Deceiving Appearance

- Naruto is successful at bringing Sasuke from the Valley of the End but during the return trip to Konoha Gaara learns Naruto's deepest secret.

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He first meets him as he fought with his brother before the beginning of the chunin exams, but was distracted by the Uchiha.

He then saw him fight during the preliminaries for the third exam and noticed something different about him.

During the actual third exam his suspicions grew about the blond shinobi as the demon inside of him stirred.

When they fought he discovered how similar they were to each other. They both were hated by their villages and they both carried demons inside them. The difference was how they dealt with the hate. He dealt with it by killing everyone who crossed him while the other dealt with it by trying to gain the peoples respect. Needles to say, this moved the boy deeply and he began to hold the blond in high regards, but he still felt that there was something about the blond that was off.

Then came the time when he could repay his debt to the blond and to Konoha by helping them retrieve a fellow shinobi. He fought with the green clad shinobi he injured during the exam to defeat the sound shinobi with the bone blood limit. Then he moved on the help his friend bring back the Uchiha.

He reached the valley at the same time the teacher of the two boys reached it. There, on the shore of the river were two bodies. Both were unconscious but still breathing. They looked in bad shape, but he could tell that it was because of the demon healing his blond friend that he wasn't dead. He could see the spot on his cloths were it looked like he was impaled through the chest, even thought the skin was healed, and even with the advance healing of the demon the blond looked worst off than the Uchiha.

As he watched, the teacher with the one visible eye moved to the two boys. He only gave the blond a quick glance before moving to the less injured Uchiha and carrying him off to Konoha, leaving the blond behind.

He moved towards the blond and wraps his friend protectively in the sand to bring him back to Konoha, back to the place that hates him. As they move through the forest he still can't shake the feeling that something is off about his blond friend. He looks at the unconscious body wrapped in the sand to try to confirm his suspicions. The happy idiot that the boy has on all the time is gone, but that's not what was off about the boy, he saw through the mask the first time they meet. So what was it?

They reach Konoha and he quickly takes his friend to the hospital. There he lays his friend on the hospital bed and looks at his unconscious form, and that's when he uncovered his friend's secret. He is a she.

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