No Good Deed
By Evilevergreen

Summary: Brad Morton always wanted to do the right thing. . . he just didn't always know what it was. (Trixie and Brad)

Posted: May 19, 2007

Chapter One: The Party

Trixie Carter squeezed her pillow tight as she buried her face further into it. She frowned as she recognized the scent of alcohol and cigarettes. She groaned softly as her head felt like someone had taken a hammer and hit her across the head with it, though she didn't know why, considering she hadn't had anything stronger than a Dr. Pepper last night.

Trixie than opened her eyes, her face reading of confusion as her vision cleared. The sheets around her shoulders didn't look familiar to her and then as she searched around the room, she realized she wasn't in her own bed. She set up slowly, placing her hand on her forehead as she did so, trying to remember how she got here.

It had been Friday, and she had had plans with her best girlfriend Belinda, who had to cancel on her at the last minute. About an hour later, Jake and Spud had called, they had met two cute freshmen college girls, who had invited them to a party and asked if she wanted to tag along. Trixie said she wasn't up to it as she wondered what college girls would see in two immature high school boys. But they had laid on the guilt and thickly, saying she didn't spend enough time with them anymore since she and Belinda had gotten closer and that they had missed her.

Trixie sighed as she gave in to her two best friends and told them she would be ready in half an hour. So half an hour later, they parked in front of her house and waited for to come out. She hopped in the back seat and the three were off. The college girls had given the direction to the party to Spud. . . who ended up getting them lost until Trixie called him an idiot as she took the directions from him and read them out to Jake as he drove.

Once they were on the right path, Jake started telling Trixie about the girls they had mets, they were witches, which immediately put a frown on Trixie face as she told them they should be careful. Spud told her that she worried too much and that they were big boys who could take care of themselves. Trixie rolled her eyes as she picked some lint off her skirt before crossing her arms over her chest and shaking her head.

The three soon arrived at the party, where they were eagerly rushed inside with everyone else. They stood together for about ten minutes before the girls Jake and Spud had been talking about approached them. They introduced them to Trixie, who learned that their names were Lilly and Kristy before one of the party goers bumped into her, spilling some of his beer onto her shirt. Trixie was pissed, she had just bought that shirt. The dude didn't even apologize as he disappeared back into the crowd.

Kristy then pointed to the other side of the house and told her the bathroom was around the corner if she waned to see to that. Trixie thanked her as she left the four and made her way across the room. She was so caught up over fussing and cursing about her shirt to herself, that she hadn't noticed exactly where she was going, that is not until she bumped into someone herself. She began to apologize, until the guy she ran into turned around. She was surprised to see the co-captain of her high school's football team, Brad Morton.

He looked at her curiously and asked her what she was going there, but not before telling her that she was looking good that night. Trixie scoffed before telling him it was none of his business before sidestepping him and finally making her way to the bathroom, where she wrung out her shirt. She then looked under the sink and felt lucky when she saw a blow dryer. She took off her shirt and laid it on the counter as she proceeded to blow it dry.

Once she was satisfied with her work, she brought it up to face. It still smelt like beer, much to her disappointment, but she figured that couldn't be helped as she put it back on, checked her hair, and then headed back into the folds of the party to find her friends. Her eyes scanned the sea of people, but Jake, Spud, and the girls they were with were no longer in sight. She pulled out her cell, but couldn't get any service inside. She excused herself as she pushed her way through the people towards the front door, but in the process, she had dropped her phone and immediately lost sight of it. She cursed where she stood, before deciding to still go outside.

She took a deep breath as she made it to the porch, the night air felt good against her skin. She figured she would just wait out here, thinking that eventually Jake and Spud had to come this way when they went home. She had been waiting impatiently for who knows how long when someone tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around to see some guy she didn't know smiling at her. He introduced himself as Mike and asked why such a pretty girl was sitting by herself. She told him she wasn't by herself, that she was just waiting for some friends. He then asked if he could wait with her. He looked friendly enough, so Trixie saw no harm in it.

They made small talk for a while, where she learned that Mike was a sophomore in college and that he was studying to be a English teacher. He then asked if she was thirsty. She told him that she didn't drink, he said he didn't either and that there were some sodas in the kitchen. He stood up saying that he was going to grab one and wanted to know if there was anything he could get her. She told him a Dr. Pepper.

He was back within minutes and handed her a drink in a red plastic cup as he sipped his own. Trixie was about half way through her drink, when she told Mike that she wasn't feeling too well. Mike offered to help her find her friends so they could take her home. He took her hand and lead her back inside. Once inside, everything seemed brighter and louder than it did before. Trixie felt a bit weak in the knees and a little light headed.

Mike than told her, that he didn't see her friends and suggested that they go upstairs to look for them. Trixie didn't have the voice to protest as he once again lead her in the direction he wanted to go. The last thing Trixie remembered about that night were the stairs underneath her feet before she blacked out.

Now completely sitting up in the bed, Trixie saw someone laying on the floor and soon realized it was Brad. He was snoring lightly on his pillow as a thin sheet covered him. Trixie then threw the blanket off of herself and went to get up, but not before making a horrifying discovery. "Brad!" she yelled, practically giving the young boy a heart attack as he jumped up at the sound of his name. "Brad," she said once again to get his attention.

He then turned to her, a yawn on his lips. "Thanks for the wake up call," he didn't sound too please with the way he had been waken. His expression than soften as he saw the look on her face. "What?" he finally asked her.

"Where um," her eyes fell to the floor, now not able to look at him as she spoke. "Where's my underwear?" she asked softly.

To Be Continued. . .