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As I entered Charlie's house I couldn't fight my emotions any longer and I began to cry. I ran to my room tripping on the last step. Luckily I caught myself with my hands before any real damage could be done. I threw my door open and flung myself on my bed. What had I done? Why did he hate me? No, hate was not a strong enough word he loathed me. I didn't even talk to him. Why would he be so mean to me? As I closed my eyes images of Edward's icy glare filled my mind. Chills ran through my body as I remembered how black his eyes were.

The more I thought about how Edward Cullen had treated me the less hurt I felt and the angrier I became. My tears soon turned from tears of hurt and confusion to fury. How dare he treat me this way! I wanted nothing more than to confront him and give him a piece of my mind, but I knew I was not brave enough. I decided that I would simply ignore him. If he was going to be a total ass then I didn't need to acknowledge his existence.

It was getting late. I took a few deep breaths to calm myself and slowly made my way down stairs. It was time to start dinner for Charlie. I began to explore the kitchen trying to find something easy and simple to cook. To my surprise there really was nothing there. What did Charlie eat? There was bacon and eggs in the refrigerator and not much else. I opened the cupboards hoping to at least find a box of macaroni and cheese but there was noting much other than a few boxes of crackers. I would have to go shopping and soon. I sighed and made my way to the freezer outside gathering up some fish. "Looks like it will be fish and only fish tonight." I murmured to myself as I walked back to the kitchen to defrost the fish.

Unexpectedly I felt a cool breeze behind me. I quickly turned to see what the cause was and before I could see someone had grabbed me rather forcefully. I tried to scream but before I could I felt an intense pressure on my neck, it hurt. I gasped as the pain became stronger and started to turn into a burning sensation. I tried to open my eyes to see what was going on but my eyes would not obey. I heard load noises, crashing sounds, and then suddenly I felt wind on my face. The pain in my neck was so powerful. I could think of nothing else. I grabbed at my neck trying to find the cause. I raked my nails across the pain willing it to stop. I could feel the burning slowly move down my neck, it was spreading. I was getting scared and it hurt so much. My breathing had turned to panting and tears were falling down my face. Suddenly the wind stopped and I felt something soft under me. What was going on? Was I dreaming? Surely this could not be a dream, the pain was too extreme to be just a dream. I cried out not able to contain my pain any longer. I began to tear at my neck trying to rip the pain out of me.

I could hear faint voices in the distance and I tried to concentrate on them. One voice sounded familiar, but I couldn't place it. I tried to listen harder.

"It's too late." A grave voice said. What's too late? Were they talking about me? Was I going to die? I certainly felt like I was dying.

"You will have to watch over her. She is your responsibility now. Try to comfort her best you can. There is much to get in order. I will check on her periodically." Did he mean me? Had I been kidnapped? What were they planning? I was so confused, and scared.

"Thank you." There was that voice again. Why did I recognize that voice? What was he thanking the other person for? Just then another wave of pain raked through my body causing me to arch my back in protest. I gritted my teeth and groaned in agony. All of a sudden I felt something cold grab my hands from my neck and place them to my side. I could hear him trying to speak soothing words to me. I willed my eyes to open and the person I saw at my side shocked me. Edward Cullen was sitting with me trying to ease my pain. Where was I? Why was Edward here? Why was he acting so calm? Couldn't he see I needed help, that I was in pain? Before I could think through my questions the pain that I thought could not get any worse intensified. I closed my eyes and let the darkness have me. I was dying that I was sure of.

The pain never seemed to let up if anything it seemed to get worse with time. My entire body was now raked with a pain so intense I wished for death. Nothing I did eased the burning torture consuming my body. I tired to remain still to conserve my energy, but the pain would get so intense that I couldn't stop myself from thrashing about and screaming in anguish. Each time I felt cold hands constrain me and could hear a velvety voice whisper comforting words to me. Nothing helped. Nothing could comfort me. Never in my life had I felt a pain so forceful. I wanted to die. I begged and pleaded for someone to just kill me and end this torture I was feeling. I never thought it would end. Maybe I had died when I was attacked and I was in hell. I didn't know what I had done to end up in hell but this certainly felt like it.

I had no idea how long I had been in pain. Time meant nothing to me. All I could think about was the burning ravaging my body. I was surprised to find the burning starting to lessen. I could feel myself beginning to breath normal again. I felt…weird…different somehow, and then the pain was gone. I was frightened, and I was scared to open my eyes. Had someone granted my wish and killed me after all? Why did I feel so strange? I slowly opened my eyes and took in the room around me. Everything was so clear! The room was a good size and had some kind of material hanging on its walls. The material was gold in color, and I was surprised to see how vibrant it looked. One entire wall in the room was covered in CD's and even where I sat I could read the titles. How was that possible? The other side of the room was one large window. I could see that it was dark outside but I had no idea what time, or what day it was. I was abruptly brought out of my train of thoughts as someone in the corner said me name. I turned to see who it was and found Edward Cullen staring at me. He did not look angry but rather sad. I looked at him waiting for him to continue.

"Bella how are you feeling?" How was I feeling…strange, weird, different, confused, scared…

"I'm not sure." I said not able to voice all my feelings. I was shocked by my voice. I didn't sound like me. I quickly brought my left hand up to my mouth in alarm. What had happened to me? I needed answers, now.

"What's going on? What's wrong with me? What happened?" I could hear the fear and confusion in my voice but I didn't care. I just needed him to start explaining. He dropped his head and sighed. I continued to stare at him impatiently. Why wasn't he talking to me? Did he hate me so much that he was going to keep me in the dark? I was starting to get annoyed and angry.

I whipped my head around as I heard the door open. The man standing there was incredible good looking. He looked at me with gently eyes and smiled warmly. He had blonde hair and was very young. I watched as he entered the room and sat down on the couch next to me. He reached up to touch me and I instantly jumped off the couch and away. I did not know if I could trust him. I backed myself slowly as far away as I could before I felt myself hit a wall. His eyes never left mine.

"Will someone please explain to me what is going on?" I pleaded.

"Calm down Bella." The man from the couch said softly. "We will explain everything."