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"Ha-ack!" Danny choked out, coughing at the feel of something blunt and hard slamming into his gut.

"Say it." The ghost, tall, clad in leather with a whip (unused as of yet) curled at his hips, long sleeved button up shirt, and of course, steel toed boots. Really. Who the hell actually wore those things around the house?

Well, it wasn't a house, it was a sort of…giant apartment that housed psychotic ghosts. A luxurious apartment, but an apartment none the less.

"Fu-cough-uck you." Danny coughed again.

And again, a flying foot smashed against the side of his ribs, kicking him right out the door, and into to the hallway, where several other ghosts paused to stare.

Jagger stepped up to him, foot placed on his side as if he were a stool. "Say it." He snarled, and a few ghosts turned and skittered off.

"Curl up and die again, you sick bastard." A whole sentence before that same foot was lifted-

Oh shit-

Just ask, Danny.

-and came down on his arm, making him wish desperately for unconsciousness.


Shut up, Dark.

Say it.


"Say it or I'll twist your arm off." Jagger snarled, wanting his title to pass from the lips of this insolent little wretch.

I'd hurry, I've seen him do it.




Out loud.


"NOW!" Jagger's hand flew to his whip, not caring about his audience.


"P-please…" Danny choked out.

"'Please'?" Jagger sneered.

"Not you, dumbass."

You really are asking for it.

"Fine." whiiiip-cra-!


There was a 'snap' type sound as the whip was deftly caught and snapped in half. Jagger froze, black eyes wide as Dark Phantom stood casually between him and his newly acquired prize.

Danny, who was in so much pain by now, didn't think about his pride, because he was too busy beginning to think something had cracked. He crawled forward, laying his head on Dark Phantom's white boot, which was considerably (not surprisingly) softer then Jagger's.

Dark glanced down, then chuckled at the sight of such a submissive Danny. "Looks like he prefers me to you, Jagger. Hmm? What do you say I take him off your hands?"

Jagger, who hadn't had a human disobey him for Clockwork knew how many years, who would have flushed had he any blood. Instead, he threw a look of disgust at Danny, who may or may not have been awake (or alive) still, and hissed out the word, "fine," in response before turning back to his room.

Dark arched an eyebrow at the immaturity of the situation before kneeling down, his hand grazing Danny's waist, who flinched. "Oh dear. You just had to go with the 'stubborn-never-say-die-hero' bit, didn't you?"

"Shu-uh…ut…up." So said between coughing and cringing fits. Dark slid his arms under his younger self, sighing.

Really. You'd think he was a masochist or something. "I'm surprised you'd call."

"Oh - cough - no, I j-just love to choke get the shit kicked outta meh-me-cough dammit…"

"Are you dying?"

"I'm half dead, Dark."

Danny stared forward, trying (failing) to ignore the hands that, while supporting him, were occasionally (every forty seconds) running over his stomach, or his chest, or the undersides of his legs - "Dammit, watch your hands!" he snapped when one of them temporarily squeezed his inner thigh.

Dark suddenly took on the appearance of a wolf. A wolf who never felt the need to wear sheep's clothing.

Just as suddenly, Danny had a very Ezma-y moment. First, I shove him into a sealable Fenton mug - no thermos for his future alternate ego, it was too spacey - and then I'll put that mug into a box, and then I'll put that box into another box, and then I'll bury it in the ghost zone - no, someone would find it - or maybe under the house or something.

Then the thought 'I am the Box Ghost!' came to mind. Oh, yes, wouldn't that be lovely if the Box Ghost found and released Dark Phantom.

Dark, meanwhile, was watching his young counter part, forked tongue pressing against the inside of his upper molar in curiosity, as Danny seemed to have zoned out entirely. He even seemed to have forgotten that Dark was carrying him.

-and then I'll put that box into a box with chains - all Fenton creations, ghost proof and human proof - and then I'll put that box into a cylinder type thing, and then I'll go intangible and down into the earth as far as -

"SEX!" Dark exclaimed into his ear right then, causing a jolt of shock to shoot through Danny. "Hi." Dark added a moment later, grinning. "Care to share, dear Danny?"

