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Erik POV

I slammed the candlestick into the final mirror, stepping into the cold corridor. I was being forced lower and lower into my hell. I knew what lurked down there, but it was either suffer with that or be murdered by the mob chasing me. I took in another breath, not even caring about the tears streaming down my mask-less face.

I descended the stairs, listening as the mob grew more and more silent. The cold, stone walls were drowning out the sound as I descended lower and lower. I finally reached the final set of stairs.

I could hear it below me…singing…humming…giggling.

I stepped down onto the flat floor, walking underneath the stairs where there was a door that led to the room where it was waiting. I had never actually come in contact with it, but I had seen it. As I stepped inside, I saw its silhouette. It was the perfect shape of a girl. Her waist was not too skinny, and her chest was full, but not slutty full. She turned around to face me.

Her bright blue eyes shone through the darkness, boring into my soul. As I stared into them, I realized that they were no deeper than a puddle. She smiled a perfect smile and pushed her perfect blonde hair behind her shoulders. She giggled, daintily covering her mouth with her small hands.

"Hi, my name is Crystal Susan Mary Erica, but my friends call me Mary-Sue." she said with a beautiful smile. I had a choice here; I could run back upstairs, they might be gone! Or I could just use my faithful Punjab lasso… I reached behind me. There was no Punjab. WHY????? She must have seen my horrified expression, because she said: "What's wrong?"

"How long have you been down here?" I asked.

"I don't really know. I've been here for a while though." she said, walking back to what she was preoccupied with before I came. I tried to get a better look at what she was doing, but I couldn't see. She turned around again, this time carrying a few pieces of parchment, and walked into the shadows.

A dim light began to kill the darkness around her as she turned on a lamp. Then, she started to play the piano. It was the best I had ever heard, but there was no soul to it. She had no feeling, no emotion in her music. I twitched.

Mon Dieu, this was going to be a living hell.


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