A/N: A new chapter

A/N: A new chapter! Entirely due to ­­­R2-D2106's review. Yay! Also, note on formatting (grrr): In the last chapter, if a word seemed to mysteriously be missing, that's because it was supposed to be starred out. I might go back and change them to Xs or something that will actually come up…

Farmboy: Ok, Leia, welcome to IM-ing!

Princess Ice: Hmph. I hate this name, by the way. WHY did you let Han chose it?!

Farmboy: Actually…

Hotace: I picked it! giggle

Princess Ice: Wes?

Hotace: Yesssss??

Princess Ice: I hate you.

Fondor University: Oooh, hatred. Why now?

Farmboy: Good morning Plourr.

BactaDerrick: Take a wild guess.

Hotace: I named her! For some reason she doesn't like it…

Fondor University: Ya think?

BactaDerrick: Not often. (Wes, that is)

Hotace: Grrr…. beams of hatred

Farmboy: God, I'm so hungreeeeeeeeeeeee…

Fondor University: Sir? Shut up.

The Falconator: Yo! Whut up, dudes/babes?

Fondor University: Dear God.

Princess Ice: Han…that'd better not be you.

The Falconator: The one and only! You want some?

Princess Ice: No.

Princess Ice signed off at sometime

Farmboy: Han….

The Falconator: Whaaaat…

Farmboy: You're a jerk.

The Falconator:

BactaDerrick: Cute.

Hotace: Hey Hobs, let's go eat.

BactaDerrick: Not with you.

Hotace: Lukie…?

Farmboy: You're buying!

Hotace signed off at sometimefarmboy signed off at sometime

blondie27: Hey babes? Who's on?

The Falconator: me, Hobbie, and Plourr

Blondie27: hot.

GundarkHunta: Good morning, all.

The Falconator: Sweet as Hal. Everyone meet Chewie, in English.

BactaDerrick: Hey, cool! We can actually talk to you! And understand your answers!

GundarkHunta: Yes. Curious, isn't it?

TheMasterofAllPilots: Chewie! Hey!

GundarkHunta: Hello, Wedge.

Blondie27: Hey, Chewie, does Han lie when he translates for you?

The Falconator: I object!

GundarkHunta: Only sometimes…Like when you ask me if he likes Leia…

The Falconator: You big furry--

GundarkHunta: I lied. Han pwns.

GundarkHunta: Han, don't type on my terminal. That was him.

The Falconator: Wuz nawt!

Fondor University: Excuse me while I roll my eyes expansively.

The Falconator: Hey, anyway, Wedge, babe…

TheMasterofAllPilots: Could you not ever call me that again?

The Falconator: Sure thang.

Blondie27: Han…are you high?

The Falconator: No

GundarkHunta: Yes, he is. Or, well, drunk, actually.

The Falconator: So anywho, Wedgie—we're playin' Sabbacc in the lounge—you in?

TheMasterofAllPilots: Hells yes.

Blondie27: Me too!

BactaDerrick: But you suck!

Blondie27: Someday, man, someday…

TheMasterofAllPilots signed off at sometime

The Falconator signed off at sometime

Blondie27 signed off at sometime

GundarkHunta: So… sane people left?

Fondor University: Depends on how you define "sane."

BactaDerrick: I don't think I know any sane people…

Fonder University: Well, I've got to go work. Later.

Fondor University signed off at sometime

GundarkHunta: I must leave as well. Goodbye Hobbie.

GundarkHunta signed off at sometime

BactaDerrick: Um….so. Here I am.