Danny opened his mouth to retort, but stopped when Dark Phantom's pronged tongue flickered out, then back in again like a snake's.

Instead, Danny just stared, lips parted slightly in shock (or horror…) as the split tongue flicked out again.

What…just…what? He wondered, intrigued as he watched the muscle flick in and out again. Why did my tongue do that? Now that I think about it, why did my skin change color? Why did my hair turn to flames? Why did my eyes bleed to red?

Dark stared back at Danny, who was looking so preoccupied with his private monologue that he had zoned out for the second time in as many minutes. What's he thinking about? Me? What I'll do to him? For once, Dark Phantom honestly didn't know.

Danny realized that he had been gazing at his evil tormenter for the past minute and jumped back.

Dark, who's expression had gone AWOL appeared again, teeth flashing almost threateningly.

And what the fuck happened to my teeth?

"Ah ha, so that's what the gaping was about."

"It wasn't what you thought it was." Danny truly didn't think before he answered, because an instant later, he cringed. Could he have possibly sounded more suspicious if he tried?

Dark stood, grinning now. "Aww, was I always so shy?"

"Shut up. I didn't -eek!" He squeaked as Dark Phantom lunged forward, sweeping him - unfortunately - off his feet. "I was - your teeth! I was staring at your teeth!" He cried, desperate to get the hell away from him. Or at least out of his arms.

"Just my teeth, Danny?" Dark chuckled. Again, he had no idea why the naïve little ghost boy had been staring, but at least this was fairly amusing.

"And - AH - watch your hands! - your tongue! What-"

Dark leaned forward, running his tongue along the line of Danny's jaw, then following from the dip of his neck to under his chin.

Danny jerked his head away, rubbing at the saliva trail. Ew. Ewww. Sick.

Dark laughed, his chest heaving against the boy who was pinned in his arms.

"Fuck you." Danny said, hating the sound of his own voice - it had just quivered.

"Hmmm. Would you?"


"I would."

…I wonder why, you sadistic, vain freak-

His mental rant was cut short by the sound the door being kicked down, courtesy of the thing that was holding him. "Ah-AHH! What the FUCK are you doin'!" He cried, clawing at the monster's chest, as if he could crawl right out of his grasp and scramble away.

Dark grinned, watching as a small wave of what he knew to be dizziness slip over him. Danny's eyes fluttered, disorientated, and his body fell limp against Dark's chest.

Stay awake, stay awake, don't fall as---


Dark woke up, blinking wearily. He rolled over, staring at Danny, who emitting odd gasping cries, clawing at the bed sheets. Ah. A nightmare. Dark hadn't had one of those in ages. He leaned on his hand, watching Danny squeak and squirm. He was so cute when he was terrified. Eventually, he sighed, lifting his hand to wake his young counterpart, who cringed, a tear running down his cheek. Well, maybe Dark could wait a little bit more before waking him up. Really, Danny was a great source of entertainment.

Then it occurred to him that if Danny made too much of a fuss, he would bring the other ghosts in. He sat up, leaning against the headboard, and tugged on Danny's shoulder.

Danny's eyes shot open, his fingers clutching the linen almost painfully, and before he knew it, Dark Phantom jerked his bare form - where the FUCK are my clothes?! - up on him, forcing him into a sitting position on his lap, clad only in boxers.

Dark pulled him flush against his much larger body, tears still running down his face, although those were forgotten.

Danny cringed, trying valiantly to keep his lower body from touching Dark's. He jumped when Dark's hands slid down his sides, coming to rest on his hips before going even lower, behind him. He felt numb, knowing that he really couldn't fight back. And he hated it.

"So, was your little nightmare about me?" Dark inquired, mocking concern.

Danny shot him a glare. "Hardly." He spat.

"Oh? Who, then?"

"…that other guy." He replied, the name already gone.

"Jagger?" Dark quirked an eyebrow, surprised. Bored already, he switched topics. "So, how's your arm?"


"Your ribs?"


