Ed really did cause quite a commotion where ever he went. He couldn't even sit on a train without picking at least one fight. It was making the last couple of nights catch up to her. He watched slightly amused over his hand of cards as her head kept dipping a little every few seconds. After winning the last hand, she finally just gave up trying to play and spent all of her energy trying to stay awake. He could see where this was headed and giggled to himself a little.

"What's so funny, Al?"

"Nothing," he answered watching as her eyes snapped open in surprise, then slowly closed again. He could almost exactly time what was going to happen next.

He started counting:

10 –She snapped her eyes open very brightly one last time as sunshine broke through the trees whizzing past.

9- She sighed a little and her head drooped forwards ever so slightly.

8- Her breathing deepened and her posture slumped as she started to fall asleep.

7- Her hands unconsciously tugged at her skirt, her legs being mostly bare and a little chilly.

6- Her left fist clenched into a fist around the material and her right wrist went limp on her thigh.

5- She began to sway slightly towards the right as the train passed through another forestry area, making the train shadowy again.

4- Her body leaned as Ed splayed his full house on the little table between them, finally winning one now that Winry had quit.

3- He was off by two seconds. Her head leaned on Ed's shoulder and she was completely gone; a valiant fight.

He watched as Ed paled and Ling whistled under his breath. As Ed's mouth snapped open to say who knows what, Al leaned forward to put a gauntleted hand on his knee,

"Brother, just let her be. I think I only saw her get ten minutes of sleep the entire three days she was fixing your arm."

"She looks cold. Her legs have little bumps all over them." Ling replied.

"Don't look at her legs, you pervert." Ed replied harshly, handing Al his red coat.

He covered her up with it, and grabbed the cards to shuffle for a new game.

"I want to play a new game, I think Ed is cheating."

"Who's a cheat you too-tall, Freak!" Ed burst out in response.

"Shhhhhhhhhhhh." Putting a leather finger to his lips, he pointed at Winry as she shifted in response to Ed's outburst.

She pushed her face into his neck, hair veiling her own, and her hands came up to grasp at his bicep. Ed held very still and blushed a little.

"Okay, fine Al. Deal whatever Ling wants to play."

It took three hands before Al noticed Ed was only using his right hand to play.