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Chapter 1



I pressed my forehead against the white porcelain sink rim and breathed. My first meeting with my future in-laws was in a few hours and I'm also supposed to meet the infamous Hyuuga Neji who's supposed to be my future husband. He is a complete enigma to me; I've never seen him, talked to him, never had any contact with the man and yet he's going to marry me. Not that he has a choice in the matter, and neither do I, but it's still weird. I mean, come on. And why the hell is the Hyuuga clan picking me of all people to be his bride? I have no clan, no name, and no wealth of my own so it makes no sense to have me marry the prodigy of one of the most prestigious clans in all of Konoha.


I think so.

This is all Tsunade-sama's fault since she approved the marriage. God, you'd think that since we're both women, being sixteen sucks since you're officially of marriageable age, ninja don't live long so you've got to start earlier is what she said and I almost threw up at her implications, you'd think she'd be just a little more understanding of my feelings but no . . . I know those Hyuugas won her over with food or something. Maybe some expensive diamonds . . . Ass holes.

There's nothing really special about me, no bloodline limit, no nothing. I don't have a crazy hair color like Sakura (Pink hair? Despite what people think it's au natural). I'm not drop dead gorgeous like Ino and I'm not the sibling of a powerful Kage like Temari. I am of average height (155.6 cm), have dark brown hair, brown eyes and a slight tan. I like Chinese food and sesame dumplings and astrology and going out into an open field at night to watch the stars. The only special thing about me is that I am the only weapons' mistress in all of Konoha.

Now, Sakura and Ino say I'm really nice and compassionate and everything, but I'm definitely not going to act that way around my future beau. Maybe if I act like a bitch then he'll hate me enough to cancel our engagement and I can go back to being known as the Weapons' Mistress around Konoha instead of the Hyuuga Bride.

Ugh. The title puts a bad taste in my mouth.

I've decided not to try and impress the Hyuuga, so I'm just going to the meeting in my normal wear: white Chinese style shirt with maroon trim around the edges, matching maroon pants that end at the middle of my calves and some black sandals. Maybe it'll give the impression that I'm not impressed by their wealth and extravagance, if there is any. I tug on my black gloves, taking time to put them on just right, and readjust my hitai-ate.

Come on, I tell myself while ignoring the butterflies that had suddenly invaded my stomach, you can do this. Don't show any fear, dammit!


I'm halfway into the busy streets of Konoha before I realize that I have absolutely no idea where the Hyuuga compound is. My god, how can I be so stupid? And people keep staring—more like casting side long glances that they think I don't notice—and it's irritating me. I'm already a little nervous and those furtive looks make me even more nervous. Ok, I know I'm trying to go for a tough cookie sort of thing, but these are the Hyuugas. They are one of the most influential families in Konoha and now I'm finally thinking straight about this thing: If I upset them they could make my life a living hell and I'd be stuck doing D-rank missions for the rest of my life if they talk to Tsunade-sama and I would still have to marry Hyuuga Neji.

This sucks.



Sometimes I really hate my family, especially my uncle Hiashi who is head of the clan. He tells me I'm supposed to meet some girl named Tenten, that she's a capable kunoichi, the only weapons' mistress in Konoha and gives me her picture.

Oh, and I'm going to marry her. Ha, ha, ha!

Nice joke, Hiashi-sama. Not.

And he tells me all of this three hours before the meeting. Geez, couldn't he have given me more of a warning, I mean, three hours? A few days notice would've been nice!

The girl—Tenting, Tenten, I can't remember her name, whatever—doesn't look too bad in the picture. Her hair is in two buns on top of her head, reminds me of a mouse, and she's got nice looking skin and a smile on her lips. It's weird to see a smile since Hyuuga don't do it often, well, except for Hinata but she doesn't really count. I know a lot of people would kill me if I said that out loud, but come on! She can't even keep the cool and collected Hyuuga disposition that's practically programmed into our beings! The girl in the picture has brown eyes, very plain and not memorable, but they're very alluring for some reason. Maybe it's because I've always been staring into white eyes, but the brown looks very . . . Colorful.

A change.

God, I don't know why I'm thinking these things.

Brown is the color of dirt.



I don't like asking people for help unless it's completely and totally necessary. My tenacity is great and I know some people would say it's good never to give in, but sometimes it can be my greatest flaw. I've come close, about six different times, to asking someone the directions to the Hyuuga house but my pride won't let me ask. It keeps telling me to be self-sufficient and that's how I want to be, but I need help. I've been roaming aimlessly around Konoha for an hour and now I have about fifty minutes to get to the Hyuuga house.

I must not have been watching where I was going because suddenly I slam into a very hard, very male chest. My gasp of surprise is audible and my sandal gives way underneath me. I'm expecting my ass to hit the ground but I'm still standing with a hand gripping my upper arm and another at my waist to steady me. I look up and I swear I have to control my urge to hyperventilate.

Before me is the most gorgeous specimen of masculinity I have ever seen.

