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Naruto: New Beginnings

Chapter 1: New Responsibility

Seven years ago Naruto Uzumaki returned from a failed mission. Ever since then he started training and getting as strong as he could, he participated in many missions where he managed to not only complete them but also change those he met on the way. Now at the age of 20 he waits outside the Fifth Hokages office. A Jounin Rank Ninja Naruto wore the standard green battle vest that most Konoha Shinobi wore, his hair had grown slightly in the seven years but it still retained its amazing spikiness, as well as the battle vest Naruto wore black Shinobi sandals and trousers with a bandage wrapped around the left leg, under his vest he wore an orange and black shirt, over his vest he wore a short sleeved orange coat with a blue flame pattern near the bottom edge of it where Naruto's legs where and a Japanese symbol on the back meaning "Fox".

"Tsunade-sama will see you now Naruto-san" Shizune the Hokage's assistant said peeping out of the door, unlike Naruto she changed very little. Naruto got off his seat and walked through the door with confidence but integrity in his stride.

"Naruto, good work in the Tea Country yesterday, how's Kiba feeling?" Tsunade asked referring to a B-rank mission that Naruto and a few other Shinobi had carried out.

"Kiba's fine and itching to get back to missions" Naruto said putting his hands in his pockets.

"Well good to hear now your probably wondering why I'm here and before you guess no it's not another mission or another Konohamaru problem" Tsunade said. Naruto silently laughed to himself, Konohamaru had become something of a troublemaker in the seven years almost like another version of himself. "Its about this years academy genin squads".

"So that's got nothing to do with me there are Jounin Sensei's qualified for that job" Naruto said bluntly.

"Yes but you see the thing is as you know Kakashi is going to become an ANBU captain so we need someone who can take over his job". Tsunade threw a clipboard at Naruto who caught it with ease.

"Oh I see Lee's a Sensei now too, there seems to be a lot more graduates this year" Naruto said grinning as he looked at a picture of Rock Lee whose facial features had changed very little from his youth. Naruto frowned when he looked at one particular part of the paper. "Is this some kind of sick joke?" Naruto asked throwing the board onto the table.

"I guess the squad number does seem nostalgic and the training ground of course" Tsunade said crossing her arms.

"Why put that squad with me why not Genma or Neji?" Naruto asked.

"I'm sorry if it brings back memories but I'm afraid the other sensei's have already decided on their genin squads, besides this'll give you a chance to use your leadership abilities a bit more besides we need more skilled and strong Shinobi in the village and I know you can teach the kids a thing or two".

"Fine on the bright side it gives me a chance to try something new, Ok I'll be the Jounin Sensei of Squad 7 and I'll make them the best squad out of all of the rookies in Konoha Believe it!"

Tsunade and Shizune both shook their heads after hearing Naruto's favourite phrase, there were some things that never changed. "Ok, tomorrow you'll be meeting your first training squad on training ground 7!" Shizune said handing Naruto a sheet with profiles of the three Genin's he would be taking under his wing.

Naruto walked out of the office leaving the Hokage and Shizune alone. "Do you think it was wise to put Naruto with squad seven?" Shizune asked.

"He'll have to face the past at some point, and so far he's taken it rather well better than he would of a few years ago, I wonder what kid of exercises he'll put them through" Tsunade wondered. "But lets not get ahead of ourselves he's still yet to actually pass the squad".

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