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"Sakura, I have a plan."

This statement came with such finality that Sakura almost didn't notice Gaara said it. Luckily for her, Sasuke jumped up in joy.

"How?! Tell me! I want to live again!!"

Sakura hit the now-hyperactive brunette over the head. "Shut up! Gaara, what are you talking about?"

He rubbed his hands together, and grinned. "All I need is your kunai, and Sasuke, don't you dare lie and say you don't have any hair gel."

Tsunade yawned, and stretched. It was about one in the morning, and she looked over at Naruto, who was wide awake.

"Did you hear something?"

Gaara had snatched the gel from Sasuke, and wrestled Sakura's kunai away from her. Slathering gel over the doorknob, he used the kunai to unscrew the knob.

"Come on, Gaara! That gel was expensive! Give it back!"

Gaara turned to face the whiny Uchiha. "Sasuke, do you want out of here, or do you want your gel?"

Sasuke thought for a minute, then shrugged. Gaara sighed and went back to work.

"What's that noise?"

"Tsunade, I don't hear anything..."

"I do! It's a rattling noise!"


"No, it sounds like..."

Gaara was almost through. Sakura clutched the fabric of his shirt in anticipation. Sasuke was staring over his shoulder eagerly. The Godaime Kazekage was concentrating a lot, sweat beading his brow. Then, with a little squeak, the last screw fell out. The three shinobi watched with bated breath as Gaara pried the cover from the mechanism, slathered some more gel on the locking mechanism, and attacked it with the kunai again.
"I hear it now!" Naruto rose to his feet swiftly, and the Godaime Hokage and the jinchuuriki cowered in the corner.

"Oh crap...they aren't..."

The three were in a state of shock. Gaara had the kunai caught in the mechanism, and they couldn't believe it when the lock clicked and the door opened.
The duo in the corner watched the door creak open, three shinobi looking into the flourescent lights in shock. It was quiet for all of three seconds, when...


Sakura, Sasuke, and Gaara cried out in joy. Sasuke jumped up and down, tears streaming down his face. Sakura was screaming and sobbing, "We're out! We're finally out!" Gaara was still stunned. Sakura suddenly enveloped the Suna-nin in a hug, and he began to shout along with Sakura and Sasuke. The three clung to one another, and before she even realized it, she kissed Gaara full on the lips. The two realized what happened, and pulled away, blushing furiously.

The trio suddenly realized the two blondes in the corner. Gaara grabbed his gourd off the floor, and strapped it on. The duo in the corner's eyes grew wide in fear. Sand began to trail off the sand-user's arms. Sakura cracked her knuckles ominously. Sasuke flicked out his sword, grinning in anticipation.

"Oh, I've been wanting to do this for a long time," Gaara said, a sadistic smirk on his lips. Tsunade realized what was going on first, looked around wildly, then threw Naruto at the three advancing shinobi.

"He did it!"

With that, Tsunade ran out of the room. Naruto looked at her in disgust. "Oh yeah, thanks for leaving me here, Baa-chan!"

He turned his attention back to the homicidal shinobi, and gulped.

"Oh snap..."

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