His hair is long and black, tied in a high pony tail at the back of his head, strands hanging down to frame his beautiful pale face. I lick my lips which have suddenly gone dry. His features seem carved out of stone, perfect, and he's looking at me void of expression. Even with all his gorgeous-ness it's his eyes that draw me in; they were black, black, black. It was like staring into an endless night.

"Thank you," I say, as he takes his hands off my waist and arm.

"You should be more careful." he replies curtly before walking off to god knows where.

"Where's the Hyuuga place?" I ask desperately before he's out of hearing range and before I lose my nerve. The man stops and turns around to give me his profile.

"That way." he says, pointing down the street.



I'm on time, just barely, and a servant takes me to a special meeting room. A long oak table sits in the center and three square cushions sit around it; two in front of me and one opposite. I get the idea and sit down as gracefully as I can while the servant brings me hot tea in a ceramic cup. So far all I've met are the Hyuuga servants and they keep clucking their tongues and giving me these weird glances, as if I'm . . . Uncivilized by their standards. I probably am, but, hey! That's what the Hyuuga, and their servants, get for picking me as Neji's bride.

The door slides open in front of me and in steps a tall man dressed entirely in white. Long black hair is loose down his back and when he looks at me I see his eyes are white and pupil less.

I've never seen eyes like that so I must've been staring quite rudely.

"Tenten-san," his voice is deep and snaps me out of my stupor, "a pleasure to meet you at last."

I nod and bow my head slightly as a sign of respect. "You too, Hyuuga-sama." I lift my head and see that he's talking quietly to a servant, brows dipped low in annoyance it seems.

Hyuuga Hiashi turns to me and gives me an apologetic look. "My nephew has not arrived and no one can find him, Tenten-san. I apologize for his disrespect towards you by not appearing."

No one has ever given my such an elegant 'sorry' before and all I can do is nod. Hyuuga Hiashi has some sort of 'old world' manner and is so . . . Polite. The door behind me opens with a snap and I see Hiashi's eyes narrow. Ah, the nephew has arrived. I've coached myself to look calm in the mirror, so that I wouldn't fall to pieces when I see my future husband, and when I turn around to look at him all the coaching keeps me from opening my mouth and blatantly staring in shock.

Hyuuga Neji is gorgeous.

My god, I've never seen such a hot guy, well, except for my mysterious rescuer in the street. He has long dark hair, like Hyuuga Hiashi, which is tied back in a loose pony tail down his back and he's wearing all white. It matches the color of his eyes perfectly, white, and I'm beginning to realize that those same eyes are fixed on me, cold and calculating, as if he was measuring my worth on an invisible scale. When I open my mouth to say hello he turns away abruptly and gives me the cold shoulder.




Hyuuga Neji sits down beside me, keeping careful distance as if I have a disease, and turns to his uncle with a blank expression.

I resist the urge to punch him.

"Now that we are all present," Hyuuga Hiashi gives Neji a look and drops gracefully into his own seat, "we can begin. You both understand why you are here and I expect you two to act civil until the wedding. The date has not been specified and will be chosen by you."

He indicates me and I'm a little stunned, and grateful. I can choose the date, make it as far off as possible . . .


I hear that sound and instinctively know it's Neji. I've never heard him talk or grunt or anything before, but it sounds like something he would 'say'.


"Yes, Hyuuga-sama?"

"Call me Hiashi-sama."

"Of course, Hiashi-sama."

Oh yes, big difference.

The Hyuuga are big on manners, so why isn't Hyuuga Neji the same way?



My future wife seems a bit slow.

"Tenten-san," Hiashi says, "what date would you like?"

She doesn't answer and bites her lower lip.

"Hn." I mutter, annoyed.

She hears it and turns to me, eyes glaring furiously.

Her anger is strangely attractive.

"Is something wrong?" she asks sweetly. I'm slightly taken aback because the suppressed anger is visible on her face but there is no hint of it in her voice. There's a smile on her lips and I'm wary of her all of a sudden. I remember a talk between Uchiha Sasuke and I and remember something he told me: A smile can hide dark intentions. She seems the conniving type, the type of person to show you a smile and then think up a plan to humiliate you behind your back.

I need to be careful.

"Pick a date for the wedding." I reply in my deep baritone, feeling Hiashi's eyes on me. He's studying us. If—I can't stand this—we can get along he'll probably move the marriage forward. Oh god. Hinata told me in her stuttering voice that he was thinking of sending us to marriage counseling in preparation for the 'wedding night' . . .

Tenten sighs. "Five months from now, how about that?"

I see Hiashi's eyebrows rise in surprise and I don't comment on the date when he glances at me for a second.

Today is February 3rd and my birthday is exactly five months away on July 3rd.

"July 3rd it is for the wedding. Now," Hiashi lays a sheet of paper on the table, "I know you two have never really met, and I know both of you are apprehensive about this arrangement, but both of you will get along fine. Hokage has assigned you both to Team Gai along with another young man named Rock Lee who I hear is a capable taijutsu user. Starting tomorrow you two will be on the same team so learn to like each other and cooperate."

I'm ecstatic.


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