The man looked at the dawn sky, waiting. The old wizard had said to expect him. He swallowed; pain coursed through him. He hadn't believed he would need him and had scoffed at the notion of waiting. But now he did need him and, although he didn't hope he would come, for he could hope for nothing, neither did he scoff. Perhaps he wouldn't come from the sky at all. The young wizard leaned against the ancient wall, closing his eyes, even that movement painful. Then with a flash, Fawkes was there, weeping over his Hippogriff wounds, bringing healing.

- - - - - - - - - -

What was it about Mondays? It wasn't even the beginning of the workweek for him. Of course, it would be nice if it were, or even the middle of it. Still, malaise was stealing over him and he wasn't even up yet. He had work, important work; that should be enough. But it would be nice to be having a collegial cuppa with co-workers, grumbling about this or that, or sharing what they'd done over the weekend. Not that his weekends were any different. Sighing, he pulled on a bathrobe and padded to the kitchen. Remus smiled. "Hello, Tonks."

- - - - - - - - - - -

Standing and stretching, he regretted falling asleep in the staff room again. He would have to remind the others to wake him before they left for their beds. He felt distinctly peculiar that morning, though. Not nearly as stiff as usual, even when he'd slept in his own bed. It had been nice and warm by the fire, though. Oddly, he didn't feel warm now, or cold. A sudden shriek interrupted his reflections; the Herbology teacher was standing stock-still in the doorway. Without a word, she pointed at the chair behind him, where he still sat, in eternal slumber.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Minerva read the letter, pausing only once to reread the request at its end. She pulled out a sheet of parchment and her favourite quill. This would be one of the shortest letters she'd ever written. There would be time later for the questions she would no doubt have once she'd had time to consider what it all meant. But for now, this would do:

"Dear Professor Dumbledore,


"I will give notice today and begin as soon as possible.

"I was very sorry to hear of Headmaster Dippet's demise, but offer my congratulations to you.


"Minerva McGonagall"

- - - - - - - - - - - -

She forgot she'd been elbow-deep in fertiliser only moments before and sprang up from where she knelt by the bed of Mandragoras. A broad smile on her face, she trotted toward him. Such a surprise in midmorning! Other than at meals, which they took in the company of others and so it hardly counted, they were only able to spend their nights together, and precious few of them. Duty called them both. But today was Sunday! Her eyes gleamed; she thought of her potting shed and a few easily Transfigured burlap sacks. Bending for a kiss, Pomona murmured, "Filius!"


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