Naruto: New Beginning's End

I am deeply sorry to all those whom have loyally read this fic, but I am afraid I have simply run out of ideas regarding the direction of this story. This was my first story on the fanfiction site and as a developing writer I was making many mistakes in terms of story structure, plot, character design and applying Naruto Lore to the story. I thank those of you who offered loyal reviews and who added the story to their favourites and alert lists but I'm afraid despite my promises I'm tearing the story down. It was a good ride and I thank everyone for their interest, reviews and criticisms, it has helped me to consider how I handle Naruto fanfiction in the future.

However don't despair, Evo, Ryu and Yumi will still live on as I'll be working on a revised (Heavily revised version of this story with a different title and plot, for now the Akatsuki and "sorrowed blades" concept wont appear, apart from in the beginning and this time in order to scale Naruto down he will be about 18, a Chunin and he wont be the Jounin teacher of the new team seven, but as you all know that wont stop Naruto from forming a deep bond with them. Even though I knew how I wanted to end this fic, there was one thing I couldn't decide, who would Naruto choose?

So in my revised story there will be no love triangle, as I have somewhat fallen for the idea of the Naruto/Hinata romance, their developing interest in one another will be my plan from the get go. However the focus won't be on the romance but rather on Naruto's connection with the new team seven and how both he and them learn about life, being a ninja and achieving their dreams. A common criticism I had (something I agree with) is the clichéd similarities between the old team seven and the new team seven, so allow me to settle that dispute by sort of doing preview quotes containing the three Genin's revised attitudes.

Yumi: I want to be with Evo

Ryu: I want to become Hokage

Evo: I will avenge the death of my…




LOL just kidding, here's the real ones:)

Evo: Glory is all that matters in the world of a ninja, fear is the guiding force of this world, the stronger the opponent you have defeated the more people will fear you, my ambition is to grow stronger and become the most feared ninja in Konoha!

Yumina: As the first ninja of the Takiyama family I wish to show the village and all those who doubted me that even those from none shinobi families can become great ninja!

Ryu: All right sir, I want to show the whole world the strength of my clan, I want to lead it to greatness and to finally achieve the power of Kekki Genkai!

Evo: You cant learn Kekki Genkai's!

Ryu: Shut up! How exactly did your family get its Kekki Genkai anyway? What makes them anymore special than any other ninja? The strength of the Kanatake clan flows through my veins, and with that strength I'll create a Kekki Genkai that eclipses yours

Evo: Whatever class clown!

Ryu: You weren't exactly the best student in the class either!


There's the new team seven. Plot wise it'll involve what is believed to be a simple mission (it doesn't involve a bridge builder) that unexpectedly circulates into a fight for the stability of a whole ninja village. Taking place in both Konoha and a far off Ninja village, Original Characters and Naruto characters alike will make both cameo and main plot appearences

Naruto: Coming in the middle of November or December, Naruto Generations

Be sure to watch my profile for now, very sorry everyone but this story is going down, know that I didn't make this choice easily