with▓ Edge.■ Randy tried to rationalize, but to no avail.

⌠Yeah, she would tell you that. Wouldn▓t she? She likes having her little followers. Well you know what, a certain ▒Rated R Superstar▓ asked me to join Smackdown. And you know what, considering you have that WHORE of yours┘.I think I will.■

She grabbed her bag and stormed out the cafИ, only stopping once, to turn and say softly, ⌠What goes around comes around Randy. You and your new best friend should remember that┘■

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