"Your head?"


"Your libido?"

"Fi-what? " Danny choked, caught off guard.

Dark cracked up, laughing quietly. "Enough one syllable answers." He glanced down, eyes scanning over bruises. As he sighed, his breath ghosted (hah) over Danny's chest.

"Fine." He said without thinking, and he added, "I'll stop."

Dark made a 'hmmmm' sound, shifting, and Danny winced. That was not good. That had very undesirable effects on him. Then Danny remember that his cheeks (not the ones in Dark Phantom's grasp) were still wet with tears, and reached up to brush them away.

"What?" He added to Dark.

That tongue of Satan suddenly swirled over his face, and he tensed.

"I've always wondered why tears are salty." Dark said, grinning once his tongue was back (temporarily) in his mouth.

Danny swallowed, desperately ignoring the - uh - movement just underneath him, and Dark noticed, who ran one of his hands over the crevice of the V his legs made. Danny nearly shot out of his hands, but Dark anticipated it, and snaked his other arm around the other's waist.

Before he could properly protest, Danny was staring up, with a very lusty Dark resting on his stomach, hastily edging down. A moment later, that tongue thing caressing his skin, way way too close to-

"Da - HARK!" He cried, his complaint coming out a moan. "Wait, wait, what brought this on? You can't-"

"Indeed I can, Danny, because I bought you, like it or not." Perhaps to get in Danny's face, or perhaps to avoid a kick, he brought himself up, sliding along Danny's body - shudder - until his lips were positioned over the halfa's. "So unless you would rather someone else - which I doubt - you're gonna have to deal." He finished with a smirk.

"Dark Phantom, I am going to KILL - mm!?" Danny cut off.

Dark had just laid his hand on Danny's hip, the other supporting the back of his neck, mouth clamping down on his own lips.

The pronged tongue Danny had been so fascinated (freaked out by) with was now in his mouth, exploring in his inexperienced mouth.

His eyes widen, shocked, Dark's hand massaging lower - nonononononNONO-


Dark let his head slid across Danny's, coming to rest on the bed, his lips over the juncture of his neck and shoulder. "What the fuck." He muttered.

Someone irritatingly familiar was slamming their fists on the door. "Got out here NOW!"

The overall effect on Danny was amazing. His tilted his head back, staring at the door, before rolling onto his side (still under Dark) and actually pressed himself up against his tormentor, without realizing he was even doing so.

Dark noticed. He recalled the marks that were scattered over his body, scowling. What in the hell had made Jagger think he could do that? EVERYONE knew Danny was his prey.

He calmly flung the covers over Danny, who looked paralyzed. The movement, however, pulled him from his current state of utterly-out-of-it, and he curled up under the red material.

Before he could stand, however, the door flew open, creating a nice indent in the wall behind it.

"DARK PHANTOM, I want my toy back, this instant."

Dark pulled Danny, covers and all, into his arms possessively (protectively?). "YOUR toy? I seem to recall him choosing me."

"He hasn't a choice in the matter. I bought him, I broke him, he is mine-"

"One, he is not broken. Two, he was given to you by that stupid bitch Kara. Three, Danny belongs to ME. Not you." Dark deposited Danny on the bed, strode over to Jagger, and dragged him out of the room to have a little talk, shutting the door on his way out.

Danny sat there for all of five seconds before he remembered Dark's hands on him, not to mention-


He jerked up out of the red, bringing his hands down over his body as if to rub away all that Dark had left on him, but only succeeded in falling off the bed.


Dark opened his mouth to speak.


He and Jagger both turned to stare at the closed door, not eight feet away.

"See? He's already trying to escape." Jagger sneered.

Dark ignored him. Knowing Danny, he'd most likely suddenly developed a fear of something Dark had slept on, and had tried to jump away from the bed.

Which really made Dark chuckle, and wish he had a camera, but oh well.

Feeling good, he turned, and promptly crushed Jagger's throat, knowing it would be fine in a few minutes, and threw him through a wall, before saying the well known fact that none disagreed with.

"Danny. Is. MINE."